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Welcome to The Gospel Freedom blog. Here I’m all about following God and His word. He has gifted us forgiveness and salvation first and foremost. But He has also called us to live like Him in freedom. This blog is all about Christianity, Christianity living and freedom.

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Twit…ter; SSMR

Hey, welcome to another week. I wonder what the Twits will have for us this week. This Whole Optus Thing Is Weird As all media stations push the narrative they want you believe about the “Optus Data Breach”… Here is what’s really going on… Remember your mate Gladys? Well… Gladys Butter-Chicken is a World Economic…

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It’s Not Normal; SSMR

What happened this week!? Whatever it was not normal or right. The Truth Is The Truth Pauline is absolutely correct, Mehreen Faruqi should leave Australia if she doesn’t like it so much. Of course she won’t because she enjoys the lifestyle and attention. We All Stand With Pauline Here’s some reaction to Pauline’s Tweet. This…

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