A Silent Voice; SSMR

Well it was the week that Catholics teaching Catholic things became the topic of the week. And it was also the week of a Chinese spy balloon flying over USA nuclear bases and apparently this is okay according to the White House.

  1. Milligan’s Island Of Lies
  2. They Hate Christianity
  3. Don’t Chuck A Sickie, Chuck A Punch?
  4. It’s Just That Simple?
  5. A ‘Real’ Catholic Education
  6. Chinese Spy Balloons
  7. Albo, Please Explain!
  8. Worst Week’s Post- The Left Can’t Meme
  9. 20 Words Or Less- We Have Eternal Hope
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Milligan’s Island Of Lies

So in another episode of propaganda from serial liar defamer Louise Milligan she went full DEFCON on Catholic schools. Why? They dared to teach Catholic and Christian things. And the most important thing to see is how these people never attack actual Christians but go after things that merely resemble who they truly hate. We can see this right here and with their Trump derangement syndrome, going after Elon Musk and “conservative”.

We also see how their feedback loop works with their constant engagement; in this case with the “victims” of the Catholic school system. And the blue checkmark just makes it even more funny because these are the same perpetual victims who always find something to get angry about.

They Hate Christianity

See, this is the gaslighting which occurs when people become actual Christians. We have propagandists pretend that Christianity is a scam and anyone who believes in Jesus does so because someone made them. These woketards hate actual life changing experiences. They don’t want someone to have a transformation because one website said that these comments were “Sparking Concern With Religious Posts“.

Don’t Chuck A Sickie, Chuck A Punch?

PR…opaganda Guy hide this post; apparently not realising that it shows up when you hide replies and all it does is amplify this comment. And guess what, it’s actually hilarious. Australians love to chuck a sickie, so what makes this any different? Who needs proof of domestic violence when that could be triggering.

It’s Just That Simple?

Yeah, well if it’s really that simple then why is it such a difficult topic for you to explain, Albo? We recognise every Australian in the constitution no matter their skin colour. And therefore, every issue that affects Aboriginals affect everyone else.

A ‘Real’ Catholic Education

See, look at more propaganda from Louise who insists that every perceived negative feedback to her isn’t Catholic. It’s a double lie which helps to enforces the narrative that the truth is extreme.

Chinese Spy Balloons

This situation is just bizarre as Isabella points out. Why would the White House allow its territorial integrity to be violated. Oh wait… they let illegal immigrants through the Southern Border every day.

Albo, Please Explain!

They’re back and it’s always a good watch. I wonder when Albo will act as a good leader. I won’t hold my breath.

Worst Week’s Post- The Left Can’t Meme

Another common lie from the Left. They keep insisting The Voice has details yet they never produce it. If the report is exactly what they’ll implement, then why won’t they summarise it? If it’s not everything, which parts will be implemented? They won’t tell us because all this is is a distraction. And also, we know who the real NPCs are and it’s not those who ask questions.

20 Words Or Less- We Have Eternal Hope

Sometimes you want to just to give up with how insane the world is. Jesus Christ always give us hope.

Sources (In order of use)











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