Not So “Freedom Day” (70% Vaccination) Restriction Review

Hey, it’s “Freedom Day” or something like that here in NSW. So, what can you do now that NSW has hit a 70% COVID-19 vaccination rate of over 16s? If you just categorised as a ‘normal’; person, then nothing really changes except for the fact that you can now go all around Sydney if you live there since there no more LGA or 5 km restriction. Oh and there’s no more crazy anti-science outside mask wearing rule if you’re not exercising. But to be honest, who followed that rule? Maybe you if you’re a sheep for the government. It’s up there as the less based in science rule alongside the 9pm curfew.

However, if you’re fully vaccinated from COVID-19, there’s some more stuff on offer. Alright, enough with the joking around, let’s actually look at what you get for sacrificing your morality, long-term health and personal decision-making.

Freedoms or Restrictions?

Let’s just get one thing out of the way, these are not “freedoms” any more than they are restrictions. They’re “freedoms” in name only or FINO, since freedoms are innate and cannot be given. Also, as I’ve said before, it inspires no confidence in the vaccines. If they work, there should be no need for restrictions

The Restrictions

What’s Open?

Firstly, everything that’s now open and deemed “non-critical” will require a proof of vaccination for entry. Oh and they only care about you COVID-19 one; so don’t worry if you’ve literally had no other vaccine, the government doesn’t care. There are plenty of ways to show your COVID-19 vaccination and you can find out online via the NSW Government or other news websites.

Medical Privacy Gone

So, there goes your medical privacy, folks. The name and shame of this all is just pathetic. What if you only have a digital copy and your phone goes dead? What then?

Oh and it shows which vaccine you got and if the business sees you’ve had AstraZeneca, which is the lowest efficacy of all the vaccines on offer in Australia, they can bar you entry. That goes for any of the vaccines, actually. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made it clear that businesses will be able to discriminate on the basis of vaccination; so why not on the basis of the specific vaccination? Whilst it’s not legally clear if they can bar entry, it has signalled a two-tiered society. Anyway, my point is, don’t assume that because you’ve had a vaccine that business want you.

At Home With 10 People or Outside With 30

Want to see your family? Whelp; only 10 visitors allowed inside but you have as many under 12s as you like. You can have outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people not including under 12s also. There’s also a “2-person limit for people who are not fully vaccinated”. If that’s not a clearer piece of segregation, I’m not sure what is. You can go outside if you’re unvaccinated but inside, oh no of course not. Oh and only 2 people because apparently COVID-19 is like Jesus and comes “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.’” (Matthew 18:20 NUVUK). (Being unvaccinated is ‘my name’, of course, for COVID-19.)

The whole outdoor rules are silly because we haven’t had any transmission of COVID-19 outdoors. Oh and who is going to police how many people are there and who is vaccinated? Unless we’re talking about doorknocks from the cops and Karens at the front door looking at your vaccine certificate, this is hardly enforceable. Nor should it be enforceable since it’s a deeply authoritarian rule.

However, rules need to be enforceable and if you can’t make it enforceable without impinging on more basic rights, then there’s a clear case that it shouldn’t be a rule. There never should be rules on who private citizens let into their homes. Oh and I say rule because it isn’t a law but a dictate and thus, doesn’t have the same validity as a law passed as legislation. We’ll see the hypocrisy of person limits when it comes to businesses when we get to that section but I thought that I’d tease that now. Get keen.

Aged Care & Disability Homes

You can also go to aged care facilities and disability homes but the rules are theirs to decide. So, there’s nothing to see here.

What?! I Can Have More Than 10 Visitors (Hint: Go to a gym)

Want to hang out with your friends inside but have more than 10 visitors? Just go to “Gyms, indoor recreation and sporting facilities … [with] up to 20 people in classes”. Want to play some competitive community sport like cricket? No. There’s a reason why these COVID-19 restrictions have been mocked. They are so hypocritical and inconsistent. Oh and here are some hilarious mocking of the rules; Jimmy Part 1, Jimmy Part 2 and Brad.

Schools Are Back But Sort Of

Schools; they’re not properly open yet. When they are; high school students and all staff will be required to wear masks despite the fact that all teachers must be vaccinated. It’s another thumbs down to the “science”. If the vaccine works, why do you need masks?

Oh and children are not affected in the slightest to COVID-19. There’s no need for mask requirements and recommendations for primary school children. Western Australia’s chief of left-wing doctors’ union Australian Medical Association said that, “Going with 70, 80 per cent of only eligible adults [for opening] is neglecting our children and bordering on child abuse”. No, it is you who is encouraging child abuse, children are not affected in the slightest. Do not force them to have experimental vaccines and/or masks which damage their breathing and development.

Businesses; All of Them

It’s time now to look at the businesses. All retail and hospitality venues can reopen with density limits; i.e. one person per a certain amount of space.

Personal Services; What Are They?

Firstly, “personal services” and what does that even mean? A quick Google search and nothing of what the NSW Government categorises it as comes up. The point is, all these labels like “non-critical” or ‘non-essential’ and “personal services” are all arbitrary labels the government places on businesses. Why for example is a hairdresser a “personal service” which is “non-critical” but a café isn’t either, if takeaway is included? The rules make no sense.

It’s all about the government removing the personal contacts of people. They want people to be isolated. They don’t want people to talk and share ideas. They only want their ideas to be disseminated and they do it with their morning press conferences. If people only hear the government, they’d be more likely to listen to them since people can’t gather together and share their ideas and the only ideas they hear are from the government. If people actually knew what each other thought and saw that they all were against the government, they’d actually stand up for what they believe in.


It’s time to display the hypocrisy. You can have a booking of up to 20 people in hospitality venues such as restaurants and cafes but in your home only 10. See it makes no sense. These restrictions have nothing to do with science.

You can’t sing inside unless you’re a performer. See, it’s rules for thee but not for me. It’s absolutely ridiculous. There is no difference between a normal person and a performer. Here’s a tip, just say you’re an amateur performer and all is well. But truly, is it a safe to sing or not? It’s a simple question but the restriction “answer” is always going to be completely absurd.

Oh and apparently matters if you’re sitting or standing. You can only consume beverages sitting down inside but outside you can do what you like. Honestly, this all makes me giggle. What on earth do these people think the virus does? It knows if you’re having a beer standing inside or whatever? It’s an utter joke.

Oh and you can only dance inside if you’re at a wedding but feel free to dance outside any time. Seriously, does the vaccine work or not? Either way the restrictions are a load of rubbish.

Working From Home Or At The Office

Briefly on work, the NSW Government still wants you to work from home “if reasonably practicable”. What another joke. You can have a beer at a pub but you’re still expected to work from home. It gets even crazier because opening-up means that people have to stop working from home and work in businesses.

Entertainment But For How Many People?

Events and entertainment can also go ahead. There can be up to 5000 people at a “[m]ajor recreation facilit[y]” or whatever the government says but only if you haven an exemption. Seriously, stop telling me this is about the science and protecting others when there rules can be changes with a simple exemption.

Here’s the next joke, entertainment facilities like theatres and cinemas can open with up to 75% capacity or the density limit, whichever is greater. It makes no sense. What’s the difference if you have normal capacity? Is COVID-19 not going to appear at 75% or less? Seriously, people sit next to each other anyway; so it’s not like it needs to be reduced to have social distancing requirements met. Also, information and education facilities can open and that includes art galleries, museums and libraries. Hmm… Knowledge isn’t essential. Very ironic considering these rules. We can see there’s not much knowledge used here.

Also, want to go to Luna Park? You can go. Want to have a beer at a pub? Yes. But an “[a]musement centre” like Timezone? Not okay. A nightclub? Also no. This is bonkers. The same activities are being policed differently on the basis of an arbitrary decision which no one publicly has seen. Wake up. The government is having a lend of you.

Remember that 5000 number? Well if it’s a “[t]icketed and seated outdoor public gathering”, then you can only have 500 people. Again, it’s such an arbitrary distinction. How is a stadium not a ticked and seating public outdoor gathering? If it’s not, which it isn’t according to the examples given for the 5000 people section, how is it a “[m]ajor recreation facilit[y]”? What makes it that? What is “[t]icketed and seated outdoor public gathering”? So many questions and no answers.

Weddings, Funeral & Religion

Weddings and religious services are also now allowed because you know who cares that the Australian Constitution says, “The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.” It says nothing about states so apparently it’s a-okay to ban freedom of religion. Of course it’s not okay but the NSW Government doesn’t care.

Let’s just be clear, you’re only a “Christian” in name only if call yourself a Christian and have taken any of the current COVID-19 and know the full details about them unrepentantly. I’ve said it clearly and I wrote a whole blog post about it. I get that some people took it in ignorance and I’m not condemning you for that.

I’m correcting all of you who say that you call upon the name of Jesus, deny Him by your actions and not repented. It’s disgraceful that most Christian denominations have been silent on the issue of vaccines and segregation by vaccine status, especially within churches. Instead, they’re more interested in talking about the City2Surf fun run.

God makes it very clear that “Christian” leaders who misuse their position and influence their people to do more wrong will be punished more than those who followed but didn’t know the truth. Here’s one example of such a passage; “But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48 NIVUK).

I’m calling out specifically to the churches, stand up and do the right thing. If you cared for people, you’d do something about it. Show that you love your Christian brothers and sisters. Now, of course these rules apply to all religions but I want to specifically talk to the leaders of the majority of Australia’s faith and my faith too.

If you cared, you wouldn’t turn away unvaccinated people because “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28 NIVUK). You should be fighting for everyone to be able to go to church and against the horrible vaccines. But I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised since you did hardly anything about the freedom to sing to God in church this year and last year. Stand up and fight for the Christian faith.

By the way, you can have as many as “10 fully vaccinated singers” at services. Yep. Apparently, folks 10 is the limit. You can have as many as you want in a pub but in church, COVID-19 will get you if more than 10 people sing.

Want to go to a funeral? Sure thing but up to 100. Oh and you can have 10 unvaccinated people in that 100. A wedding? 100 as well but no unvaccinated people. This is utterly a joke. Does the virus know if it’s a wedding or a funeral? It’s a laugh. These restrictions are all a laugh.

It would be more funny if these weren’t government dictates that are controlling our lives. Oh and you can dance at a wedding but you have to be sitting to eat and drink. Apparently, there’s no dancing allowed at a funeral because it isn’t mentioned but why would you, it’s a funeral? Oh and you also have to sit to eat and drink.


Let’s finish with some more jokes and memes. It’s a conclusion to enjoy.

Cough Crime

“A person must not spit at or cough on a worker in a manner that causes fear about COVID-19.” Who defines fear? Oh and I thought the government loved to spread fear; it’s how they keep people under control. But seriously, if you just cough they could fine you. Yes, I know, there’s the whole point about it being “on a worker” but if the vaccine works, there should be no issue and also, the rule is so subjective. I’m not saying coughing on someone intentionally is okay; it’s so rude. I’m saying none of these terms, such as “on” and “fear”, should be subjective.

Subjective terms is how we turn over an intentions/motive based legal system and instead decide the crime based upon whatever the “victim” or prosecutor thinks is the motive. It’s a dangerous move when intentions no longer matter.

The issues of subjectivity and “fear” just make it more and more hilarious. We live in a sin-cursed world and here’s another example of it, the sin of misusing power, so it’s good that it at times produces a little bit of humour.

A Message For Brad

Oh and we the people of NSW have a little message for NSW Health Minister Brad ‘Health’ Hazzard in some colourful language. I’ll just say that I could put it in a more Christ-like way but this is still a clear way to say it. Here’s a small child to deliver you the line. That’s how we feel about the health dictates. I thought the Premier signs off on these health dictates but it’s the Health Minister, at least for the one of the most recent ones. Perhaps, in practice, the Premier does declare these dictates because he, in this case, can sack the minister if he doesn’t like the “Public Health Orders”. But since Minister Hazzard been the most arrogant face in the NSW Government over the past 4 months or so, the message is for you and it’s about all the restrictions and these new ones too.


After some rules-based laughs, here are some memes-based laughs.

Straight facts.
By the way, they’re just restrictions now because we can see that they’re no longer about COVID-19.

Closing Thoughts

If you are still convinced the NSW Government is doing the right thing, you need to read this all again. If we’re going to segregate people in society on the basis of vaccination status, we should at least ensure the rules aren’t inconsistent.

So there we have it New South Welshmen. Was it all worth it, like I said before? No.

Sources (In order of use)


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