Not April Fools; SSMR

April Fools, this is all fake. Just kidding, it’s all real. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s Clown World.

  1. “Theybies”
  2. Misgendering A Shooter?
  3. Controlled Opposition Is Controlled, Obviously
  4. Religious Wars Are Real & They Go Further Than Culture
  5. Trumped Up Charges
  6. Disgustingly True
  7. Fringe Truth
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Abortion Is Murder
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Jesus Is No April Fool
  10. Sources (In order of use)


Welcome to another episode in woke insanity. Let’s just take a moment to remind ourselves of the premise that is being pushed here. Their premise is that gender is something that you can choose, not something biologically innate.

Let me tell you, there are men and women, boys and girls. Guess what? They are determined by biology. If you’re a man or a boy, you have XY chromosomes and if you’re a woman or a girl, you have XX chromosomes.

So their premise is wrong. What they are doing is far more than rejecting gender stereotypes but saying gender is a choice. This is just a fundamental rejection of reality; it’s saying that what is a fact is actually your opinion.

I mean, in reality, what they’re doing is defining gender as an arbitrary term which is determined by whatever things they want it to be and equivocating that with the actual definition of gender. I’d like to reflect in like of that with the quote below from 1984.

Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.

1984, George Orwell

I’d disagree with that. Changing definitions of words doesn’t alter reality. If these clowns want to make gender virtually meaningless, we can use another word. I’ve said this all before. The issue is that then they take that word and make it arbitrary and so on forever. But you can’t change that God made men and women in His image. If in 100 years, those words mean something different to what I just wrote and meant, I won’t be wrong because the wonderful thing about truth is that it doesn’t matter what language, time or place you say or think it, what it’s true.

Misgendering A Shooter?

A “transgender man” is still a woman, as I just said. You can use that term and I can say that chocolate is a brown thing. It doesn’t matter what word you say but it’s just useless to waste all this time rather than just saying the relevant truth. So yes, James, we are in trouble.

Controlled Opposition Is Controlled, Obviously

Rukshan is right to make the comparison because it shows that the Woke West is not as free as the woketards proclaim. Jesus was right that we have freedom in Christ and otherwise we are enslaved to sin. It doesn’t matter if your false religion is wokeism or Islam or anything else, the slavery is the same.

Also, see the controlled opposition here; Moira Deeming is the biggest example of it in Australia. She didn’t leave the party that condemned and suspended her for saying biological facts but she puts up and shuts up in the Liberal Party. We haven’t seen ‘true’ Liberals Alex Antic or Gerard Rennick be suspended yet but they are fully aware of their position and I’m sure that they would leave the party if virtually forced out.

In any case, staying with a controlled party just shows you being controlled, whoever you are. So this is just another clown side show to distract you from everything. I won’t put up with it.

Religious Wars Are Real & They Go Further Than Culture

Dr Stephen is on point here. These mutilated people are a key part of not the culture wars, precisely but the religious wars. This goes bigger than culture because it goes to the very reality of truth which only matters if Christianity is true, which it is.

Even if you just want to make it a cultural war, they are real. And people like Albo saying that they don’t exist but simultaneously saying that people should whip them up, are the charlatans that Dr Stephen is talking about. Albo is the NPC leader who has to keep making the NPCs have trivial battles about which music, sport, sports team, political party or politician is the best. The truth is that these don’t matter.

Trumped Up Charges

This is the latest piece of distraction. All the charges against Trump are made up to make people angry and lash out to do something wrong. Then we know the media will do exactly what they did with January 6th and use it as propaganda for the next thing to supress freedom.

Don Jr is right about all those who visited Jeffery Epstein’s Island. Not one person has been charged and yet Jeffery is meant to be a terrible evil paedophile who killed himself. Let’s just say clearly some of these things aren’t true.

Disgustingly True

Dr Stephen is completely right here. Alex the Homosexual called Mark Latham, who isn’t a Christian “disgusting” when he spoke to Christians about Christian issues. Then Mark Latham proceeded to tell Alex the Homosexual exactly what is disgusting, homosexual sex in matter of fact terms. In fact, I’ll let Mark say it himself in his now deleted Tweet.

Once again, the fact that stating the truth is enough for woketards to say that you shouldn’t be in parliament and saying that you may be mentally ill just shows how these people are liars. If you can’t handle this truth, why are you promoting to children? I know why because you are hypocritical Satanists.

Fringe Truth

The fact that PRopaganda Guy says that the Liberal Party is essentially far right and that truth (like men are men and women are women) is a fringe issue, just shows how far his lies go every single time he tweets. And sure the Liberal Party could modernise. The question is do you want a party that wins or a party that does and tells the truth?

If you want a winning party then do whatever you can to appeal to the NPCs no matter if it goes against the values for which you once stood. But winning doesn’t matter if you then do things contrary to God and you end up emulating your opponent.

Worst Week’s Post- Abortion Is Murder

I have to make this the worst post because it shows abortion, the murder of unborn babies; one year on from so many of their bodies dumped and found. If you think is abortion, think again. See these little humans. They are no more a clump of cells then you are. You are human from the moment of conception. I have no time for people who think that this is acceptable than to give them the Gospel and then pray they see what they are doing is wrong and that they turn to Jesus Christ to accept Him.

20 Words Or Less- Jesus Is No April Fool

Easter is very soon and it’s no April Fools’ prank. So reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

Sources (In order of use)


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