COVID Craziness; SSMR

People really need to stop listening to the government and start listening to God. Let’s get to true normal, not ‘COVID normal’ or any normal which gives the government the power to destroy our lives.

We Are Living In Dictatorships

Yes, that is what dictatorships do. Dictatorships ban people from gathering together to support movements that appose the government. And yes, this really happened and you can read the order here. The world is turning totalitarian.

Some Police Are Really Bad

These police offers are showing their sheer arrogance. Pepper spraying non violent protestors is disgusting. It’s even more disgusting to “clink” them. As Evelyn points out clearly that this is a mocking of everyday people.

Welcome to Heck

I don’t need to add much more here. Evelyn points out the evilness of the McGowan regime to ban parents from seeing their children. I talked about this last week so click here if you want to read more of my thoughts on the topic.

That Text Exchange

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been labelled a “a horrible, horrible person” and “psycho” by former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and a current Federal cabinet minister. As Craig Kelly points out, what is the substance behind the messages? Is this a true statement of ScoMo’s character or just an insult? Either way, ScoMo has presided over the mass abuse of children via poisonous COVID-19 vaccines.

Whoopi Got Something Right, Okay?

Some of these past few days most people have been concerned what Whoopi Goldberg got wrong not actually want she got right in relation to her recent comments about the Holocaust. So I won’t actually be addressing this Tweet specifically but events surrounding the Tweet.

Whoopi Goldberg in the US TV talk show ‘The View’, said that the Holocaust was “not about race”. She said, “it’s about man’s inhumanity to man”. The thing is she is actually right in one sense, the Holocaust was not actually about race because guess what? There is only one race, the human race. So there is no point pearl clutching (meaning overreacting) over this.

All these ‘racial’ lines are drawn on any arbitrary basis have nothing to do with science at all. Whether someone has a different colour skin or different colour hair or different nose shape or eye shape it’s got no bearing on what that person’s race is because there is only one race the human race.

And whilst people slander Whoopi Goldberg as an anti-Semite for saying the Holocaust was “not about race”, they’re missing the point of the comment. Now yes some people will correct me and say she views in terms of intersectionality and so thinks only people with dark skin can experience racism. This may be this case.

However, we can see what things are right. Although Hitler certainly viewed the Jewish people to be a separate race he was totally and utterly wrong. Because there are no separate races as there is one race, the human race. And that’s exactly what racism is about. It’s not actually about whether someone is part of a different race to you and it’s also not about treating people differently because of how they look and that’s why it’s so evil because it has nothing to do with ‘race’ and everything to do with people wanting other people to be making their image instead of in the image of God and thus dehumanising everyone else.

It’s important then for me to go on a quick tangent. What is is to act with ‘humanity’ or “inhumanity” as Whoopi said? Only can we fully respect those words if we are made in the image of God. Without that we are nothing and it is why evolution is so wrong and incompatible with Christianity; that’s not to mention the scientific impossibility of the theory. But it is that theory which drove racism; a more recent widespread evil due to the promotion of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The point is to act with humanity is to act as God designed and not selfish humanity tainted by sin.

The truth is was the Holocaust was perpetrated largely on the perceived basis of race, the Jewish race, with the actual reality of race being obscured; which is my point. The point is if we can stop looking at racism through the lens of viewing people as different based on how they look, then we can see how that racism has truly nothing to do with looks but the evil heart to make people conform to their image as I said before; we’re all much so similar genetically regardless of what shade we have because we all descend from Adam and Eve.

I’ll give anther example of how the perceived basis of something is not the reality of the situation. The Crusades was an example of a war with its aims purportedly being for the furthering of Christianity but in reality it was a series conquest for power. The fact that religion became an institution of power in the state meant that there was a corruption in the Church.

So, in conclusion, Whoopi Goldberg shouldn’t have been suspended for her remarks, whether she’s making her point in her own way or in the way she I am articulating because is it relevant because it gives us a fantastic opportunity to talk about how we’re all made in the image of God. So the fact that she was suspended is most egregious to call her remarks anti-Semitic because it’s just not right especially after her apology.

Misdirection; Oh, Look, A Strawman

“If only thinking of a few five-letter words everyday was as easy as keeping COVID Safe 😅

This is another example of misrepresenting most people who haven’t had a COVID-19. They misrepresent us as a group of scared dummies who do no critical thinking; which could not be further from the truth.

Also, just a note, flu vaccines typically are unnecessary for most of the population and are only effective about half the time. But hey, there’s nothing like coercing people to get a vaccine they don’t need, aye?

What’s the deal with going to the doctors and seeing a nurse for a “headache, fever and nasal congestion”? A hypochondriac would act like that or the symptoms would have to be more severe than they’re portrayed as.

Now to the part about the information that “scared” the person from getting the vaccines. What exactly does that mean? Was the information accurate? Was the information scary like the fact that you’re more lively to have COVID-19 if you’ve had the vaccine or the number of serious side effects caused by the vaccine? In addition, it’s important to understand why the word “scared” was used. Because there’s a difference between being scared of the vaccine and being scared away from taking them; just like there’s a difference in being scared between someone saying there’s a lion at your house compared to someone showing you the lion at your house.

Now this whole issue about not knowing who to trust is a key thing. The dichotomy of who to trust seems to be presented as medical professionals vs some dude on Facebook. That’s simply not the case. So it’s not true that the nurse infers that the patient trusts the vaccine agenda masquerading as the nurse because they simply turned up. The truth is that there is no one “science” but there is truth and there is truth in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines and their danger.

So, no, it doesn’t “make sense”, patient to agree with their logical fallacies. The dichotomy presented is an illusion. You can truth a nurse without having to trust the mad vaxxinists who wish to poison you with vaccines that you don’t need. Note. I’m not talking about all vaccines but the ones which are known to be dangerous, like the COVID-19 vaccines. So the dichotomy is more likely to be made on a moral class level not whether someone fits into a ‘health’ or ‘medical’ category; so don’t confuse things.

Finally, what’s with the mask in the profile picture? The level of virtue signalling over mask wearing has gone to the extreme. It’s not just the buffoonish behaviour of those who wear masks in profile pictures but to make a profile picture with a mask on is just mad.

What is Living In Fear?

Well isn’t this a blast from the past it’s from May 2020; so it’s almost two years ago. But it’s all about this idea of “living in fear” add and what exactly that entails.

Now the problem with the phrase “living in fear” is that it’s a loaded phrase; that’s something the Left do and the Right do. Everyone loads particular phrases with particular connotations and meanings. Now when you take one particular way of looking at the phrase “living in fear’ or any loaded phrase, you could misunderstand the intention of it.

When people like me say “living in fear”, we aren’t referring to being reasonably fearful; we’re referring to living in unnecessary fear. COVID-19 is not dangerous to most people and masks don’t work. So it is ridiculous to wear a mask. Not to mention at this time (May 2020), there was quite little community transmission globally compared to what we see now; so, on a chance basis, it’s silly to wear a mask too.

There is real known danger to everyone from car crashes. So, seatbelts are needed in cars.

UV rays too are a universal dangerous in high doses. Once again why we have sunscreen for use in the sun.

You wear helmets because crashes can cause brain damage. So, you wear one whilst riding a bike.

All of these are worn for specific purposes with known danger at a specific place. We don’t wear a helmet or sunscreen when we read a book a home because neither of those two components apply. The same logic applies to masks. Masks do have a purpose and are used at specific places; prevention of transmission of diseases during open surgery. They are not meant to be worn by the general public as a fear mongering submission tool from the sniffles and to comply is to actually live in fear.

Worst Week’s Post- “COVID Safe” Agenda Debunked

“If only thinking of a few five-letter words everyday was as easy as keeping COVID Safe 😅

When big businesses and the government get involved in memes and popular trends, things don’t tend to go very well. As we can see in this example here Of Wordle from the New South Wales Government about COVID-19. Masks, shot & tests save lives is what the Wordle claims. Let’s go through each supposed safe saver one by one and debunk how all of them are wrong.

The first one is masks. Masks do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19 that’s a fact. Cloth masks have been called little more than “facial decorations” from one of the a medical expert on the Left-wing and government supporting US cable network CNN. Surgical masks do little more. Former SAGE (the group that advises the UK government on COVID-19) advisor said that masks at like scaffolding on a building with the virus particles being like marbles which will stop with occasionally with some particles bouncing back but most passing straight through; scientifically, “A Covid particle is roughly 100 nanometres – material gaps in blue surgical masks are up to 1,000 times that size”. Masks are just theatre and have nothing to do with preventing the transmission of COVID-19. And in terms of N95 masks, they do little to stop transmission in the general public because they are not worn properly. And the costs of wearing them for a disease that is the sniffles is too high for the pain caused by masks.

By now it must be clear that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission and do not prevent hospitalisation. You can read the statistics for yourself about how many people are in hospital with COVID-19 and have had at least two doses of the vaccine. Now that isn’t to suggest entirely that the vaccine does nothing but what it is to say is that if it is any group, it is the COVID-19 vaccinated who are putting a strain on the health care system and actually not the unvaccinated.

If you actually look at the rate of hospitalisation there really isn’t much of a difference between being vaccinated and unvaccinated. The only difference is that you’re injecting a substance that is practically like heroin in the sense of you need to keep getting boosted every few weeks because the immunity wanes and if you aren’t continually injecting this substance into your body there is zero effectiveness at all and I’m turn talking in terms of hospitalisation and death; not just in terms of transmission. That’s not to mention the side effects of the vaccine which are more like main effects because of how dangerous they are to humans and there is no difference in transmission between those who the jab and those without. Now this isn’t even focussing on the fact these vaccines never have and never will prevent transmission because of how they are designed.

Tests do not change a thing about having a particular disease. Not to mention that Rapid Antigen tests, PCR tests and Lateral Flow tests aren’t the best measure of whether you have COVID-19 or not. It makes no practical difference will stop because generally the way you treat a flu or COVID-19 is fairly similar. Having yourself a statistic of a positive test isn’t going to help you recover any more. Why? Because there aren’t many treatments, at least in Australia, that are available and work specifically with to COVID-19 and actually work. Drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been banned by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration for the use to prevent or treat COVID-19. So that’s a pretty obvious one.

So as you can see masks don’t change a thing, vaccines don’t change a thing and tests certainly do nothing at all. So you suffer because of the government has lied to you. They’d much rather placate you with memes then actually doing a good job. To the NSW Government, get your head out of the sand, get your head out of Wordle and start by stopping this poisonous vaccine rollout, especially to children because you are doing more harm than good.

20 Words or Less- Turn To God

Our hearts need to turn away from governments and to God. Seeing our neighbours as proper humans changes our actions.

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