What We Fight For Matters; SSMR

We won’t give up. We can’t give up. It doesn’t matter what happens, we can’t give up fighting for truth.

Christianity Is For All

This is exactly right. This idea that advocating religion, specifically Christianity, in society is because we fear institutions (churches) are losing power. We as Christians share the Gospel because we care about people.

None of us are stopping being Christians because of the government. But it isn’t all about us because we care about others. So, that’s why we advocate what we do.

Actually on this issue, I haven’t written about what happened with Citipointe Christian College in Queensland. This is where the media harassed the school for a contract that said that the Christian school would teach Christian things like God made people male and female and homosexual acts are sinful.

As proof that ScoMo is not a Christian, he said that he opposed the contracts. Which is kind of hypocritical since he said, “I mean, you send your kids to a Christian school or a Muslim school or a Jewish school or whatever it is, they should be able to teach kids in that way”. So a school can teach things except when they don’t concur with the woke worldview. Hmm… That doesn’t sound that school can teach anything properly at all.

I mean this whole situation is just a storm in a tea cup and why I hadn’t said anything so far. It’s so ridiculous that a Christian school is harassed for teaching the Bible and ensuring that school parents agree with that. Typically the media (and Twitter) jump up and down and scream about it. If you’re that offended, don’t send your child to that school. As Shakespeare wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

Honestly, it all goes back to Romans 1. The Bible says everyone knows God, their sins and that they’ll be punished for your sins. If the Bible is wrong, then why does it matter that someone says homosexual acts are sinful? Honestly, it makes no sense. Which is why I say there are no true Atheists or no one would act like this.

Just 2,000 Frozen Bank Accounts To Flatten The Protest Curve

Well, he’s right, everything is about COVID-19 but nothing is about COVID-19. Honestly, freezing bank accounts of protestors and supporters or protestors in Canada is just dictatorial. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

The Canadian Government isn’t even pretending this is about COVID-19 any more because they already removed the trucks. Now they just want to cripple the families who bared the freezing Ottawa temperatures to camp outside in order to protest again the tyranny. Oh and I thought it was a fringe minority? So much for that, huh.

Tell me who are the right people are here? The families with jumping castles or the government who arrests them?

The Police Didn’t Want To Do It

Well, the official word is that the police chief resigned but now we see that’s at best a forced resignation or at worst a hidden firing. The point is, it’s clear that the police chief wouldn’t order his men and women to arrest countless families living in Ottawa on the streets in protest.

I’m genuinely trying to understand why there is a need for the arrests, let alone declare an emergency. There’s no threat of violence or stopping of commerce. This has to be the point blank authoritarianism which hasn’t reared its head until now.

Now we’ve had the subtle authoritarianism but in plan sight, like Chairmen Dan’s Blueshirts (police and not his Redshirt Labor henchmen) shoot protestors with rubber bullets, Biden try to force businesses to make their staff take jabs and a famous tennis player kicked out of Australia for not toeing the government line. This is probably the first time no one can given COVID-19 as an excuse but there is zero threat to anyone.

No One Should Be Wearing Masks Especially Children

Whilst Jim Jordan is a Republican Representative in the USA, the situation applies here. Why are the state premiers and chief ministers making children wear masks at school? Honestly, for the most part there is no difference between Liberal and Labor.

Children are at no risk from COVID-19. They need to stop wearing useless masks.

Lots of people early last year thought I was just a pro-NSW shill who exempted them from any authoritarian measures whilst having a go at the Labor states. But I’m not that, I’ve called evil out from wherever it is. The same can’t be said for several Liberal federal politicians who seem to call out the Labor states for their sins but not the sins of those states whose leader is Liberal.

In fact, you could argue Aunty Gladys was more harmful than Chairman Dan. Why? We knew that the Chairman would lockdown hard and fast. That’s all he had, a lockdown hammer. But Aunty was more cunning, with a snarl she could turn on the trash compactor, like the one in Star Wars, as she turned up or down her proportional approach. The issue is that he approach was not proportional to the risks but the case numbers and as cases rose, she tightened the compactor until little was left.

What I’m saying is that we need to say ‘I don’t care what part you’re in, I’ll call out evil when I see it’. It’s no good to just demanding the repeal of Chairman Dan’s dictator legislation when the NSW Government has a similar law.

We have to all band together to ensure we don’t just condemn the Labor states but all those who are evil. Because just as not all Liberal states are good, not all Labor states (and territories) are bad (in the fullest extent since none are good but less bad). The ACT has never implemented vaccine passports but when ScoMo had a go at those passports, Queensland, a Labor state was his target and not the project in general. It just proves he wants to score political points and not show any backbone.

Genocide Isn’t Ruled Out By Some

Hitler is dead, right? Well, his ideas are certainly not. This hatred of people because of their skin pigment is disgusting. And then to say that you may slaughter them? What?!

As soon as you categorise based on their skin colour and not on their character you’re going to have a big issue. We have to stop looking at racism as an issue of skin colour but issue of perceiving people in that way. The first thing we must do is to get rid of the theory of evolution. The disgusting and evil worldview made people look at each other in terms of “race” and not character and trust in God. We’re all made individually in the image of God and we should all start acting like it.

How Many People Where There?

What? You’re telling me there’re lots of people in Canberra? I was there. There were at least 200,000 people. I’ve been at schools with over 1,000. There were heaps more than that. But no surprise that the police want to lie because them as a collective more interesting in appearing woke and maskless for the celebration of sin (alliteration) in Melbourne.

The Opposite

This is the antithesis of this week’s Tweet from James Macpherson. Maybe James’ Tweet is a response to this Tweet or maybe it’s just getting at the same issue.

In any case, this is a Tweet typical of Woke Ben. What he does is twist the meaning of words to fit a nice Tweet that surely no one could oppose.

In this Tweet, he is mixing up two issues; living as a Christian and ultimate Christian society. So to use the phrase, “Christian way of life”, he can straddle the two issues. Government tyranny and immoral laws don’t stop us being Christians. These things may in fact encourage our faith more. But what these things do is make it harder to living lawfully and alongside non-Christian society. They too also lead non-Christians further astray and make society much less like God’s laws. This is why we as Christians care about society and make try to it right.

So, here I will insert the response from James Macpherson which answers why we true Christians care about society. I mean, you can go back and read the Tweet but it’s easier to read below.

Christianity was born in crisis and defeat (the crucifixion)[.] So in a time of crisis it is not for the church that we fear, as if God might be dethroned[.] Our fear is for the world and what becomes of a culture, rejecting God, left to judge today by yesterday and tomorrow by today[.]

James Macpherson

This is the ultimate act of projection to say that true Christians are trying to preserve power and Christianity. We’re not the ones who bow to wokeism like Ben. Why did almost all the mainline (traditional denominations) churches apostatise and project wokeness? They wanted to keep the power. The same goes for those who promoted immoral vaccines in order to gain government favour.

True Christians aren’t interested in government power because that is what got us into this mess in the first place. Churches thought they owed the government something ever since they sold themselves out back in the time of Constantine (and hint, hint, this may be the topic of my big series). We don’t want power but what we want is for hearts to turn to Christ as they accept the Gospel and create a good society.

Worst Week’s Post- Fake News

“How well do masks work to help interrupt the spread of COVID-19?

The humble face-covering has been found to reduce COVID-19 cases by 53%, according to a global study of non-pharmaceutical interventions (medications and vaccines were not included).

Physical distancing also helps stop COVID-19 transmission (25%).

Results from more than 30 studies from around the world were analysed in detail. Researchers were unable to analyse the effect of lockdowns, quarantine, isolation or closures due to differences in study design, outcome measures and quality.

More: https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj-2021-068302

Now, I could do deep into the study that this post was written about but I’ll just address the claims of the post.

The first claim is, “The humble face-covering has been found to reduce COVID-19 cases by 53%”. That statement is false. The study opens admits, that “Risk of bias across the six studies ranged from moderate to serious or critical”. So it’s clear that whatever the data found was, it was clearly not clear enough to deliver a definitive answer. But I can give you a clear answer, masks don’t stop COVID-19.

The next claim is, “Physical distancing also helps stop COVID-19 transmission (25%).” This is also false because the study says, “risk of bias ranged from moderate to serious or critical”. Now this is the most likely measure to stop COVID-19 but it ignores the question of if any of these measures were warranted. COVID-19 is a mild virus and there’s no need to distance yourself dramatically because things will just be worse because of doing that. Though I’m not ignoring that COVID-19 is airborne and thus small distance is useless but what I am saying is that the measure can work but there is no need to.

So, as usually, the government lies to you. But you do something difference and not listen to them.

20 Words or Less- Lies Are Lies

Lies are still lies even if the government says them. We must stand for truth even if it’s against laws.

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