Red Team vs Blue Team; SSMR

This week the media had people distracted by red vs blue in NSW. They also conflated basic biology with Nazism. And people wonder why we don’t trust them

  1. Truth Without Fear
  2. ‘I Totally Have $1b At My House & In Other News Please Don’t Rob Me’
  3. Rights or Wrongs?
  4. What Treaty?
  5. “Nasty” & “Hateful” Truth
  6. Red Team Wins Election
  7. Nothing Says Tolerance Quite Like Violence
  8. Worst Week’s Post- ‘We Hate Blue Team’, Rise & Repeat
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Hearts Need To Be Transformed
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Truth Without Fear

You know why people are like this? Because they care about the truth. They don’t care that people perceive them in a different way because what really matters is the truth.

‘I Totally Have $1b At My House & In Other News Please Don’t Rob Me’

Ben Shapiro had a good explanation on a topic like this and you can watch it below. He says and is right that both people are to blame to for their actions. It’s wrong to dress immorally and it’s wrong to rape.

Rights or Wrongs?

Here is another useful idiot of the machine promoting the idea that acknowledging biological reality is Neo-Nazism. When you start to say that a group of people, who actually don’t exist because you can’t change your gender, have right and others don’t, then you’re not talking about rights. Rights are inherent and provided to all people by God. You don’t have a right to deny reality because you say that you’re part of a particular group.

What Treaty?

Craig Kelly was right then and he is now. But the NPCs never want to listen.

“Nasty” & “Hateful” Truth

Once again James is right. This denial of biological reality just shows how in totality everything these people force on us are just Satanic; it’s only just now people are noticing.

Red Team Wins Election

That’s right but it’s not the full picture. What’s happening is the NPCs are being told to hate the Liberal Party because they are naturally the party that opposes the world’s narratives; they don’t, of course, now. So as the narratives keep building momentum, why vote for a party which isn’t fully woke? Just vote for the real deal because who wants those mean rich people?

This NPC thinking is just another distraction. No one can tell me a single significant difference in the NSW election between Liberal and Labor. It doesn’t matter how you vote between those two because their agenda is the same,

Nothing Says Tolerance Quite Like Violence

That’s how it goes. Everything that is pushed on us is so often the exact opposite. Peaceful Nazis are not what they want to promote in contrast to violent “transgender” people. When you realise that all the media is doing is providing an enemy to hate, they’re just distracting you from what is really happening.

Worst Week’s Post- ‘We Hate Blue Team’, Rise & Repeat

The language is disgusting and the lies are on full display. The woke are so hellbent on hating the blue team because they are red team. That’s all that matters to them. It doesn’t matter that Uncle Dom of the Liberals is best friends with Chairman Dan of the CCP… I mean Labor Party. Truth doesn’t matter to them, only creating false divisions to distract from the real enemy.

20 Words Or Less- Hearts Need To Be Transformed

It’s not merely enough to discard the latest perversion as “conservatism” does. Hearts need to be transformed by the Gospel.

Sources (In order of use)


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