Choices Have Consequences; SSMR

We had another crazy week. Strap yourselves in.

  1. Witches Are Witches
  2. What’s Aboriginality?
  3. Bad Liars
  4. Sky News Has Departed… Rather Removed
  5. What’s Diversity?
  6. This Is Stupid
  7. You Chose It
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Jetting Off Jokes… Right?
  9. 20 Words or Less- Words Have Meaning
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Witches Are Witches

They literally call themselves the “Granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn”. These crazy people literally think that two generations ago people were burning witches.

Anyway, the fact that they call themselves witches tell you what you need to do. They are so extravagantly evil.

Private schools don’t steal government money. People pay money to go to these schools. That’s the very opposite of stealing. The government pays all schools a base amount. The private schools add more services based on what fees the schools collect. It’s not complicated.

Then they deal out the “ism” slander with no evidence. Typical.

Let’s even say those claims are right, are nations civilised if they have those types of schools? No. I wonder if these witches would say that private schools in Africa and India. You can be very civilised and have different values. That doesn’t mean the values are good. But once again, using the wrong words don’t matter to witches who want to make others look bad, when they are literally witches.

What’s Aboriginality?

Matt Walsh asked “What is a woman?” and I’m asking “What is an Aboriginal?”. So what’s the answer?

Well they answer is patently irrelevant if the person suffered abuse and wants payout for that. Abuse has nothing to do with “race”.

Of course, this storm in a teacup is caused by woke governments hellbent on destroying our past all on the basis of “race”. So why is the Left so upset? It doesn’t like facts, even when those facts help support their agenda. It’s an odd paradox that the Left hates so much that they’ll take their own agenda down because of it.

Except, the government in question, Victoria’s, apparently doesn’t require proof of Aboriginality. So this is all very strange. On any case, $80,000 was the value of this payment; so, I think that it’s pretty fair that you have to prove you’re actually who is meant to get the payment.

I think it’s peculiarly and particularly racist against the First Nations people… I have been re-traumatised with this very questioning of who I am… It’s too difficult to be an Aboriginal. Have a look at what I’m struggling through right now, hitting 79 in September and I’m still being bedevilled and perplexed [why someone would falsely pass themselves off as Indigenous.]

Uncle Jack

Maybe it has a little something to do with the thousands of dollars of money on offer for no work! But hey, he’s the victim, always.

Bad Liars

The classic fallacy here on offer that women done choose to be pregnant. You had sex, you have a baby. Don’t kill him or her. Simple. The end.

Sky News Has Departed… Rather Removed

Last week I talked about how PR Guy didn’t like newspaper being reviewed by ABC. Well he thinks that he has had another win since Qantas will no longer show Sky News in their lounges.

The thing is though, Sky News’ “propaganda” is hardly harming the narrative that PR Guy supports. We heard not a peep from presenters about segregation; only brave contributors, like Liz Storer, dared to denounce the narrative, rather than just take an anti-Labor view.

Also, we all know how left-wing Qantas is. So it’s really not a surprise to see them dump the only media organisation not entirely beholden to the Left.

What’s Diversity?

I couldn’t fit this Tweet in last week but here it is now. Mark Latham is right. The Left hates people who dare to maintain some sense of reality by keeping romance between men and women as per Romeo and Juliet.

Oh and I must chastise Josh for him portraying the stereotype of performing arts being full of homosexual men. Tut tut tut. What about women? Wait… What is a woman?

This Is Stupid

Changing the name of a place doesn’t change colonisation. This is just a waste of money. This is stupid.

You Chose It

As I said at the beginning, these people chose to have sex. They consented to having a baby. It’s just that simple. You don’t get to murder someone just because you change your mind.

Worst Week’s Post- Jetting Off Jokes… Right?

The previous post was really bad but this is worse because it sounds like satire. Truth is stranger than fiction, they say.

What?! This has got to be satire, right? Why do we care what everyone else thinks of us when we have problems here in Australia?! That’s what I wrote a few days ago.

20 Words or Less- Words Have Meaning

Words have meaning. We must enforce that. Otherwise, how can we interact? First and foremost, follow the Bible, true meaning.

Sources (In order of use)


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