Ron Way, Go Back; SSMR

Are you Team Trump or Team DeSantis. Or do you pick neither? Let's see what that debate stirred up and the other issues of the week. Why Are (All) You Gay?Ron's Way?The Power Of The GospelDodgy DeSantis?Payback TimePlease, Nothing To See Here, Just Another Sudden DeathHe's Tucking MadWorst Week's Post- Sting Like A Bee20 Words … Continue reading Ron Way, Go Back; SSMR


Truth Doesn’t Die; SSMR

Well better late then never, so here it is. Here is the week in review, through the lens of social media. Not So OpenAIOne & ControlledDeutsche Bank Didn't Kill ItselfWhy Are Real Christians Celebrating Fake Christians?Latest Moira DistractionIs Racism Wrong Or Not?This Story Could Leave You ShockedWorst Week's Post- He Didn't Stan His Ground20 Words … Continue reading Truth Doesn’t Die; SSMR

Has The Bird Of Truth Flown?; SSMR

This week we had some big news. Let's see what the media filled the news with. God Is Pro-Life?Conspiracy RealistsWe Didn't Kill OurselvesMore LabelsWho Is Controlled?WEF CEO Of TwitterClickbait; Trump DESTROYS CNNWorst Week's Post- Twitter Will Be Run A WEF Puppet20 Words Or Less- Where Our Hope IsSources (In order of use) God Is Pro-Life? … Continue reading Has The Bird Of Truth Flown?; SSMR

Many Crowns; SSMR

Well my release edition said intro so here is an intro. Please read below Adoption Or Murder?Before & AfterDied SuddenlyGo To FloridaWhy We Aren't WatchingNPC SudanControlled OppositionWorst Week's Post- Coronation20 Words Or Less- See & KnowSources (In order of use) Adoption Or Murder? Elijah is right here. You don't have to adopt every child … Continue reading Many Crowns; SSMR

Delusions of News; SSMR

Welcome to another week where delusions took over reality. But hey, what can we expect in this world where the media is a propaganda machine? Red Cross Hates War Crimes... In Video GamesPRopaganda Guy Has An Individual Opinion?Good Evening InternetRenewable LieActing = Drag Queen?Parody Has Outdone RealityWhat Is Arcturus?Worst Week's Post- PRopaganda Goes Full Peal … Continue reading Delusions of News; SSMR

A Quiet News Week; SSMR

We had another slow news week. Let's see what the media managed to conjure up this week. Lidia The DistractionTrue Meaning ShownDepopulation Is RealDoes She Caro About The Truth?Nuremberg 2.0 Defendant RevealedWhen You Think The Media Hates Chairman DanEncouragementWorst Week's Post- The Chairman's "Christians"20 Words Or Less- The Gospel Is Never HiddenSources (In order of … Continue reading A Quiet News Week; SSMR

Distractions Here & There; SSMR

Welcome to another week in distraction o'clock. Let's see what we are meant to be angry about this week. We Need Actual Truth TellingJust A Bit Of TruthAll Distractions Are BadElon Musk's DistractionAndrew Neil; Good, Bad Or Controlled?Don't Arzk Ze Questions, Herr ChavuraUkraine Is Still A Thing?Worst Week's Post- You Can't Change Facts20 Words Or … Continue reading Distractions Here & There; SSMR

Not April Fools; SSMR

April Fools, this is all fake. Just kidding, it's all real. Why wouldn't it be? It's Clown World. "Theybies"Misgendering A Shooter?Controlled Opposition Is Controlled, ObviouslyReligious Wars Are Real & They Go Further Than CultureTrumped Up ChargesDisgustingly TrueFringe TruthWorst Week's Post- Abortion Is Murder20 Words Or Less- Jesus Is No April FoolSources (In order of use) … Continue reading Not April Fools; SSMR

Red Team vs Blue Team; SSMR

This week the media had people distracted by red vs blue in NSW. They also conflated basic biology with Nazism. And people wonder why we don't trust them Truth Without Fear'I Totally Have $1b At My House & In Other News Please Don't Rob Me'Rights or Wrongs?What Treaty?"Nasty" & "Hateful" TruthRed Team Wins ElectionNothing Says … Continue reading Red Team vs Blue Team; SSMR