COVID Is Gone? War Is Here; SSMR

Last week was the Canadian dictator doing something and now we have the Russian dictator doing something. What should we be focussed on? Let’s say there is more than just Ukraine.

Twitter Should Be Called Whinger

Um… Why did she ever work in the city if she has such a problem with the conditions of it? Seriously, look at what she said, the clue is right there. She said, “put my son in outside hours care”. It’s obvious what to do, quit your job or at the least reduce your house and properly be a mother. The rest flows on from that deep seeded unhappiness with modern feminism that tells women their value is only found in work and not motherhood.

Joe Biden Is All Talk & No Action

Nothing says going “toe-to-toe” like letting Putin invade a neighbour in an unprovoked attack. Joe Biden doesn’t run Joe Biden let alone the USA. This feeble old man needs to turn back to God and go to a nursing home. He is not fit to be US President.

It’s therefore, no surprise that Putin called Biden’s bluff and showed how the pompous preaching by Biden is a cover for weak man. It was Trump who faced off Putin and ensured that Putin did no make any ground during his time in office.

Whilst everything is happening in Ukraine, we must not forget that Taiwan in next. The only question is how long until it happens and Biden has to decide how to fight a European and an Asian war.

Research Is Research

This πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ cringe πŸ‘ with πŸ‘ lots πŸ‘ of πŸ‘ swearing πŸ‘. Honestly, when you see this condescending attitude and claps between every word, you know the person has a bad opinion built up with claps for emphasis. And just to be clear, my use of claps was for satire.

TikTok generally is a place where depravity reigns and brain cells go to die and that’s exactly what we have here. Apparently, we have to make our own peer reviewed study in order to do “research”. Except, that’s not what the dictionary says. The Cambridge Dictionary says, research is, “a detailed study of a subject, especially in order to discover (new) information or reach a (new) understanding”.

In addition, just because something isn’t peer reviewed, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. If all the peers in one group are for or against a particular scientific theory in spite of any evidence, then it’s clear that maybe the peer reviewed process can actually deliver the confirmation bias she railed against.

I find it funny too how she wears a t-shirt with a definition of research. But it’s an oopsie for her because the definition on the t-shirt is not the definition she states. Oopsies. Maybe she should go with what her t-shirt says and not the incorrect and unnecessarily specific definition she makes up.

I also love the irony here. This woman believes that if we don’t believe “the science” because of “research”, we’re stupid but where is her ‘actual’ “research”. Otherwise she is just “googling shit”. What a hypocrite.

Jesus Is Lord

Absolutely! These are the eternal true that we must proclaim, especially in times of trouble.

Woke West, Weak West

That’s absolutely right. The West has decided to ignore God and His commands as well has the history written in His book (the Bible) to their detriment. Some thought being “nice” would fix things but it doesn’t. People are sinful and will do things regardless of any abstract idea such as international law. We have been woken up to the fact that whether right or wrong, people will wage war. We have to be prepared but not provocative. It’s a fine line but it’s a fine line we have to walk.

Ukraine’s Memes Aren’t Helpful

I admire the sentiment but I don’t think official government is the place for memes. Sure, this Russian invasion Ukraine is like Hitler invading the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia in 1938 but the connotations of Nazism are not helpful.

Vaccine Mandates Are Not Acceptable

The problem is three fold. But first up, those of us against COVID-19 vaccination mandates aren’t saying business and occupations aren’t allowed to have requirements.

The first issue is that these mandates aren’t coming bottom up from the occupations but from the governments who enforce them. Generally speaking, if a requirement for a job comes from the government, it generally has nothing to do with the job. That’s the main issue, the jobs aren’t organically requiring a vaccine but have been told to require it by the government which is why our argument isn’t against jobs having requirements but governments who want to force jabs onto people.

Secondly, a COVID-19 vaccine is not actually required for the job (and remember that under government’s plan, the job is every job). Why? Most of the jobs don’t involve intentional exposure to COVID-19 positive patients. So if you’re not in contact regularly with those people, then it’s very unlikely that you will actually catch the disease (and remember that the vaccine doesn’t stop you catching the disease and spreading the disease), so there’s no need to have one for your job.

Thirdly, there are there is moral angle to this. A vaccine requirement for most jobs is not like any normal requirement, it’s not related specifically to the job and it’s a impersonal job requirement (like a Tax File Number) because you can’t stop it or undo it. It’s so very different to ask someone to have studied a degree compared to making them have a medical procedure; let alone an immoral and experimental one. We must also not forget the fact that this requirement has never been needed for jobs ever and so adding this requirement upends people’s careers.

Continuing, even if the COVID-19 vaccines were moral, safe and effective, would it still be right as whatever group we are (business, state, nation, etc) to demand someone have a medical procedure in order to work? No. We have to think not just of the medical and health outcomes (not that they count with an unsafe and ineffective vaccine) but the societal outcomes and how this kind of policy divides people.

So what do I say to those who want to require a COVID-19 vaccine for a job? Move along.

Worst Week’s Post- Humans Are Humans

Well, if you thought his last song was bad, this one is even worse. Oh dear. Let’s get into it.

Well, whilst the world is burning (metaphorically and literally), we have address the worldview that has made the West so weak and vulnerable to Russia whose Christian influences unadulterated by woke culture has helped it stay strong. So, are anti-murderers hypocrites?

When an egg and sperm combine (not just meet), what is called a “Zygote”, is formed. That is when God has made another person in His image; we have a new life.

The quote is that some people want to “force all women to carry to term”. Force? This is the height of irony. When it comes to have a jab or lose your job, it’s apparently our choice to lose our job but when a woman has sex and a baby is formed inside her, she is forced to have a baby. This is just ridiculousness.

Yes, if you have sex and a baby is formed, you are responsible for protecting the baby (which obviously means not killing them). You aren’t forced to have sex and it’s clear what the consequences of sex are. It’s not something arbitrarily imposed on you last year. So, if making killing your baby illegal is forcing you to have a baby that was created in sex that you had is called forcing, then sure, I’m forcing human life made in God’s image to live.

No pro-life person think, “kids only matter when they’re not born yet”. This is just nonsense.

Do pro-life people want appropriate parental (specifically maternity) leave? Yes. Does that mean we support any bill in parliament which has that on the table? No. Do we believe that childcare is the best option for children? Not necessarily. None of these answers say that children don’t matter. None are in the slightest relevant to if unborn children should be killed.

Um… Is this guy sane? How is protecting children from criminal parents bad? Also, once again, how is this relevant to children being killed in the womb? It’s not.

So what that some children influenced by evil climate propagandists whinge and scream? How is that relevant to children living? Not one bit. It shows how this entire theme about “kids only matter” completely are deceptively changes what being pro-life is about. Being pro-life is not saying that children “matter” in the sense that anything and everything should be done for them. It’s a deliberate misconstruction of saying that no one should be murdered, including unborn babies. What we are saying is that their lives matter but not their totality so that their uninformed lines spouted by them count as something which must matter. Also, the “crippling debt” is exactly what these climate activists want more of to fund their evil plans claiming to protect the environment.

“If abortion was the issue then contraception would reduce it” is another line. Okay, that may be true, so what? Even if I grant that it doesn’t mean that contraception is okay or the only thing to focus on. Launching a genocide against dark skin people would reduce racist incidents against dark skin people since there are less of those people, that doesn’t mean it’s a good option. The same is here. And abortion isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of Christian moral which makes sex purely physical and devoid of context in marriage and so anything attempting to stop that immorality not from the root is purely superficial. You may say then stopping abortion is superficial but it does save lives. Promoting contraception too is superficial but does nothing to prevent abortion. So implying that pro-life activists attempt to reduce access to contraception changes nothing.

I could line by line go through the end of the song but it’s a waste of time. There are more side issues that even if presented accurately, change nothing. But they are not and so pro-life people are not putting children in harm’s way. What I will say is that unless this guy can find one example of a pro-life person murdering someone else or supporting that murder, then I’ll say, ‘Your songs don’t matter if facts aren’t there yet’.

20 Words or Less- God Is King

God is King. We mustn’t dissuaded by any dictator whether from the East or West. Preach the Gospel always.

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