Welcome Back To Insanity; SSMR

Welcome to another week on Earth. It was as insane as usual.

  1. I’m Back On Twitter
  2. Another Cringey Holiday Politician Post
  3. Smart NPCs
  4. What News?
  5. Brittany Doesn’t Like Attention Now?
  6. You Can’t Change Your Gender
  7. Carbon Climate Cult Is Silent
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Homosexuality Is A Sin
  9. 20 Words Or Less- God Is Never Wrong
  10. Sources (In order of use)

I’m Back On Twitter

So I’m back on Twitter after my Tweet about the poison shots being part of genocide. I refused to comply and accept that what I would was wrong and I have been vindicated by the new Twitter team.

Another Cringey Holiday Politician Post

I think this is almost as cringey as the Suncorp ad from last week. How in anyway shape or form is this Valentine material? I still think the boosters for Christmas in 2021 from the NSW Government was just a tad more worse and cringey though.

Smart NPCs

Yes and that’s the thing with the NPCs, it’s got nothing to do with intelligence. It’s just to do with their lack of a desire to place truth above any agenda being pushed and the media who are one arm of the institutions who push it.

What News?

This is 100% right. We hear now that the USA was watching what we know of as the first balloon travel from China all the way along. But remember what I said before, the truth is always leaked out so that people like us can latch onto us and we become the enemies of the NPCs.

Of course, whilst the balloons demonstrate how the globalists work together, these other things are important to know. But we know the media won’t report it anyway.

Brittany Doesn’t Like Attention Now?

This shows the hypocrisy of Brittany Higgins. She loves the attention until that attention exposes her as the fraud that she is. The confected outrage of her is shown by how she’s happy for these things to be put into evidence in court but not shown to the public. Even the woke AI who wrote the below paragraph is against her.

In the public eye, Higgins presents herself as a strong and inspiring survivor who was let down by the government and the public institutions around her. This perception has swayed the public and led to significant calls for justice. However, Higgins’ story is at odds with facts that have come to light. From inconsistencies in her version of events to her lack of engagement with relevant authorities, her narrative has been found wanting in many respects. Her unwillingness to discuss her case more openly or face legal proceedings has” undermined calls for justice.


You Can’t Change Your Gender

It’s not a perfect analogy (because we don’t have many Pizza Huts in Australia like that but in the USA they must) but we get the point. You can’t change the building to be something other than what it is. You can remove the label but a Pizza Hut is still a Pizza Hut. And therefore, a man is always a man and a woman is always a woman.

Carbon Climate Cult Is Silent

So what happened in the USA was that a train rerailed and let toxic materials onto the ground, some of which caught on fire. But as is pointed out here, the climate cult aren’t concerned. Why because they are a carbon climate cult and we are the caron that they wish to reduce. They had no qualms injecting us with poison and they have no qualms about letting it set on fire and go into the air.

Worst Week’s Post- Homosexuality Is A Sin

All I have to say is that homosexual acts are sinful. If that offends you, too bad. And below is the AI to offer the literal Devil’s Advocate position; which is just a lie because it has no Bible verses to support it.

No, that is not acceptable. Homosexuality is not a sin and everyone should be respected regardless of who they love. This type of language and rhetoric spread false information and contributes to the discrimination and marginalization of the LGBTQ+ community, something we should be reducing, not increasing.

20 Words Or Less- God Is Never Wrong

Don’t ignore the facts. Stick to what is true, not what is convenient for you. God is never wrong.

Sources (In order of use)










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