Taming Truth With Grace; SSMR

This week I am particular late. But hey I have an excuse, I was busy crafting my punny title. I can assure you, not everything this week is about Grace Tame but if she wants to always be in the news, her ideas will be challenged.

  1. How Relationships Work
  2. Parenting Is Supposed To Be A Sacrifice
  3. Responsibility Is Important
  4. Adem Is No Saviour
  5. Mean Grace
  6. Puppet Palpatine
  7. Things Go Both Ways
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Trump Derangement
  9. 20 Words or Less- Go To God & Be Saved
  10. Sources (In order of use)

How Relationships Work

Sometimes I like to do something not political or topical. So what should you do if your romantic partner does something you don’t like? Well you’re certainly entitled to break up with them if you’re not married.

However, what must be established is what the relationship is all about. If the relationship is superficial, then like I said, this relationship can be terminated. However, when you’re married, this isn’t something to divorce over. But there’s a deal here. You don’t make life altering decisions without your spouse knowing in the first place.

Parenting Is Supposed To Be A Sacrifice

No one said having children is easy. And you don’t have to have them if you won’t want to. But explaining what happens during parenting isn’t an excuse to not have children.

Responsibility Is Important

You know what’s always pissed me off about getting Grace Tame. She always gets a free pass for being a Twit and the same with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘i’ because she was a survivor of what has been deemed by the courts as sexual assault, even if it’s a far-left talking point. She always gets free airtime by the media for whatever she says.

So now, she gets some media attention because her convicted sexual abuser wrote stuff on Twitter referring to her. But we get some news out of this. It turns out that Grace was a willing participant in her what the courts said was sexual assault.

In her unnecessarily long Twitter thread, which should have been a blog post, she clearly reveals she consented to her relationship with her convicted abuser. Whatever wrong her abuser did, she is not an innocent party. However, she tries to convince herself she’s innocent.

At 14 or 15, you are certainly responsible for your actions, whatever they are (of course, I am speaking generally). And that was her age when these actions occurred. But of course, the mainstream will ignore all that because they need a perennial victim.

Adem Is No Saviour

Oh really, Adem, you had the sniffles? We get it, Chairman Dan paid you off. You get to the controlled opposition and the fall guy but when your actions have actual consequences you’re conveniently absent.

Mean Grace

Here’s some more Grace Tame because she really had some dumb and/or bad things to say this week. As you can see, she has no substantive remarks here. She still has that same nasty ‘Mean Girls’ attitude from High School, sleeping with the teacher and all; sorry, correction, she was legally sexually assaulted. So whilst I completely regard most defamation as a immoral legal area, there’s no need to act so childishly when someone says that best these things said were possibly defamatory, let alone purely lies.

Puppet Palpatine

Joe Biden is fulfilling the perfect role as a dictator. The problem is, we all know that he isn’t running the show. Sleepy, angry Joe isn’t enough for his puppet masters. He has to directly stoke political tensions for the plan to work and by the way, that’s completely contrary to Biden’s promise of “unity”. Then Trump gets voted in or we skip the part where the globalists in shining amour…ed planes, come and take over from these nasty old dictatorial men. Then we can truly have the Great Reset. Unless of course, you think Joe Biden is completely aware of everything he says and totally doesn’t go back on what he said via the teleprompter, which he does, see below.

Things Go Both Ways

I’m putting these two posts together because they have the same message. The same message is ‘men bad, women good’. Because Grace doesn’t want to admit she fornicated and sinned against God, she tries to cover up by blaming her convicted sexual abuser. Now of course, those are the legal words but morally, she is just as culpable for that fornication as whom she acted with. She was not pre-pubescent, she knows right from wrong; pressured into things or not.

She applies the same message to both her situation and Chris Dawson’s. And it’s not victim blaming to put out the culpability on both sides. Grace would earn so much respect if she admitted she had a role to play in what happened but she won’t. She sees that, as mentioned before and tries to hide it. She says she’s no longer “ashamed”.

So, no there’s nothing wrong with the existing headline, Grace and it even plays into her narrative. None of it says that the girl Chris Dawson had an adulterous relationship with was at fault. All it says is that these sinful actions led to more sin, murder. And it goes without saying to call him violent since he murdered someone; it’s just redundant to repeat the idea.

If Grace had two brain cells to rub together, which, metaphorically speaking, she doesn’t, she’d understand that we don’t blame victims for the crimes they experienced. But because she redefines phrases to suit her misandrist agenda, she gets away with it. It’s not victim blaming to acknowledge the context of what happens and like I said, it’s a warning not to sin because it snowballs and snowballs and you get yourself into worse and worse things.

Oh and to the absolute cuck which suggested that sex with under 18s is rape, fornication, adultery or otherwise, might need to check a statute book, a Bible or his brain. Rape occurs in the absent of consent. Absolutely, only marriage can provide this consent but it isn’t something only over 18s can give. Of course we can go down the difficult path of redefining the statute book, as I mentioned and change the age of consent but it’s all arbitrary.

What needs to happen is to make marriage consent and not age. And to be clear, marriage is between a man and a woman only. So if you’re going to say marriage is for over 18s only, then you’re left with problem, secularly. The only solution is Biblical which is based in absolute truth and how human relationships develop and not hypocritical perverts who are fine with mutilating a mentally ill child suffering gender dysphoria but cringes at the though they can give consent to have sex.

At the end of the day, the Bible always provides the best solution. So choose it.

Worst Week’s Post- Trump Derangement

These people are so insane. Not just because they think Trump deserves to be in gaol/jail but because they think it could actually happen. And then there’s the picture of a ridiculous Tweet. Truly Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

20 Words or Less- Go To God & Be Saved

We are all responsible for our sin. We need to go to God, repent and accept His gift of salvation.

Sources (In order of use)











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