Australia Day Annoys The Woke; SSMR

Welcome to the week of Australia Day. Of course the usual shrill voices came out because they hate Australia and the idea of laws and principles founded in facts because they need to enshrine lies into our lives in order to turn us even further from God.

  1. Weak Woke Or Just NPC?
  2. Why Should Christians Care About Politics
  3. Uncle Dom Goes Full Shill
  4. Truth Is Confusing
  5. Most Lying Australian Of The Year, Perhaps?
  6. You Should Be Very Scared If You Inject Poison
  7. Just Small Grain Of Truth
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Un-Australian To Say The Least
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Take Them Back
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Weak Woke Or Just NPC?

This is 100% correct. This ultimately what happens when you have a government for the NPCs. They need to be about to play both sides of the narrative so that they don’t annoy everyone. Also, have a read below at what the WordPress AI had to say about Australis Day and its quite woke, even if it pretends not to be.

Australia Day is a day for all Australians. It’s not about political correctness or anyone’s opinion on how history should be interpreted, but about uniting the nation, celebrating our diverse culture and heritage, and having a sense of belonging to a larger community. We should celebrate this day and make sure that we don’t let external forces try to divide us in any way.
The ‘woke’ brigade have been putting pressure on recent Australian governments, demanding that ‘Australia Day’ be replaced with something more sympathetic to our indigenous populations. While ‘Invasion Day’ and ‘Survival Day’ may be more accurate depictions of the past, in a nation as diverse as ours, our leaders must strive to find paths to a new shared identity.

The movement of Australia Day to the second Monday of January, which is before the old day of 26th January, is a great step in the right direction,
yet for many Australians, it continues to be a day of division and hurt.

For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia, who have been here since ancient times, Australia Day marks the start of a period of dispossession, exclusion and exclusion from the services afforded to others, perpetuated through systemic inequality. Larger issues such as sovereignty and the perception of cultural genocide, caused by the British settlers, continues to be a source of hurt and offense.

For some Indigenous Australians, the nation’s flag and ‘h

Why Should Christians Care About Politics

Every Christian needs to hear this. It’s not just for pastors. We need to stand up for the truth.

Uncle Dom Goes Full Shill

Yes, Uncle Dom is a traitor but we knew this already. Of course he is a puppet for whatever agenda is being pushed onto everything.

Truth Is Confusing

You regret it because you don’t like seeing the truth. You are a shill for the NPC agendas and want to hide from the facts.

Most Lying Australian Of The Year, Perhaps?

PR…opaganda Guy just lies all the time. His boldness in his sin will be a massive part of his undoing.

You Should Be Very Scared If You Inject Poison

All I have to say is the GIF below. The poison will kill you.

Just Small Grain Of Truth

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We already know that the real disease is the shots of poison.

Worst Week’s Post- Un-Australian To Say The Least

You know it was actually someone what of a difficult decision as to which PR…opaganda Guy Tweet was the worst. Both here are absolute outrageous lies. But I’ve gone for this one because not only does he like but he arrogantly and falsely states that people are with him.

He only says “united” because he wants to make it seem as if the only people causing division are the people who want to keep Australia Day as Australia Day. By stating everything would be fine if we just cancelled Australia Day, he is adopting the woke point that Australia Day is the problem.

You know what? Even if he was right about Australia Day, changing the date wouldn’t even unite Australia either because some people still obviously want Australia Day.

This is not even going over his even more grandiose claim that “The debate is over”. The debate is only over as long as one side concedes and no one is conceding.

Let’s just say it, this man deserves to go on trial for his crimes. He lies and lies and lies to promote the propaganda of the state. Is it possible that he’s just this much of an NPC buying this propaganda? Yes but probably not. His clever discernment of the talking points of the day and his silence over particular bits of news not favourable to the establishment, shows he’s not merely a puppet but in fact the puppet master as a key part of the propaganda dissemination. Even if he does face justice in this world, he’ll face it in the next. And let me state it nice and clearly, lying is a sin and all sins are worthy of death.

20 Words Or Less- Take Them Back

God has given us countries, laws and institutions to guide us. It’s time to take those back.

Sources (In order of use)


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