Many Narratives, One Woke; SSMR

There are many different woke narratives.

Questioning A Socialist

Why? Because she can. Is there something wrong with asking some questions? Also, this just shows what happens when you define harassment as anything that you don’t like. This calm questioning isn’t harassment. But hey, Twits are going to be Twits.

What The Actual?

What the actual? Please metaphorically bleach my eyes.

Poor Optics Is Nazism?

Being distasteful doesn’t make you a Nazi. That doesn’t matter to Leo though because he’s too busy shilling for his Lefty followers.

Seat By Seat, Labor Won

I’ve said this a few times but I’ll say it again, general polls are useless. Seat by seat is what matters. And of course, Chairman Dan and his Labor stooges won. There’s no surprise there. I think next week’s post will have plenty of the Lefties boasting about this.

Take The Hint Or Have A Night In A Cell

Were we supposed to be surprised or something? The altered rainbow is a symbol of homosexuality, which Qatar will lock you up for. Maybe you could just take the the hint or would you prefer a night in a gaol/jail cell?

His “Pronouns” Are Very/Woke

Umm… yeah because the police are supposed to be objective and not play into the woke politics of the victims. And it’s just wonderful this is all the Left are whinging about because they’d be screaming if this mass shooting was perpetrated by a “white Christian man” rather than Islamic terrorist that it probably is.

Father Woke

This should be labelled as satire. It isn’t Christianity to push fake immoral and harmful “vaccines” or ignore issues of sin and morality. His late joining to the anti- Chairman Dan party (not in his own words but simply Retweets, if you can call that joining the party) comes only as it becomes acceptable for Lefties to rail against this murderous dictator. Father Bob still enjoys a poke at the Liberals and loves Albo so not really anything Christian there.

So 100% this has got to be the worst post for calling an anti-Christian “a positive example of true Christianity”. Please, Twit, step away from the keyboard and open the Bible.

Worst Week’s Post- Victorian Is Fallen

No Avi, Victoria fell a long time ago. This election won by Chairman Dan and his Labor cronies, teaming up with the commie Greens just demonstrates this. Votes don’t precede of a society; they proceed it. Chairman Dan put his thumb on the people and they were either too woke or scared to oppose him, this is merely the result of the fall, not the cause of the fall. Don’t forget the 2018 drubbing win by Labor when they had already shown their anti-Christian dictatorial policies off.

I said this a number of times that they will win but the freedom parties kept going as if they actually stood a chance. All you can do is defund the major parties of the money they take based on your vote, show how many people oppose a dictatorship and vote for an Upper House which can scuttle dictatorial bills.

20 Words Or Less- Hope Of Humanity

The hope of humanity isn’t in the ballot box but in Jesus Christ. Don’t rest on yourself but on God.

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