Masters Of Projection; SSMR

So Chairman Dan is desperately trying to sandbag his Lefty Labor seats who he fears losing to the Greens and other commies (even though he knows he’ll win the election but his arrogance makes him want more Labor stooges), so he’s out on the offence for anything remotely conservative and calling it Nazism. Meanwhile, the Russia, COVID-19 and climate narratives are getting a work out. But is the freedom movement losing it’s composure by venturing off course?

  1. Preferencing Nazis?
  2. Suddenly Sober?
  3. King Of Projection
  4. Red Mist Makes Plenty Pissed… Off
  5. Tampon Dan
  6. Underappreciated Facts
  7. Wrong Protest
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Orange Picture Bad
  9. 20 Words Or Less- A Banned Phrase
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Preferencing Nazis?

All this shows this that Chairman Dan will say and do anything to win. This commie needs to be voted out but he won’t be.

Suddenly Sober?

Exactly. And meanwhile the Qataris launder their corrupt money that they spent on buying virtual slave labor.

King Of Projection

Chairman Dan had another go on Twitter with the Nazi lines. It’s funny how he says he’s not giving the “Nazis” airtime but he’s literally doing that by going on about this. You’re not “actively supporting” anyone by putting them on any number in a how-to-vote card or actually voting. A full preferential system means that you have to number every box in one order or anyone, regardless of how much you support them, in order to have your vote counted.

Also, you notice how often dictators say that we’re all the bad guys. That’s definitely not Nazism, is it?

Red Mist Makes Plenty Pissed… Off

You really think it’s worth this attention? A couple of off handed remarks shouldn’t this much of a concern. Now of course we shouldn’t murder our leaders but execution has always been an option for governments. I’m not saying we should do that either. I’m just saying that there are many ways to interpret these comments.

Tampon Dan

Yes, Chairman Dan is desperate but for the votes from Greens and other commies. He’s trying to ensure that Labor doesn’t loose the them. Swing votes or the Liberal or freedom learning people won’t be affected by this.

Underappreciated Facts

Katie Hopkins just telling us straight facts here. Everything she is saying is a 100% correct.

Wrong Protest

Technically, this wasn’t posted before Saturday but this showed what happened on Saturday and this could have easily been the worst post. I was there at the beginning of the protect before I left. This behaviour was disgraceful by the protestors. We have legitimate reasons to protest as the governments around Australia are trying the COVID-19 narrative again to try to ruin our summer with masks. But no, they had to encourage homelessness by proving mattresses and food rather than provide a meaningful solution like mental health treatment and proper accommodation.

I wasn’t there to talk about homelessness and the attitude was just unnecessarily confrontational. I walked away and whatever good happened after was ruined by the pushing of issues that are not what we’re there for. Lots of people share my concerns including Mack, another protest organiser, who didn’t organise this one said, “it was disappointing it got to that and changed the feel of it. I tried my best to move it along and lower the tone. I think the intentions were good at the start but the whole vibe changed”,

Worst Week’s Post- Orange Picture Bad

Look how loopy the Left go with their Trump Derangement Syndrome. They can’t bear the image of the man. If they’re so scared of Trump, how much more they hate Jesus who controls life and death and is totally perfect? Truly these people can’t bear any semblance of Christianity, that even a womaniser, anti-marriage, arrogant billionaire who defends Christianity is hated so much. If you really can’t deal with a picture of Trump, you’re more than welcome to leave Twitter.

20 Words Or Less- A Banned Phrase

Since Facebook suspended me because I said this, I’ll say it here, Alan Joyce is a discriminatory little poofter.

Sources (In order of use)


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