Sack Them All; SSMR

It’s time to have these COVID-19 authoritarians to be sacked. Let’s see what they did this week to warrant another call for them to go.

  1. The Wrong People’s Pay Was Docked
  2. Complete Lies
  3. “Christian”
  4. Patricia The Woke
  5. Who Do We Believe?
  6. Is Chairman Dan Popular?
  7. Everyone’s Land Is “Stolen”
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Irony
  9. 20 Words or Less- Time For Them To Go
  10. Sources (In order of use)

The Wrong People’s Pay Was Docked

Dr Stephen says that in hindsight it was immoral to sack people for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine. However, he missed one thing. It wasn’t just immoral in hindsight, it was always immoral.

Now for Queensland to dock the pay of their unpoisoned staff, that is just more immorality. This is precisely why we need for a Royal Commission into all this, s Dr Stephen points out.

Complete Lies

I laugh at the false disappointment of Lefty Twits. Of course globalist Albo is part of the climate cult who will aid the destruction of our economy and our society. Gas and oil is still part of that cult so this cartoon is just false. But as I pointed out earlier, the only surrender would be on the side of reality and not the climate cult since that is what Albo is pursuing.


Let me give you a hint, James; these are not Christian schools. It is not Christian to mandate an immoral and poisonous jab, let alone encourage it. I get your point and I applaud your fight for freedom but we can not longer keep up the pretence that people who call themselves Christians and organisations that call themselves Christian, are indeed that. Whatever we feel about ‘unity’, this lie has to stop. There are things that make people not Christian and this is one of them.

Patricia The Woke

Patricia tweets so much, it’s hard to find the beginning of nonsense like this. But this all starts from her lie that man can become women and compete in women’s sports. So she gets down and dirty with Twits (proving not all Twits are twits) who point out her homosexuality but won’t say it because the trannies will get upset.

It’s so funny that one intersectional group has to bow down to another one; straight bows to homosexuals and homosexuals bow to trannies. But in typical Twit childishness, she repeats the word “lesbian” in capitals. Remember, our tax dollars are paying her.

Who Do We Believe?

I find it hilarious that Rishi Sunak the globalist former treasurer (technically Chancellor of the Exchequer) is coming out that he tried to push back against the British bureaucratic doctors but was censored. Does he really think the British Conservative Party will vote for him after he backstabbed Boris Johnson over Liz Truss the loyalist?

Honestly, it seems that anything Rishi pushed back on would be the bare minimum. The sheer insanity of a lockdown during December 2021 means it’s not that much to ask Rishi Sunak to say no. Even most of Australia had ended its lockdowns by then because they didn’t end until mass segregation ended. Only the Netherlands dared to lockdown then and there most people ignored it anyway.

So this brings me to ask ‘Do we trust Rishi?’. Did he really try to push back against the doctors of doom or is this just a vote buying exercise? I personally don’t believe it. I think all were in it together; the elected officials and the bureauracy alike.

I’ve not seen this poll but I’d tread vary carefully in saying most Victorians want Chairman Dan to go. Stockholm Syndrome has firmly taken place; most people love him. It’s true people who don’t like him are moving away from Labor but he’s certainly not a drag or at least, he’s a winner too. He’s like an anti-Trump. Trump brings votes and drags votes; you love him or you hate him.

I don’t think there is enough of a two-party (Labor/Liberal) move away from Labor. Votes to the Greens, AJP and other communists go straight back to Labor; so any move to the Left is irrelevant. And those who don’t like Liberal or Labor but rank Liberal higher aren’t in enough number to trouble Labor. So best to leave Victoria than leave this in the hands of voters to turf Chairman Dan out.

Everyone’s Land Is “Stolen”

An dishonourable mention for worst post of the week. I think I lost some brain cells here. I don’t think this person quite gets how countries rise and fall through peace, war and occupation. No one lives on non-stolen land. But if people want to live in the past, they can do that and ignore their own impending eternal punishment for their own sins but they’d rather make up sins or focus on sins in the past.

Worst Week’s Post- Irony

The irony is so much here, the opposite is true. These God-hating witches hate on their own side so much; contrary to their alleged beliefs. You say I may say I do the same on the Right. The difference is, I believe in truth and use God as my guide. So where there are lies, I point them out, wherever they may be.

In any case, Labor loves a good union rort, is a pure spirit (oops, how dare I mention spirituality to Atheistic witches) on the climate cult, they love to donate their money to themselves… I mean pay taxes, okay… well some of them are stupid (point conceded) and they certainly don’t worship God but does Klaus Schwab count as a sky fairy (he does look like another piece of fiction, a Bond villain)? Oh well, I proved their lies to be so. I guess they’d tell me to burn in Hell. I could say the same back but I think they’d enjoy that.

20 Words or Less- Time For Them To Go

There’s no time like today for these COVID-19 authoritarians to be sacked. Let’s start with bureaucrats who enforced this agenda.

Sources (In order of use)


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