When Things Are The Other Way Around; SSMR

Sometimes people tell the truth. Sometimes they lie. Sometimes people just tell the exact opposite of the truth and that is the most egregious form of lying. Some of that happened this week; so, let’s get into it.

Mr Speaker

I think this is just the default tactic of Scott Morrison. He has to constantly address questions to the Speaker in Parliament. So I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to see this happening. But it is slightly hypocritical of Scott Morrison to go off at Anthony Albanese’s gaffes if he has them himself. In any case, this all shows how we shouldn’t be voting for either of these two.

To address the poster, I’m not surprised he went off at Scott Morrison and claimed that he may be intoxicated since it is clear that he is a Labor shill from his other posts. This is why we need to look at the issues and not what Twitter brings up.


A “mixed” response. That’s one way that the ABC can spin things. Maybe it was tongue in cheek to say that, especially considering the use of the “-“. However, to actually address the booing, it’s no surprise that he got booed, not just because he’s a bad person but because he grandstanded and virtue signalled about so-called Aboriginal issues; not that most Aboriginals care about what these “white” people say are their issues.

Just Why?

Seriously, this video demonstrates how the Daily Mail are as much a newspaper as drummers are musicians; hint, they’re not. Honestly, why is this even a video about something greeting someone with a kiss worth the time of a so-called news organisation? And how is it even relevant to the case? It’s not. But I had my time wasted with this video and so can you. No hard feelings?

Gotcha Voters

This video gives a spot on view of things right now. Politicians are tired of being called out for their incompetence but they deserved to be called out. It’s not a “gotcha” question to ask something that pertains to their policies and positions. We need politicians who actually know their stuff, like Craig Kelly who actually understands the science relating to the so-called COVID-18 vaccines and has received endorsements from scientists based on this.

Lefty Lies

Now, it’s probably best to read the whole thread if you want the entire detail but I can give you the quick rundown. The “Libs of Tik Tok” is a social media account that “posts videos and it’s the LGBTQ+ that make themselves look bad”. That’s 100% true. So the ultra-woke left-wing Twits are lying when they say that is a “lie”.

How are they wrong? Do they have any evidence? Well, they show the account posting their own description which is obviously against what the woke brigade want. For example, The Serfs say, “Libs of Tik Tok would state that they’re pedophiles or grooming children”. Now The Serfs may believe that what the “Libs of Tik Tok” writes is wrong but writing your own description doesn’t mean that you’re not just posting videos.

Is there anything else? The Serfs point out that the “Libs of Tik Tok” talks to people. Wow! Sarcasm, obviously.

There’s got to be something, surely. Well the best The Serfs have is that once the “Libs of Tik Tok” posted someone’s contact information. Oh and she deleted some Tweets so apparently that’s bad because the Left never does that, not. Now of course, I think deleting things is generally a sign of cowardice but it could be a sign of correction, either way, it’s not relevant to if people are posting videos or not.

So because “Libs of Tik Tok” does things other than post actual videos of the woke mob, it’s apparently a “lie” to say that’s what happens. It really shows how deep the Left digs to attack someone who is merely holding up what their side actually believes.

Libs of Doxxing

I won’t go too much into what the article says but I’ll mostly address the Tweet. Yes, it’s true. The writer, Taylor Lorenz, of the article which ‘exposed’ the “Libs of Tik Tok” writer did actually cry about online bullying as a result of her writing. You can watch the video below.

With that hypocrisy proved, I don’t agree with all the outrage from the Right. I think that if an anonymous account has their owner/s ‘exposed’, they’re fair game. If you’ve done nothing wrong, there should be no issue. I think the Right is hypocritical to want protections for anonymity online and not force people to reveal information when signing up for social media accounts, such as a drivers’ licence.

I think it is cowardly not put your name to things but this whole “Libs of Tik Tok” is based on the work of others. All the account owner, who I will name, Chaya Raichik, is doing is reposting what these woke people actually believe.

So the doxxing issue isn’t the revealing of names but the whole story about Chaya and completely misrepresenting what she does. I’ll finish with her words, “They think doxxing me is going to intimidate me into silence. I can assure you, that’s never going to happen.”

Current Thing

That’s 100% spot on from James. It’s all about agreeing with the current thing; whether that’s COVID-19 “vaccine” boosters, Ukraine, ‘not saying gay’ or people with gender dysphoria. It’s just like below.

“I support the current thing”

Worst Week’s Post- My How The Turntables…

I don’t have to add much to this gem of a Tweet that I found from last year. Oh my how the turntables… I mean, oh my how the tables have turned. Not only were the facts these Christians, not Ruslan obviously, true at the time but more of what he said has been proven wrong and the Christians proven right. For example, we know how deadly COVID-19 truly is, by so many of us getting it; it’s not, for most people.

Now yes, these COVID-19 vaccines don’t contain human cells but they were used to produce and test them, so, as I wrote, it is immoral to take a COVID-19 vaccine. But Ruslan wants to ignore that because he admitted that he knew and maybe he is the shill for these evil companies as some suggest. It gets worse for him. Read on with what he said in a reply.

Oopsies, it’s another “turntables” moment. He is the one spreading the “toxic misinformation” about the vaccine being moral, safe and necessary. We know, as I mentioned how COVID-19 isn’t a serious disease and compromising our morality for that isn’t even logical if all we care about is safety, especially considering how dangerous these “vaccines” are and we know so much more how much more dangerous they are than we knew back then.

We know now how he is the one putting people at risk by promoting an immoral and unsafe vaccine. But really all this shows how we need to hold our tongue to often because comments like this come back to bite, something that Justin Welby is aware of, as I wrote. Don’t write such absolute comments like “I hope the folks spreading this toxic misinformation are remembered and held accountable” is he isn’t willing himself to be held accountable for his misinformation. This is ultimate projection and if he isn’t held accountable in this life, it doesn’t matter because God will hold Ruslan accountable in the next life. False Christians will never win.

20 Words or Less- Accountability

False people will be held accountable. God will avenge Himself and us. We have to be patient.

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