Ron Way, Go Back; SSMR

Are you Team Trump or Team DeSantis. Or do you pick neither? Let’s see what that debate stirred up and the other issues of the week. Why Are (All) You Gay? Yep. This is so true. The anti-Christian religion is everywhere. They’re not even hiding it. The American Target sold items saying that Satan respects…

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Truth Doesn’t Die; SSMR

Well better late then never, so here it is. Here is the week in review, through the lens of social media. Not So OpenAI As if the fox wants his access to the hen house regulated. It’s so clear what is happening. This people are so controlled. Why would you want the government intervening in…

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Responses; Truth & Differences Matter

In this piece, I shall be looking into the Substack piece written by Reverend Calvin Robinson about Christianity and if it’s being divided. Let me say, no, it’s not. You see it’s quite clear that there are two premises held by the Reverend which are entirely false and as such render responding to this piece…

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