“Facts” In The Image Of Sinful Humans; SSMR

Well I forgot to put an intro in the original edition of this so let’s give it something. Let’s remind ourselves of the upside-down world. My last word in 20 Words Or Less tells us what happens when the world is like this. But for some examples of these lies which are called truths here are some.

  • Climate Change- No days in Sydney over 40 degrees for over a year
  • COVID-19 Vaccines- Don’t stop transmission but can kill you instead
  • Transgenderism- XX and XY
  • Abortion- Kills a baby
  • Tolerance- Intoreance
  • Anti-racism- Racism

To end it here I’ll quote George Orwell, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” And that is particularly pertinent to how these people believe in moral equality except when it comes to their morals which they’ll force on you, as I just showed. There is no moral relativity and what they push on you is Satanic. There are moral facts found in the Bible straight from God.

  1. Sunwoke Bank
  2. Houseplant Delivers Threats Via Twitter Staffer
  3. Humans Made In The Image Of God Make A god In Their Own Image
  4. Serving Up The Voice
  5. GB Spews Out Mark Steyn
  6. Heresy Hour
  7. Let’s Go Brandon, The Sequel
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Houseplant Gives Speech
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Straight From The Bible
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Sunwoke Bank

I saw this earlier this week in the 30 second version I was wanting to end everything. This is so cringey. Only the NPC idiots will like this.

Houseplant Delivers Threats Via Twitter Staffer

Another Tweet supposedly from the houseplant of the USA. Trust me, Joe, hearing your story about Corn Pop doesn’t inspire my imagination of you as someone not to mess with. Whoever is writing these Tweets for Joe Biden, please stop lying but I know you won’t anyway.

Humans Made In The Image Of God Make A god In Their Own Image

Even Mark Dolan is having a go about this. Non-Christians can see this insanity of fake Christians. We need to stop pretending that these people are Christians and label them as the heretics that they are; I’ve said this several times. And it’s no slippery slope. This is just the natural result of the premise of man’s word above God’s word. It’s just only now people are bold enough to do this because they’ve done things that people had accepted at the time and it’s because of those things people accepted, it seemed clear that this, in theory, would be expected.

All it shows is what happens when you pick and choose what you like from the Bible. Don’t come complaining to Christians now about these issues when you’re fine with abortion, decriminalising sexual sins and divorce. You may be on point with these issues but you’re only playing the hypocrite if you won’t get fully on board with God.

Serving Up The Voice

These is a brilliant analogy. It shows just how crazy The Voice is.

GB Spews Out Mark Steyn

GB News has virtually sacked Mark Steyn because of his sharing the facts. GB News is too cowardly to take the rap from regulators who potentially, not even actually, would fine GB News for not sharing their propaganda points boldly enough. Well Mark’s done it on his own and even without GB News, we’ll all still watch his show because it’s on point. Maybe his time off air due to several heart attacks has given him some time to consider Jesus Christ. Because it’s all well and good to recognise the reality of our fallen world, it’s another to have eternal salvation in God.

Heresy Hour

Finally something, in a while, red-pilled from James. These people pushing sins aren’t Christians and this isn’t the topic where this is proven.

Let’s Go Brandon, The Sequel

Let’s go Brandon. Even Gavin’s in on it.

Worst Week’s Post- Houseplant Gives Speech

A message from our houseplant overlord. Please just… I’ve had enough. Please read the Bible and accept Jesus’ gift of eternal life. That’s all. Bye.

20 Words Or Less- Straight From The Bible

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.

Sources (In order of use)











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