Wake Up To Reality; SSMR

The world is more and more waking up to the COVID Agenda but there are some still not quiet awake yet. Let’s keep going, we are winning. And when people see the lies that the world has told them, we have the perfect opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Abortion Is Murder

Abortion is murder. Unborn babies are human. Every person, not matter their age is made in the image of God.

It’s A Cliché But It’s True

I think most people will have heard of this before but it’s true. Use your brain. See what is happening around you. Do you not remember “safe and effective” vaccines that you now need a booster for? Do you not remember “2 weeks to flatten the curve” which became 2 years to ruin your life.

It’s True Though

I think there’s a GIF which is perfect for this; no words needed.

I mean, what Kevin said, it’s true though. I really never got how giving vaccines depopulate the Earth. Apparently it’s something about boosting living standards and thus people having less children.

Anyway, there is one quick way to depopulate the Earth. Let’s just say these vaccines aren’t vaccines but harmful poisons which can instantly kill and/or sterilise people.

The truth is plain to see. The question is not whether it’s true but if you can entertain the thought of it actually being true.

Religious Restrictions… I Mean Freedoms… I Mean What?

It’s exactly right, what James writes. The government isn’t here to actually help but control. I actually raised the same points he made about how the Religious Freedom Bill actually doesn’t fix the issues we have with religious discrimination in a Facebook post a few months back. Below is what I wrote at the time.

This is a disgraceful bill, as cited by ‘The Australian’ article. What freedom do people actually have? What will this bill achieve for the everyday person? Nothing because they have removed the conscientious objection clause. Let’s get into it.

According to current laws apparently a business can legally prevent a person who hasn’t had a COVID-19 vaccine from coming onto their premises, as the Prime Minister has stated on many occasions. The right for people to object to performing business or services they view as immoral would have been protected by this bill in a conscientious objection clause but in a bid to appease the “moderates” of the Liberal Party, in order to pass the bill, this has been scrapped. What “moderates” are these who want to force people to perform things they view as wrong? And why to they hypocritically support businesses who arbitrarily prevent entry on the basis of COVID-19 vaccination. It’s despicable that we turned our back on conscientious objection which have, in times of war, presented the best side of people who chosen to put themselves to use for the nation in a different facet. It’s not that, for example, a Christian hates a pregnant mother who seeks an abortion, it’s that they love the baby so much, who, as we all are, made in God’s image, that they want to protect their life and not end it.

“The bill will also not allow for conscientious objections on the grounds that people, especially those in regional areas, should be able to access medical treatment including abortions… A baker cannot refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex couple because it is still considered discrimination under the Sex Discrimination Act.” This is disgusting that a government would make people commit murder and other immoral acts but then again this is the same Federal Government who supports state-led segregation. Oh and for your information, abortion is murder and not a medical treatment, ‘The Australian’. Also, to the day we Christians individually die or Jesus comes back, we must follow God and never let any government force us to commit a sin whatever the consequences because we are held to account by God and not the government; we must never use the government as an excuse to sin and instead we should challenge this bill to ensure that we can submit to earthly authorities in good conscience.

Not Just Sack Them All, Prosecute Them All

That Tweet is 100% right. There are two sides; you either side with the people who took away our rights or you side with the people who have faced tyrannical governments. And yes, the people “who said it was their job” will need to go on trial. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or what department. If you complied with any part of the overarching COVID lie that was part of your job, whether that be lockdowns, restrictions, vaccines, mandates, vaccines for children or enforcement, you deserve a fair trial for your crimes.

These people include the NSW Children’s Guardian, who I will now name, Janet Schorer. Why do I name her now? She has ignored my message to her from two weeks ago. In fact I’ve been blocked by her on social media. It proves that these people will do anything to absolve themselves of their responsibility. They will hide from their actions so they don’t feel guilty. We must prosecute them all.

We’re Not Going Anywhere

When this post is up, I will be at the protest that Dr. Nick Coatsworth is referring to. Yes, it is still going. But there’s a huge step up in the numbers this Saturday (today) as we walk to Parliament House in Canberra.

We had our voice but you didn’t say it was heard or listened to and that’s a key point. Our demands to the Prime Minister are below and have any been fulfilled? No. So we will keep protesting.

“✊Final and signed original copy of the Australian People’s Demands to Prime Minister Scott Morrison” – Aussie Cossack

Look it is nice that we’re asked nicely to move on by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr but there’s something better. How about he supports us and does what he can to fulfil our demands? It says a lot about our leaders that being asked to move on in a tone less angry than Chairman Dan or Gunner Shoot You In the Face. We won’t move on until our demands are met like the Canadians in Ottawa. Now what?

Also, the point of civil disobedience is that it there is disobedience; we won’t move on. And yes, I hope our protest movement “goes viral worldwide” and not that quote being applied to being told to move on.

Also, as far as I’m aware, the book fair has not been disrupted and I don’t believe the protestors want to disrupt that. What we do want to disrupt are the politicians who treat us as peasants. Oh and it’s interesting that this video is from 4 days ago and we’re all still there. Hmm…

Is This Important Or Not?

Sometimes I actually wonder if the government really wants to treat COVID-19 vaccination as a joke but then I remember the hundreds of thousands of Australians who lost their jobs because of vaccine mandates. But seriously? Vaccine lotteries? Food bribes? Wear your jerseys at the vaccination centre? At the football?

It’s this cognitive dissonant approach that makes things like this. Why? The government presents COVID-19 vaccination as “safe and effective” and so important that people need to be forced to get it but at the same time it’s so nonchalant that you get it at the footie.

Also, why the use of the word “mob”? It’s just seems to be such a condescending attitude towards Aboriginals. To be fair it’s not as bad as this cringey translation… from English to… eh… English… video from WA dictator… wait did I say dictator… I meant Premier… Mark McGowan.

I really don’t see why people would be lining up for a booster. We already know the main effects of these vaccinations and I use that term more and more loosely every time I use it. And these main effects are not protection from infection or hospitalisation. These effects range from various heart issues, blot clots and several more. If you want just a sample of them (since there is underreporting), look at the official government database of these adverse events by searching by all COVID-19 vaccines.

On another note, Dominic Perrottet has failed as NSW Premier. He is still taking dictates from the health hazard known as Brad Hazzard and what seems to be his pet, by how he treats her, Dr. Kerry Chant. He had the opportunity to end large scale segregation before it started and he didn’t. He had the opportunity to end the mandates and give people’s jobs back and he didn’t. I’ll let the words of Monica Smit end this segment.

I still hold hope that God can intercede and inspire Perrottet to repent and change his course of action…let’s all pray for him to be strong, stand up, and do what is right for himself, his family and our country. Imagine if he woke up one day and said…’that’s enough, New South Wales is not buying into the madness anymore’. He could change the course of history in my beautiful country. If one state did this, the others would be forced to consider following suit.

Monica Smit

I pray too that Premier Perrottet will change his ways. But unfortunately, I doubt that he will change.

Worst Week’s Post- Just Please Go Away

Once again the Blue Checkmarks and the ABC journalists, those terms are not mutually exclusive, are at it again whinging about the ‘Rona and religion. There should be a three Rs of the Left; ‘Rona, Religion and Racism.

Anyway, let’s get into the Tweet. We’re not “In the middle of a once in a generation pandemic”. Even if you believe COVID-19 to have caused a pandemic, it’s been over for a while now.

Also, we don’t “need governments to make everyone feel safe”. For political bedwetters, those with parental issues and authoritarians (again, the terms of are not mutually exclusive) they feel they need ‘daddy government’ to tell them to feel safe. Again, I love the transparency of the Tweet. Emma doesn’t even pretend that the government should make us safe but just make us feel it. It’s exactly the point we’ve all been making for ages. None of these restrictions, claimed to be about COVID-19, are about protecting but just making the government being seen to do something and make people feel safe. So thank you Emma for admitting that.

As former Australian Attorney General George Brandis said, “People have the right to be bigots”. I personally have experienced lots of bigotry against me but just what, that’s part of free speech. When we start drawing lines in the sand of what we can and can’t say, we just make problems. Hurtful language is the price we pay for freedom and a cost that these woke people have been increasing unwilling to pay as we’ve seen over the past few years (i.e. letting freedom be trashed for a virus with a 99.99%-ish survival rate).

The point is, even if this bill did what people need as I described in a previous segment, it’s still not bigotry. What is bigotry is forcing people to do things against their conscience. I would never dream of making someone like Emma read a Sinner’s Prayer or the like. Forcing people to do things is just wrong.

Now, what if people are genuinely hateful? It still is wrong to force people to do things. It doesn’t make a person any less hateful to make them do something. Also, would you really want to be served by someone who hates you? You only would if what you want is not a service but present a victimhood agenda because you are spiteful and vindictive.

Anyway, this bill doesn’t really actually provide for the “bigotry” that Emma claims it allows. It’s so watered down and useless that it really does nothing more than cause more issues. The fact that in watering down the bill, ScoMo has alienated the religious+conservatives group but still has the Left-wing wokes screaming that any bill exists. This is another example of how you can’t please everyone.

To finish, I’ll answer why is ScoMo is doing this now. He made a promise to pass the bill in this term of parliament well in almost 3 years, he hasn’t. So there is no time like the present for the PM.

There is a moral to this story. If you don’t like Christians who you infer as bigots, do go away and find another place that will suit your views nicely. Is Iran okay? North Korea? China? Or even time travel to the Soviet Union? Soon you will learn the true meaning of bigotry is not Christians telling you everyone is sinful and will go to the Hell (if you don’t trust alone in Jesus Christ) which you allegedly don’t believe even exists.

20 Words or Less- Remember Reality

We must repent and forgive. But that does not mean ignoring the reality of our current situation. Wake up Australia!

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