Many Narratives, One Woke; SSMR

There are many different woke narratives. Questioning A Socialist Why? Because she can. Is there something wrong with asking some questions? Also, this just shows what happens when you define harassment as anything that you don't like. This calm questioning isn't harassment. But hey, Twits are going to be Twits. What The Actual? reading Many Narratives, One Woke; SSMR


Masters Of Projection; SSMR

So Chairman Dan is desperately trying to sandbag his Lefty Labor seats who he fears losing to the Greens and other commies (even though he knows he'll win the election but his arrogance makes him want more Labor stooges), so he's out on the offence for anything remotely conservative and calling it Nazism. Meanwhile, the … Continue reading Masters Of Projection; SSMR

COVID 2.0 Electric Boogaloo; SSMR

Did someone say there will be cases of the sniffles? It's funny how they all seem to know how many there will be in the future. It's liked it's planned or something; a plandemic. The Mask Has SlippedRed TrickleRoe Vs RepublicansWhat?Dr. ClownTwitsBlue Checks Go Brrr....Worst Week's Post- No Bloodbath20 Words or Less- Don't Be DisheartenedSources … Continue reading COVID 2.0 Electric Boogaloo; SSMR

Let That Sink In; SSMR

Elon Musk bought Twitter but it was still business as usual for the Twits; except with a little more screeching. Let's have a look at what happened. God's Way Is The Best WayElements Of DelusionMost Peaceful PropagandaBird FreedFeminism With Propaganda GuyHasn't Got A ClooneyDear Elon Musk...Worst Week's Post- Vax Narrative Crumbling20 Words or Less- Preach … Continue reading Let That Sink In; SSMR

Lettuce Beats UK PM & Other Crazy Stories; SSMR

Lots happened this week. From propaganda to the lettuce beating Liz Truss, let's see what it's all about. Propaganda GuyThe Lettuce WonNot So ExcellentJoe Changed His Mind?Fake WarWoke AirlinesA Not So Conservative PartyWorst Week's Post- What Is Grace?20 Words or Less- Take The Bible SeriouslySources (In order of use) Propaganda Guy Propaganda Retarded Guy … Continue reading Lettuce Beats UK PM & Other Crazy Stories; SSMR

Vax Lies; SSMR

From more lies exposed to Islam being Islam, let's see what the Twits had to say this week. I wonder if it makes sense. Unoccupied Brain CellsDuck OffPfizzerWhat A HuntThis Is IslamGaol Them AllUntrussworthyWorst Week's Post- WEF Puppets20 Words or Less- Don't Give InSources (In order of use) Unoccupied Brain Cells I genuinely think … Continue reading Vax Lies; SSMR

Everything Isn’t As It Seems; SSMR

Not every story is clear cut these days. In fact, most aren't. Belief In NothingPrue vs. LeoNot St AndrewSimon Go HomeChairman Dan SimpHiggins TrialDon't Vote LiberalWorst Week's Post- "Church"20 Words or Less- Stick To The BibleSources (In order of use) Belief In Nothing GK Chesterton said, "When people stop believing in God, they don't … Continue reading Everything Isn’t As It Seems; SSMR

Twit…ter; SSMR

Hey, welcome to another week. I wonder what the Twits will have for us this week. This Whole Optus Thing Is WeirdFeminism Vs WomenOxygen DeprivationWell Done LeoHuh?Twits Stuck In The Old NarrativeTwo Time Tony?Worst Week's Post- #IStandWithPauline20 Words or Less- A New Chapter?Sources (In order of use) This Whole Optus Thing Is Weird As … Continue reading Twit…ter; SSMR

Nonsensical World; SSMR

From Queen Elizabeth II's funeral to race hustlers trying gain attention from her, the world has never made less sense. That being said the Left doesn't just appear to hate the nation of Australia but actually everything in it, including sport. Let's find out how and why. This Song's For YouWhat The Queen MeansTrue Reconciliation … Continue reading Nonsensical World; SSMR