A Complete Woke Week; SSMR

Welcome to a full woke week. We have the full complement of narratives for you. Shall I delight you some racism for entrée? Would you like some gain of function lab leak… I mean bat soup… I mean what… disease for your main? Are you interested in a side of puking rainbows cleaned up by the truth? Would you like some Putin for dessert? And would you like to finish with a terrible trans-ient burn of gaslighting? Don’t worry, there is the Gospel truth at the end but remember, it’s always true and it pops up every time you have to endure a terrible course of woke. Dig in!

  1. Vote For The Feels
  2. Evil Multiplying
  3. Christian Correction
  4. Wokeism, Defined
  5. PRopaganda Guy Has His Own View?
  6. Putin Is Laughing
  7. It’s Okay To Say No
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Josh Burns The Truth By Gaslighting The Fire
  9. 20 Words Or Less- It’s The Bible, It’s The Gospel
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Vote For The Feels

James is on point. The Voice is running on a vibe because they are running on a lie. And it’s better to just pretend it’s all about ‘the feels’ so the NPCs vote for it.

Evil Multiplying

This question is what people need to think about. Why would people engage in manipulating harmful things to make them more harmful? In this fallen world that we live in, is this ultimately what we should be doing? Of course not; so, the answer is “Treasonous”.

Christian Correction

Yes but that’s not all, James. These people hate to be reminded of what the actual rainbow represents; the wrath and mercy of God. The rainbow is the sign that God would never wipe out humanity again like He did in the flood of Noah’s day. It’s that reminder that God has the power to judge and kill, that these Satanists want to ignore. And so even just the mere mention of the Bible verse which says that is anathema to them.

Oh and on another note, it seems like me rebuttal to a reply to the original Tweet made Alastair block me. Think of the children!

Wokeism, Defined

Dr Stephen is on point here. Wokeism is predicated upon the false assumption that we can link unrelated things and use those outcomes as a justification for Satanic practices and communism; do I repeat myself?

PRopaganda Guy Has His Own View?

What is this? PRopaganda Guy isn’t toeing the party line. But… oh wait… he is. Instead of apparently wasting money on defending ourselves, Albo should go on more international tours, waste more money and ignore the problems in Australia. No one can name one thing good Albo has done at home since he became Prime Minister.

PRopaganda Guy is right about it being bungled because all it was for 18 months was a distraction ScoMo had for the News Corp Sky News folks during the lockdowns of 2021. We literally had no detail other than the US and UK would give up their submarine technology.

The policy itself isn’t “foolish” but we know with these puppet politicians, nothing is supposed to be done correctly and it never is. In any case, PRopaganda Guy won’t stop being the useful idiot of the state.

Putin Is Laughing

The absolute pearl clutching here is astounding but not as the bloke’s made up pronouns of “We/us/our”. The people who are awake and not woke can see that both sides are perpetuating a phony war for their own ends. Putin is no more of a dictator than Volodymyr Zelensky, whose name I have to search for every time I write because I can never remember how to spell it.

What’s also funny is that these people legitimately think that Putin will be arrested. The clowning that’s occurring is a joke to Putin who is enjoying his role in this script. He appears a strong masculine man who is leading his country to its rightful place whilst the increasingly weak, yet Satanic, West petition for him to be arrested.

For these people that think Putin is just like Hitler, why would you think Putin would care one bit about this? He didn’t let himself get arrested.

It’s Okay To Say No

Alex Antic is on point. Creating a racist body for a group defined arbitrarily is just pure lunacy but that is what society has been shown to be full of.

Worst Week’s Post- Josh Burns The Truth By Gaslighting The Fire

Nazism is wrong and just as so is wokeism. Fights between these groups breed because non-Christian people are sick of the lies and woke nonsenses pushed on them. But they refuse to find their salvation in Jesus. So they turn to ideologies such as Nazism because if all worldviews are equal when there is only subjective morality, why not be a Nazi; they recognise reality and they’re strong, bold and straight forward?

I don’t need to explain all of how Nazism is wrong. I do need to show how non-Christians pick this option. It doesn’t make it right but is an internally logical answer to a world where they deny God. Wokeism is the same from the opposite side. They take the weakness of humanity and made it virtue. Both are wrong, as I said.

It is the great ironies of all ironies that anti-Christianism breeds dissent within its ranks. These woke Satanists act surprised when the Muslims, alphabet soup people, Nazis, feminists and libertarians don’t get along. It’s a natural end result of claiming there is no God and that there is no objective morality. Everyone has their own morality with its own weight, from that premise.

What we see from Josh Burns fuels the Nazism and the un-Christian anti-woke backlash. He directly equivocates literal Nazis to people who see the reality that men and men and women are women and that’s that. There is no qualifier that he understands that these protestors are not Nazis because he is trying to gaslight and create plausible deniability that ‘Oh, I never said that these protestors are Nazis’.

The thing is, there’s no need for him to have a press release about this anyway. Politicians don’t need to have a statement about every event. But we can see he will talk about what’s politically convenient for him because he is a woketard. And that is why Josh gets the worst post of the week.

20 Words Or Less- It’s The Bible, It’s The Gospel

The solution to every problem isn’t more of the world’s ideologies; it’s the Bible, it’s the Gospel.

Sources (In order of use)











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