Outrage Machine; SSMR

The Left is in outrage mode ever since… well ever. But anyway, they’ve been particularly vile every since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade because telling the US states to decide to kill babies or not just makes them angry. Let’s see what got them fired up this week.

  1. It’s Funny But It’s Really Not
  2. Newspapers Are Scary
  3. Just Don’t Murder Your Own Baby
  4. Bob’s Not Sniffles
  5. Albo, Phone Home
  6. Nothing Says Evil Like The New Current Thing
  7. You Have Goat To Be Kidding Me
  8. Worst Week’s Post- You’re Not Alive Until You’re Taxed.. Apparently
  9. 20 Words or Less- Never Give In
  10. Sources (In order of use)

It’s Funny But It’s Really Not

This is the classic either/or fallacy that the anti-Christians use. They say that if we say something (particularly something natural) is God’s will then everything is and that doing something is against God’s will.

So instead of this strawman, let’s look at the issues seriously. A baby is a gift from God. That doesn’t mean that two people didn’t choose for that to occur. God doesn’t generally will who has a baby and who doesn’t. So it’s a clear misrepresentation of what Christians say.

Drugs which… um… help men… in certain capacities have no baring on this. Once you understand that not everything natural is good and that some natural things are actually caused by people.

Newspapers Are Scary

See this why people don’t like the ABC. We have left-wing trolls like PR Guy who have the ear of top ABC journalists. The breakfast news program on the ABC stopped looking at front pages of newspapers in Australia. What kind of program is that? This is cancel culture to the extreme.

The whole point of a front pages segment is to look at what other media organisations are talking about. If you just replace that with more ABC, what is the point of that? What absolute clowns. They replaced some different voices with some more ABC version news which is apparently the whole point of the program, isn’t it?

To PR Guy and he thinks, if you read the whole thread from the beginning that it’s wrong to have an “editorial” on the front page of a newspaper and that the ABC shouldn’t be showing those unless they basically say this is a fascist publication or whatever PR Guy thinks.

He comments further that he didn’t watch the program because of that very issue; it wasn’t left-wing enough.

Clearly PR Guy doesn’t want to understand the purpose of not adding commentary is so that you’re not biased and you’re stating what’s there. Oh and for his information, there’s a reason why there are News Corp papers in the review is because they are the most selling papers.

Also, it’s strange that he hasn’t mentioned the Guardian or Nine’s newspapers. Pity. It doesn’t help his narrative to acknowledge non-New Corp papers.

I’ve got a couple of these examples of paper reviews below. You judge for yourself if it’s so triggering to read something from an opposite point of view to the propaganda program presented. Maybe we should just paying Albo and Chairman Dan to wear News Corp newspapers so he doesn’t tune into them and promote their propaganda.

Just Don’t Murder Your Own Baby

If you’re against murder, just don’t murder someone. If you’re homeless, just buy a house. This my friends is what I call TikTok logic. See below.

It’s just ridiculous for someone to argue this but she is on The View, the cesspit of women in the USA and recently implied it was better for disabled people to be murdered before birth because of all the costs that they bring.

So no, if we view something to be morally wrong, we will work to prevent it. That’s what we do. It’s not the same as preference, in which case there is the option for free choice. There is no free choice to murder someone.

Bob’s Not Sniffles

See, James… maybe he’s an AZ or Moderna Man. I jest though. It’s typical view signalling from Bob Carr who claims there is some correlation to mask wearing, social distancing and catching the sniffles. Oh and he does realise that you don’t test positive for COVID-19 even after you’ve caught it. What a clown!

Albo, Phone Home

When will Albo come back to Australia? I can understand if these are all pre-booked international events but I’m starting to doubt that now. I think he’s trying to avoid what Joe is talking about, power and our lack of it caused by a focus on renewable energy to the detriment of reliable energy. Oh and does Albo remember that he’s shaking hands with Mathias Cormann, Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and former political opponent? Oh wait, Albo supported him for the top job. Do you still think Liberal and Labor aren’t in bed together with globalist organisations?

Nothing Says Evil Like The New Current Thing

I think so, sadly. It’s not just the new current thing, it’s a morally abhorrent thing.

You Have Goat To Be Kidding Me

Lol. I do love James’ take on this. It’s so accurate to the original, not just biologically but in appearance. The world is mad.

Worst Week’s Post- You’re Not Alive Until You’re Taxed.. Apparently

Hey, Left. It’s your new argument for abortion because babies aren’t taxed, they’re not human, according to Windsor, at least. Oh and if it’s not clear, it’s the top Tweet which is the worst post. I just thought I’d not repeat myself. Oh and I still have no answer as to whether those people are humans yet. The Left is truly insane, evil or dumb. I think this person is the second one.

20 Words or Less- Never Give In

Never give into lies. Stand firm in Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Sources (In order of use)
















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