ScoMo Isn’t The Only News; SSMR

ScoMo wasn’t the only person in the news this week. Let’s get to what really happened and not what the media want to tell you.

  1. We Don’t Care About ScoMo
  2. It’s Always Crime Time In California
  3. What’s A Wedding?
  4. A Mongrel & Toto
  5. The Nuclear Option
  6. Where’s Hunter?
  7. Racism
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Why Are Hospitals Under Pressure?
  9. 20 Words or Less- Go To The Truth
  10. Sources (In order of use)

We Don’t Care About ScoMo

George Christensen sums it right up, just like I said a few days ago. We don’t about what ScoMo did or didn’t do with secret ministries. We care about how he enabled segregation to occur. This media obsession with ScoMo is just like Partygate in the UK with Boris Johnson. We don’t care about the legal and normal things. We care about hypocrisy and immorality.

It’s Always Crime Time In California

California is a shithole. Ben Shapiro is so right to point out how Gavin Newsom lies to people about freedom and safety and shows actual footage of a mass robbery.

What’s A Wedding?

Occasionally, I like to do something that’s not a major news story but has social media talking. Honestly, the only people who want to ban children from weddings don’t want Biblical marriage. A wedding is not just a party but it is for people who want to define marriage as between two people who just want it. So think why you want to ban children from your wedding. Is it all about you? No. On the other hand, if you just want to have a party, feel free to ban children but don’t dare taint the wonderful God-given institution of marriage with this selfish pettiness.

A Mongrel & Toto

Why do politicians do this? Sane and intelligent people don’t care if a dog showed up in your interview. Albo does this of course to distract from his crimes that enable the destruction of Australia’s economy via inflation and our society via segregation.

The Nuclear Option

As David points out, the logic of the Greens isn’t internally logical, let alone in terms of reality. If they truly believed the world would end via carbon, then would institute nuclear power.

Where’s Hunter?

People often pillory Lavern but she’s right. Where’s the talk of Hunter and his hookers? Nowhere. But one foreign PM has a party and the media love it. All a big distraction.


Just racist. So wrong.

Worst Week’s Post- Why Are Hospitals Under Pressure?

We can see ourselves because we’re not wearing masks. The reason why hospitals are under pressure is precisely because people wore masks (which actually increases your risk of infection), locked down at home and took poison shots. It’s nothing to do with us, P(ropagandist)R(etard) Guy.

20 Words or Less- Go To The Truth

The media actively is lying to you. Switch it off and go to the truth which never changes, the Bible.

Sources (In order of use)


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