The World Is Truly Evil; SSMR

Whelp. What a week.

Umm… I Thought Trump Was the Bad Guy?

It’s rare for a famous actor to be a genuine Christian and a conservative in America but that’s who Kevin Sorbo is. He makes the excellent observation that the media shrilled at the 45th US President Donald Trump for his ‘mean’ Tweets and rough language yet seemed to be relatively silent when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy was sworn at by current President Joe Biden.

To those who thought Joe was a nice old man, it is another example that he is anything but. From saying people aren’t “black” if they don’t vote for him, calling schools “racial jungles“, implying all “black” people were poor and threatening to punch President Trump, it’s not a surprise to us who have known this for while.

I was fooled once with Hillary Clinton and her media fan club back in 2016. Her seemly soft spoken attitude seemed much better than the course Trump who boasted about sinful sexual activity. But there was always something that I liked about Trump. I tried to supress it. I even participated in the doom and gloom when he was elected. Now I knew the racist claims against him were false but his uncouth attitude lead me to keep toeing the anti-Trump line.

But I couldn’t shake my desire for Trump to do well and it started with his victory speech. I saw how he used his platform to enact many good things for America. I broke free from trust the media narrative whipped up and I became much more in support of the President who was a major bulwark against the newly powerful Left.

It’s from seeing the lies pinned against Trump that I started the COVID-19 era with a scepticism of the media. And my scepticism has been proven right. I just want people to realise that the media can lie to you. They can have agendas that aren’t about telling the truth.

Also, Biden is a massive hypocrite because he told his staff if he saw them being disrespectful then they’d be fired. But to be fair, he probably doesn’t even remember saying that.

This Is Truly Torture Now

New Zealand, Austria, Greece and Western Australia, to name a few places, are the top tier of worst governments in the world when it comes to their decisions blamed on COVID-19. It really hurts me to read things like this. I’ve been that sick kid in hospital and I know how it would of broken my parents not to have seen me.

James Macpherson is on point to ask what is wrong the the Western Australians. Why are they not protesting the banning of parents to see their children? Firstly, they are their parents so they deserve to be there. Secondly, the vaccines do not stop transmission. So, it cannot be on that basis that this decision is being considered on.

It’s all about compliance and control. The Western Australian Government wants to break people and make them do as they please. They’ve already banned all Western Australians from seeing the rest of Australia and coming back. They’ve already banned those who haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine from many professions. Now they want to hurt families at their most vulnerable. This is cruel and despicable.

Notice again they’re just saying “vaccinated” from what? COVID-19 vaccines aren’t the only vaccine. The use of this language is not just for simplicities sake but in order to smear opposers like me as “anti-vaxxers”.

No Words; Just Emojis 🤡🤡

Firstly, I thought the rule didn’t apply to the woke leaders? Secondly, this man, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, just keeps lying; he’s putting Boris Johnson to shame with his level of lying. He is lying to say that he is isolating according to the rules. The rules say that he doesn’t have to isolate for any time if he’s had a COVID-19 vaccine (not that makes sense because how is testing negative as a unvaccinated person any different).

This leader of Canada is a disgusting, vile and hate-filled man. His comments recently about those who have not taken a COVID-19 are no less than abhorrent.

So, why is he isolating? Virtue signalling would be obvious. Can he please do this on a permanent basis and thus resign as Prime Minister?

Telling Truth Is Treated As Fiction

Dave Pellowe is spot on here. It’s not that truth is stranger than fiction but that truth is treated as fiction. What Dave points outs is all true but these truths are all to conveniently forgotten by those in power. It’s almost like there’s a plan to ignore the facts in order to hold onto power and control people’s lives. It’s not a conspiracy to point this out so wake up.

An Actual Pandemic

It’s a true sentiment presented by Evelyn. So many people refuse to take responsibility for their actions and pass the blame onto the government. It’s what got us into this mess. Instead of the people having a family conversation about how they’d live with a new virus out in the community, they casted it off as too hard and would rather let the government do it because they fixed so many problems before. But the government saw our apathy and this time used it to cement their power.

Now, people want to wash their hands like Pilate of their decisions. They don’t want to admit that the government and the media spun them a story; like this one where the media lied in front of our eyes. Guess what; you took an immoral vaccine and wore face masks despite so many of us, me included telling you that both where ineffective at the least and immoral at the worst ( the vaccine especially). The truth is now mainstream and you still cling to the lies? Why?

What Communists Are The Bad Guys?

Yep. Where is tennis player Peng Shuai? Maybe Tennis Australia knows since they don’t want t-shirts asking that question at the Australian Open. If you don’t know about this saga, the Chinese Communist Party has disappeared, that is to make someone disappear from public life, Peng Shuai. She has not been seen for months in a verifiable fashion after making allegations of sexual abuse against a prominent Chinese Communist Party members. So it’s understandable why these authoritarians would want to use here as a propaganda piece. But Tennis Australia went along with it until there was public outcry.

Doom, Gloom & A Side of Lies

This was going to be the worst post of the week but there are far worse one next. So this will have to be in the regular 7.

So this Professor spouts some nonsense and it’s time to call it out. These COVID-obsessed people need to be called out for falsehoods and then subsequently ignored.

By “non-disruptive action”, he mainly means masks. It’s often the phrase used for masks and for note, masks are very disruptive. The thing is, masks were already still mandatory in most indoor places in NSW. So I’m not sure what else he wants. Does he want us to suffocate in 2, 3, 4 masks?

Pausing the end of most of segregation? No. That’s abhorrent that he’d suggest that segregation should continue.

How do you have “airborne mitigations”? What is he actually suggesting? Should we walk around with personal air filtration devices?

TTIQ, that is “Test, Trace, Isolate and Quarantine” was already occurring and still is. Once again, he is asking for something that is already happening.

No, these measures are not “appropriately precautionary”. If you wanted masks, there were masks. If you wanted TTIQ, there were. I don’t honestly know what this doctor wants; anything more is tyrannical, though I saw the situation was tyrannical as it was at the time. It is not precautionary to jump at sight of the sniffles. If he was half the doctor he portrays himself as, then he’d know all of these measures are futile for lab-released COVID-19, let alone for Omicron.

Ultimately, we have to stop listening to these doom and gloom merchants who deal in fear and control. Get on with your life and do not live in fear.

Worst Week’s Post- Sadly There Is Worse Evil

Not that this is worst post because of the New York Post but the content. I will shout out this publication who undertook tremendous journalism whilst it was censored by Big Tech in 2020.

Can Dr. Anthony Fauci (Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) be any more evil? From funding the Wuhan Lab that produced COVID-19 through gain of function research, torturing puppies, promoting immoral and ineffective COVID-19 vaccines and then having the audacity to want to be top of all things COVID-related (which is everything to him) because he says he is the “science, not once but twice.

Anyway, this especially evil man wants to torture more children; 16 year olds weren’t enough, 12 year olds either nor 5 year olds but 4 year olds, toddlers and babies seems to hit the spot for this Very Hungry Vaxxinist.

I don’t know how much clearer I have to be on this. You know children are at no risk of COVID-19 unless they are already very sick; which is very few children. These vaccines have shown to be dangerous in adults and the children that have already had the jab. There is no Stage Four clinical trial data on a broad sample and necessary target demographics such as pregnant women. There is no long term safety data. These vaccines are experimental. This isn’t even mentioning the immorality of how these vaccines are made.

As I’ve said before, you are the problem when you let children be given COVID-19 vaccines. You have to stand up and do something. Talk to parents and send them the link below. Discuss the risks. Taking a stand is not easy but it must be done.

And here is a video about adverse reactions that just came out.

A Little Message

I’m not sure how many of my family members normally read what I write but I’ll specifically write to the NSW Children’s Guardian and her husband. You claim to protect children from abuse but you don’t do it when it is your own employer, the governmen, does it (with their parents’ coerced permission); so we are clear, I am talking about giving children COVID-19 vaccines. And you can see from the video about that these adverse reactions are abusing children. Let me be clear, your complicity in this is so morally wrong. Guess what, you don’t deserve me asking you for a comment before I write this; your silence has already spoken. You don’t care about children. This is an indictment upon you morally and hopefully, soon, legally.

Now. I am a Christian and you, NSW Children’s Guardian, claim to be one too. You can stop this. You can do something now. You can turn around say enough is enough. If you can’t do something as part of your job, resign. Make a stand. It’s not easy. You’ll have to give up your paycheck, as have so many Australians who have not taken a COVID-19 vaccine. But what you will lose will be over. You will gain the ability to freely speak and show how the NSW Government has done wrong. That will show your repentance. Forgiveness will be granted by us and most importantly by God in relation to this (though there are other issues relating to your own taking of an immoral vaccine which needs dealing with).

However, if you don’t turn away from this, the previous paragraph will apply. The legal trials will part of Nuremburg 2.0 and it be a sad time but a time of justice.

20 Words or Less- Trust In Jesus

Make sure that you trust alone in Jesus Christ for this world is truly fallen. Especially now, protect all children.

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