People Are Ignoring The Truth; SSMR

People are ignoring the truth and sometimes downright censoring it. Let’s look at how that played out this week.

  1. Twitter Hates The Truth
  2. Say It To The Unions, I Dare You
  3. What Is Truth?
  4. Sick Leave On Leave
  5. Ungraceful Grace
  6. Two Years To Flatten The Populace
  7. Is This Fake News?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Megan Hates Men
  9. 20 Words or Less- Truth Will Stand
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Twitter Hates The Truth

I’ll start this week with my Instagram post announcing that my Twitter account had been locked because I dared to challenge the narrative. You can read the banned study that I posted here. I have not heard back from Twitter in regards to my appeal. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll make a new account or not. So vote below and have your say as to what I’ll do.

Say It To The Unions, I Dare You

Please say the same to the the unions. I doubt you’d get a positive response. I don’t understand why the Left has such an obsession with removing church influence.

Actually I do know why because they hate God and the values of Christianity. But what I meant is what’s their public justification? We never hear why the churches specifically and not any other institution.

What Is Truth?

That’s all well and good but who is going to establish what truth is. Truth in media? Does she really want to go into that?

Seriously though, what is the method for establishing truth? A judge? A panel? Will everyone be able to submit evidence?

This just proves how bad Twitter is for ideas and how out of touch people can get away with bad ideas. Seriously, where is the accountability for such an impractical idea.

Sick Leave On Leave

Well the Butler has actually handed this out on a plate, with the decision reversed. Millions of money is going down the drain because these complete clowns are ignoring sick leave. That’s what covers you. If your sick, it doesn’t matter what you have, you have the leave.

This special leave is ridiculous. Also, isn’t it kind of odd how Cathy seems to know when a wave is coming. Also, what the heck is “BA.5”? Maybe it stands for “Bullshit Airborne Mark 5”.

Ungraceful Grace

Hey look, it’s Ungraceful Grace. This absolute clown has been a Lefty in everything she advocates for and hides behind her domestic violence advocation as an attempt to seem non-partisan. We all know that’s nonsense.

Once again, these clowns want to deny that sick leave exists so that these boosted bastards can sit at home because they have the sniffles and test positive to a specific disease using a fault test. Meanwhile, everyone who has had no poison shots or kept it at 2 or 3 has to have their tax money go to these clowns. Now let me tell you exactly how much this is going to set us back.

Mr Albanese said reinstating the payment until September would cost $780 million and would be shared 50-50 between the Commonwealth and the states and territories.

Stephanie Dalzell (ABC Australia)

Absolutely insane! These cowards need to go!

Two Years To Flatten The Populace

We have a typical woke Blue Checkmark with his pronouns in his bio telling us basically that we are very naughty for living our lives whilst some people are sick. So we have a sane response to that saying that the restrictions, the reverse of what, Ahmed is saying, have also shifted from their original intentions.

Except, Ahmed was wrong about a shift. However, the response to him from the “Thinking Girl” is correct. The ultimate end of zero COVID is zero population and 100% sheeple. It’s pure control. As she points out, this is something that we can’t avoid and claiming that people are intentionally being infected sounds something conspiratorial, which he would decry, right?

Is This Fake News?

The “fact checkers” will tell you that this wrong but it’s not. In any case, this post, well at least the uncensored version which I didn’t find in my limited searching has been doing the rounds ever since Shinzo Abe was assassinated.

The first thought I has was not those things but that an awful lot of “pandemic leaders” are gone; dead, resigned or voted out. Nationally speaking Trump, ScoMo, Johnson and Abe are all gone. And more than half of Australia’s state and territory leaders are gone.

That being said, the claims there are plausible. Abe left the job in August 2020 due to health reasons but as we can see, he was still a great influence in Japan. And because he wasn’t the globalist shill like ScoMo, Albo and Bidet Biden (though I doubt he even remembers now), he had to be dealt with; retirement clearly wasn’t enough.

Worst Week’s Post- Megan Hates Men

Honestly, what can I say? I think Not PR Guy summed it up pretty well. So clearly the original post is the worst of the week and well, it’s pretty bad. PR Guy also had some nonsense stuff but at least he doesn’t pretend to be a Christian.

20 Words or Less- Truth Will Stand

We must continue to tell the truth, no matter what. Whatever happens, never give up. The truth will always stand.

Sources (In order of use)


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