Here There & Everywhere; SSMR

This week wasn’t so crazy. Either that or I just didn’t listen that much after the extra craziness of last week. That being said, the world is still woke, so let’s find out what they said this week. Oh and I have a table of contents now so you can just skip to whatever you want to read.

  1. Bitten By Your Own Words
  2. Albo, Phone Home!
  3. Secular History Without History
  4. Some Guy
  5. Brainwashed
  6. I’m Burdened By This Unburdening
  7. Did Someone Say Conspiracy Theory?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Moderomeo & Pfizeret
  9. 20 Words or Less- It’s Alright
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Bitten By Your Own Words

We start this week with PR Guy, the Left-wing troll who has no intelligence but total allegiance to the Left-wing narrative. I can say no intelligence since PR Guy isn’t a person but an account. That may soon change with Avi Yemini seeking to unmask the account via the courts because of his defamation case against PR Guy.

So another Left-winger had a go at Avi and tried to stir up her supporters to try to stop his ability to pursue legal cases by covering him in defamation. So, when challenged by Avi to “go first” she responded in typical style Left-wing when they get called out. She just responded with an insult. She has nothing to say because she knows that she’s too cowardly to defame Avi.

Albo, Phone Home!

Has it really been a protocol for 50 years? Nope (though Bob Hawke did refuse to answer domestic questions overseas). That doesn’t matter because Derryn Hinch is just the narrative man who parrots whatever people tell him to say. I don’t even know the last time he had an independent thought.

Secular History Without History

That’s exactly right. Secularism isn’t about excluding religion but not dictating a particular one.

I know that chaplains are not supposed to proselytise. But, pardon my scepticism, in that case why must their employment depend on them being religious? And, surely, anyone paid by the public purse to help children grapple with difficult, sometimes existential, questions should be trained and qualified? If they are trained and suitably qualified, I don’t care if people who perform these roles have a personal religious faith or not. But they should be called school counsellors, not the very loaded ‘chaplain’

Jane Caro

I thought it would be fair to comment on something that she wrote. She’s right on this point. What is the point of chaplains if they’re not supposed to evangelise? However, the response isn’t to remove chaplains but give them the ability to do what is needed. The rest of her piece is nonsense, as Dr Stephen pointed out. If I get a few people saying they want a reaction to the entire article, I may respond to it. Otherwise, I won’t waste my time debunking all of it.

Some Guy

Actually, there is some fight from the Victorian Liberal Leader Matthew Guy. He fights those in his own party. He kicked out Bernie Finn from the party because he said baby killing is wrong. It doesn’t matter to the Guy that Bernie complied with vaccine mandates, even when another Liberal MP didn’t.

So Chairman Dan may be paying Matthew Guy off but it really doesn’t matter because this incompetent leader couldn’t beat Chairman Dan in 2018 and only came back to he job because his replacement was just as piss weak. Wait hang on, I just have word that the Guy has a backbone or at least someone lent him one.

The Premier’s nature, aggression and clear anger and almost spitting venom at the Opposition is not the behaviour of a reasonable politician… It’s the behaviour of someone that’s bordering on unhinged. I just think his behaviour is not the behaviour of a leader…. To behave like some low-grade student politician, like the Premier does in Question Time, spitting venom and behaving like a schoolyard thug – I think is a reflection on him, not me

Matthew Guy


I know feeling even though it hasn’t happened to me; I’ve never had COVID-19, though. People are well and truly brainwashed.

I’m Burdened By This Unburdening

You’re telling me, James. If Joe Biden is a houseplant, Kamala Harris are the pebbles around it; smooth (brained) and thick (in the head).

Did Someone Say Conspiracy Theory?

This is what the jab does to you. Don’t be surprised. We all told you.

Worst Week’s Post- Moderomeo & Pfizeret

This isn’t the worst post of the week because I said so put because Twitter said so. They’ve blocked the Tweet from searches; see the pictures below for proof. These people at Tweet are absolutely evil trying to limit the truth. But in any case, it’s lovely and funny Tweet. Seriously, stop having more jabs people. It’s not only immoral but harmful.

20 Words or Less- It’s Alright

It’s alright with God. Sometimes we can worry over what bad things have and will happen. Calm down with God.

Sources (In order of use)


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