Satirical Reality; SSMR

This week really made be me question this world and reality. People aren’t just evil, they are insane.

He’s A Barbie Girl

Roderick Leverne Cox is man who wants to be called a woman. Well he is not but Barbie says that he is. Satire has truly become reality with Barbie making “trans dolls” despite these dolls never displaying genitalia. Also, Cox. Hahahahaha. Very punny.

Braggs About What Albo Tries To Hide

If I were Albo, I wouldn’t be quoting Billy Bragg. He’s a little too honest. Billy says Albo “has socialism of the heart”. Oopsies. What happened to centrist Albo? Well he was always a myth.

Honestly, people like Billy Bragg are just absolute hypocrites. He goes off about “wedge issues” and “divisive politics” despite clearly not understanding that’s firstly how politics works and secondly, the Left does the exact same things. Politics is a contest of ideas, that’s not divisiveness. If someone finds one such idea controversial, that doesn’t wedge anything. And if the idea was so controversial, well wouldn’t people go to their opponents?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because Billy Bragg’s attempt at mocking Brexit and attempting to make its supporters seem racist, resulted in singing pretty much what most Britons believe. It’s not just an own goal but proves that his precise mockery shows his distain for regular Britons. You can listen below. Oh and good luck using Russians as pawns for “anti-racism” given all the racism towards Russians now.

Mandates Must End

It took too Ben but better late than never. Vaccine mandates should never have come in and they must end. No more discrimination.

Don’t Be Disingenuous

We in the Freedom Movement need to stop with this. Don’t listen to claims of a stolen Australian election. This is not the same as the US’s stolen 2020 US Presidential Election. I was an election scrutineer, nothing was rigged. Many people are sheeple. Also, the election is not invalid because of a choice of words when certain politicians were sworn in.

Let The Drag Throw Cake

Um… yeah. This is 2022. Also, why isn’t the Mona Lisa behind some sort of glass protection? This is the world’s most famous painting, is it not?

Dan Must Go

That’s a fair assessment. It’s well past the time for Dictator Dan to go.


This Commie has no idea of metaphors or doesn’t want to understand. The point of imagining yourself doing what the Queen is that it has to do with that she does a lot of necessary work and most people couldn’t handle it. So maybe these Twits better stop hypocritically boasting about their Italian holiday (just check her latest Tweets) and stick to their Communistic bread and circuses where there are no luxurious Italian holidays. Oh and congratulations to our Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee.

Worst Week’s Post- What Is Woman?

This week had a pile of really bad Tweets because conservative Matt Walsh decided to ask “What is a Woman?” and made a documentary about it. So because Twitter exists and the Twits hate reality, there were so many bad takes, I’ve taken the liberty of reacting to more than one Tweet.

The Smurfs

Their point is what exactly? Sure, it’s not what I’d like to see but it’s not hypocritical to show some nudity in a non-sexual manner. So just because I don’t like it, this doesn’t mean that The Daily Wire did something wrong.

Oh, I’m Sorry, Did My Language Not Conform To Your Expectations?

I’m not sure how to address this person. I think they’re a woman since they have a “trans man” icon (which means that they’re a woman) but I’m not sure. But in any case, this person is a c*nt and not just a regular one but a b*tchy, digusting and grooming c*nt. Oh no. Did I defame her?

My words, they don’t really have meanings, do they? I can make them mean what I like. My words are nice words, nonconformity. I described Lady Attis as a beautiful, wonderful and caring person. So just because my words don’t conform to the regular definition, it doesn’t mean that their meanings don’t matter. Therefore, this isn’t defamation but praise.

I’m joking, of course. This proves my point. Saying the truth isn’t “nonconformity”. Those rude words I wrote do have a meaning and so do words like “woman”. You can’t say one is whatever you want and the other isn’t. When these people start talking about truth and words with meanings, we show their hypocrisy. So next time someone talks about “nonconformity” and subjectiveness, test how far they’re go because they’re start screaming truth when that object of violence or rude words aren’t the fluffy clouds that they claim that they are.

Feel Free To Never Chime In Again

These two-ish posts are combined because they’re part of the same thread. To the first part, wow, what a complete misrepresentation of words. The quote from Helen Joyce saying, “so the fewer of those people there are the better.” means stopping manipulating, mutilating and grooming children to become “transgender”. That’s not saying to kill anyone. In fact if you listen to the full audio and not read the selected quotes them you’d hear Helen saying that these mutilated people “deserve every accommodation we can possibly make”. So much for the “eugenics”, Chimene. In fact all of these quotes are about helping “transgender” people medically and societally when/if society snaps out of this nonsense and not the fictitious context that Chimene makes up about about Helen talking about current society and providing equal opportunity.

So, no “Helen Joyce’s eugenics speech, which could easily be applied to disabled people and mental illnesses too” because it’s not a eugenics speech. You can’t make a disabled person or a person with mental illnesses. You can make a mutilated person, particularly a child. It’s not eugenics to not “transition” people. But of course, Chimene doesn’t want to hear that Helen wants to stop mutilating children and adults, she’d much rather imply that Helen wants to kill people with gender dysphoria because that helps her agenda continue that “transgender” people are an attacked minority which deserve special privileges.

It isn’t fascism to not mutilate people and to say women have XX chromosomes or even just an actual vagina. It is fascism to declare a falsehood and to denigrate us if we don’t comply. Who does that label actually apply to now?

Oh and don’t ask “What are you doing.” This is what happens when original feminists see the insanity of the Left they’re dragged into. They want to leave to go with the “fascists”, a.k.a. sane people. In fact, they want to leave more when they see people like Chimene do that are support to be “allies” who call reality “eugenics”.

What Are We Left With?

If we have Radical Feminism and we take away Leftism, what do we have? Nothing. These two ideas are one of the same. That isn’t to say Leftism is only Radical Feminism but all of Radical Feminism is Left-wing. It’s a but like how I say every cat is an animal but not every animal is a cat.

So it makes no different what Laura says. She is a raging Leftist. Taking one part of the Left-wing agenda and making it your label doesn’t change a single thing. Oh and she’s a misandrist too because apparently she only likes woman viewing her Tweets and tells men to “do one”. Well I’m certainly not doing her.

Quoting Matt Walsh Tweets doesn’t do anything to prove the need for “caution” that we should, sorry, “women*”, should take with Matt Walsh. Common Right-wing and Christians views will always be something the Left hates so it’s nothing special.

No, The Two Are Not Equivalent

No, the two are not the same. Matt Walsh does prefer traditional gender roles. That’s completely separate from his affirming the reality of gender. The so-called “transactivists” are not “pro-gender”, they are anti-gender and anti-reality. The only similarity is their fervour to fight for something.

I Believe In Equality As Long As You Get Less Than Me

Once again, the label of fascist has been thrown around. Go see what I wrote before to see who the real fascists are. Oh and to add another dimension to these fascists, they want to people who saying the truth to “be excluded from all liberties offered by the free world. Fascists deserve no voice, no power, and no opportunity.” Someone apparently hasn’t heard of democracy or thinks that life is a Muppets song, “I believe in equality as long as you get less than me”.

Don’t Be Surprised

Don’t be surprised “For Women Scotland”, as I said above by this thing. It’s not a hard choice between reality and insanity. If this choice is “forced” shows that these Leftists are morally wrong but but can’t fight against reality.

Don’t Be Offended

Don’t be offended, woke singers, when you won’t answer the question. Insulting intelligence isn’t a good move from people who won’t answer who a woman is. Oh and for fascism please see above. I’m getting a bit tired of this misused phrase.

We don’t need to listen to science class to know who a woman and if we did, we would know. And if they apparently know what a woman is, why don’t they say it. Maybe it’s because these woke singers know who’ll desert them. But it is a nice little slip. It’s like saying you need to be a biologist to know what a woman is. Both these admit that gender is determined by biology.

With that I’m done. No more. Good thing I only have to do this weekly, I can’t deal with this insanity for very long.

20 Words or Less- Reject Insanity

Reject insanity. Promote truth, the Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Come to Him.

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