Damage Spreads From Davos; SSMR

The WEF is meeting again and it just seems everything is another level crazy this week. Let’s just through it together.

  1. Straight With Extra Steps
  2. Truth Matters
  3. Carbon Climate Cult
  4. Why The Voice Is Wrong
  5. The Late Debate
  6. Ladyboy Says He’s A Woman And Is Applauded
  7. WEF Screw Over Everyone
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Immoral, Poisonous Jabs Are Apparently Funny To Force On Teens
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Stick To God
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Straight With Extra Steps

No, he isn’t being ironic. He seriously wants these two clowns to have a good day because he thinks this is totally normal. This is just being straight with extra steps. The article says, “A mother-of-two has revealed how she told her husband she was gay – just moments after her partner came out as transgender.” I reckon that she came up with this move to pretend to be just so that she could stay with him. And clearly these two clowns are really insane because they each other pretend that one was a woman and the other was a lesbian. What’s even worse is the wife supporting the man’s bodily mutilation.

Don’t forget also their children, that are impacted by this. This just shows why this delusion needs to stop being promoted because look at what it teaches to children; it says that lies are okay and bodily mutilation.

Truth Matters

Repeating a phrase in all caps doesn’t make it true or moral. What’s so hilarious is that one of the officers arresting this man has even darker skin than the one being arrested. So much for “black” lives mattering. See what makes this racism so evil is that it isn’t just arbitrary, since it’s based on skin shade but your skin shade doesn’t even matter if you don’t fulfill the political agenda of these people who label you based on your intersectional group, including skin colour

Carbon Climate Cult

Tell me again, sheeple that Christianity is compatible with the carbon climate cult because you’re wrong. Carbon won’t end our world, Jesus will.

Why The Voice Is Wrong

I’ll add a couple more reasons. Firstly, what is an “Indigenous” person? Like I said before, all categories of “race” are entirely arbitrary.

The Late Debate

It was the start of a new show on Sky News Australia, this week, The Late Debate. Two of my favourite Christian commentators are hosting it; Liz Storer and James Macpherson, featuring Caleb Bond also. I tried to find some good clips of them and I thought this was the best.

Ladyboy Says He’s A Woman And Is Applauded

When I first saw this bloke in a dress, I thought it was a robot. He looked so fake. The movements were just all off. But of course finally, the Thai ladyboys have fulfilled dreams but having one their own on the big stage. Full credit to him for not just being a ladyboy but going the full way and claiming to be “trans”.

I love Thai food but clearly I don’t love being presented with the fantasy of a man becoming a woman. Keep that part of Thai culture there but preferably stop all the delusiob!

WEF Screw Over Everyone

Well Dave said it. I would have said screwed instead but his idea is on point. The WEF is full of satanic people who want to destroy our lives; basically screwing us over. They are meeting in Davos, Switzerland right now. So pay attention to the reality that we are not governing our own countries and see the agenda that is trying to be imposed upon us. Just a thought, I wonder why in English, our words for destroying things are also used as sexual terms.

Worst Week’s Post- Immoral, Poisonous Jabs Are Apparently Funny To Force On Teens

This is a sick, evil individual who runs this account. It’s almost an American version of PR..opaganda Guy. This girl is injected with poison and all the people in the room know it. It’s absolutely disgusting to claim that a young child or baby being scared of needles is the same as a teenager who is patently aware of the situation.

Mocking this video just shows you how far those not in favour of Christianity and freedom have gone, if you don’t realise already. They are laughing with evil.

20 Words Or Less- Stick To God

Stick to God and His word. You don’t need anything. Don’t affirm the anti-God scam narratives of the world.

Sources (In order of use)










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