Who Caused This?; SSMR

We sometimes wonder why things happen. Usually the answer is a government. Let’s not ignore those explanations.

  1. The Last Straw In Danistan
  2. Like That’s True
  3. Rwanda Times
  4. They’re Not Stupid
  5. Bring Vivid To Hard Lockdown Sydney
  6. Justice, In This Life Or Only The Next?
  7. TikTok, Time For Civilisation To End?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Clowns Exposed
  9. 20 Words or Less- Just Wait
  10. Sources (In order of use)

The Last Straw In Danistan

Wait. They can’t be serious can they? I swear you’d get a lesser fine for drugs. These is nothing wrong with plastic straws. And even if there was, having previously made straws changes nothing. If you’re not making them, then there should be no issue. There should be no issue either if you’re not littering either.

Like That’s True

Yeah, like anyone believes that headline. I don’t think the memes changed anyone’s mind and the study’s head had something interesting to say about that.

It seems, then, that memes–and this type of humo[u]r often found in memes — may only shift beliefs or intentions about topics or decisions that have not been carefully considered or contemplated.

 Shawn N. Geniole

So basically only the sheeple who didn’t stand for anything bought the bullshit. That’s not really news. It does tell you though that shallow sheeple will eat up anything because mass formation has turned their critical thinking skills into mush. Oh and just so you know, all the memes were made up and you can look at them in the study. They pretended the memes were from the CDC and from a made-up freedom group.

Rwanda Times

Move over, pretentious twat. I wrote a whole piece about you and I don’t care to waste many more words. You’re a liar who has no interest in Christianity but a strong interest in woke politics. I will say two more things.

I’ll believe you don’t want to “outsource [y]our ethical responsibilities” when you open all your properties to house illegal immigrants seeing as you think the UK needs to do so. The Church of England is the state church, don’t forget. But I won’t hold my breath.

You are correct when you say “Christian heritage” because that’s all you have, Justin. You personally are not a Christian and the values which you espouse are not Christian, so you devious claim them as values of “Christian heritage” so you don’t seem to obviously lie. I tell you, there is nothing of moral value in heritage itself and more over, nothing moral in the claimed values of that particular heritage that you claim.

They’re Not Stupid

I don’t think most awake, not woke, people truly view the Left as incompetent. The Left use that fake veneer of incompetency so that people don’t catch on to their illegal activities. It’s much better to appear stupid than competently evil. I mean, we’ve seen this with (so far) small scale power outages caused by various levels of governments reducing access to reliable power. Also, I think I’ve shown this before but many famous people still fall for this lie.

On the issue though, I really don’t care what Labor does with the Chaplaincy system in schools. It was broken anyway. Just don’t call it Chaplaincy and make the role a second counsellor. Otherwise, the “Chaplain” will appear to have some sort of religious legitimacy to give help on moral issues. Then again, I said the system was broken anyway but it shouldn’t ruin the work of real chaplains that actually have actual religious legitimacy and not some fake moral guider who wants to share values on par with Christianity. We have to remember that these values without Christianity are fake and so we must totally destroy the role of chaplains in schools if it’s going to mean nothing or we must reclaim it. We’ll wait and see what happens, I doubt the fake institutional churches will do anything.

Bring Vivid To Hard Lockdown Sydney

Very vice… I mean nice. I enjoy this type of satire. Maybe these police lights should be used to prevent crime rather than enforce illegal lockdowns and even harder ones enforced in a discriminatory way. But never forget the way that the police and army, don’t forget, despised us in Western Sydney. All those lights and excessive policing designed to keep us in our homes. I truly developed a new found appreciation for Wogs during that time. They held the candle of freedom when Anglo mansion owners held Zoom Chardonnet afternoons.

Justice, In This Life Or Only The Next?

We won’t forget these illegal jab mandates. But will we see this Nuremberg 2.0? I am growing more and more pessimistic every day. I don’t think it will happen. Too many people are under the spell of the mass formation psychosis. I think the Federal Election here in Australia really showed just how people didn’t try to hold these dictator enablers to account.

So it will be only God’s judgement, most likely, that these people will face. That is unless they turn to Christ Jesus, put their trust in him and repent of their sins. Wouldn’t we all like that to happen?

TikTok, Time For Civilisation To End?

I once said to an acquaintance and some friends that TikTok was only for whores and the sexually perverse, furries specifically, I think I said. That was in 2018 or 2019 and well it’s true now if wasn’t then.

Since then TikTok has stopped being an obscure shithole app for weirdos hosted by a Communist dictatorship and started to be a very popular… well the rest of what I said. Nothing changed except that we can all see the craziness of what does on and how it feeds the narrative of the day, a backup or more so a feeder to Twitter which is the lynchpin of the narrative, where all the Lefty journalists go to get their stories.

So I think it was a very deliberate piece of Chinese propaganda to divide the West. When we’re too busy dealing with blue-haired… people… who want to jab kids with a poison and castrate them meanwhile hosting drag shows for those kids, we miss China taking over everything because we let these people destroy our civilisation, let alone what they do to Christianity.

So no, I don’t think social media alone is destroying society. But weaponised types like TikTok certainly are.

Worst Week’s Post- Clowns Exposed

Good one, Joe. The worst week’s post is the NSW Health’s part because as Joe pointed out, everything NSW Health is saying there is irrelevant.

20 Words or Less- Just Wait

We just have to keep on going day by day with God. Just evangelise and wait. There’s nothing else.

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