The Endless Booster Case For Not Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

Is this COVID-19 situation ever going to end? We’re told that lockdown would do it. Then it was face masks. Now it’s a vaccine but wait there’s more. Oh and if you listen to NSW’s Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant, it’s never going to end. Even though she said that vaccination will “allow us to go about our business in a more normal way”. And what does that entail? Not just the two doses but boosters.

Practically speaking, every new variant or large outbreak of COVID-19 will result in an endless cycle of booster shots. So, is that something you want to partake in? Every single 6 months or so? Disrupt your life more with a vaccine that didn’t work the first or second or third or fourth and so on times.

It’s Not Like The Flu Shot Every Year

Let’s get one thing out of the way. It’s not like a flu shot that you may get every year. Firstly, practically speaking, you’re not barred from entry to places if you haven’t gotten it and I’ll talk about that specifically in a little bit.

More importantly, scientifically speaking, these aren’t boosters. There’s not more of the same vaccine. They’re different vaccines. You know why? Because we have different flu strains every single year. So, they’ll ensure that you get the best one for the time and give it to you at the time that you need it.

What’s a Booster?

Now. What does a booster entail? Well in the US, it’s on offer if you’ve had to have a vaccine more than 6 months ago, which is what I said earlier. Right now they’re only doing it for 65 and older plus the over 18s in specific circumstances.

But you see the point, we’re not even a year into mass vaccination and you already need boosters for the same disease. Why have they failed? And why does more of a bad vaccine make something better? It doesn’t.

I also love the ‘headline’ answer from the CDC in the USA to the following question; “If we need a booster shot, does that mean that the vaccines aren’t working?” “No.” is their answer and if that’s all you read then you’ve missed all the important information. It’s just like what so many news organisations and “fact checkers” do; they give a simplistic answer in the headline but in the body they reveal the truth.

So, what’s the real answer. They continue the “No” by saying that “COVID-19 vaccines are working well to prevent severe illness”. Yet in the next sentence, “However, public health experts are starting to see reduced protection especially among certain populations, against mild and moderate disease”. It’s so contradictory and inconsistent. This is why no one trusts the health bodies any more; they lie with a straight face.

They’re saying the equivalent of “If we need a new gun, does that mean that the original guns aren’t working? No. Guns are working well to take life. However, gun experts are starting to see reduced ability to shoot bullets.” Basically, they’re saying that a gun can club someone to death but they can’t shoot bullets. You can’t say it’s working because it kills since it’s not in the fashion described. The ends doesn’t justify the means.

A vaccine darn better prevent “prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death”, as the CDC says because, as I’ve discussed before in a previous post, there is virtually 0 chance of dying from COVID-19 if you’re under 50 and still relatively low in the elderly and infirmed.

I’ve also said but I’ll say again, COVID-19 doesn’t kill one in three person that it infects. That’s despite a July survey of Australians who said that on average there was a Delta COVID-19 death rate of 38%. The fear that the governments have whipped up is overblown and when you are so fearful, you don’t rationally consider these issues, like the booster shots.

So What Will Actually Happen?

So, practically speaking, what’s going to happen if you’ve had your two doses, which is what this whole series is about not getting and then there are boosters available for everyone? In states like NSW, nothing should change in relation to the government because they’ve said from 1 December 2021, there will be one set of rules for everyone. But that doesn’t rule out, as many politicians including former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian have said, businesses discriminating on the basis of vaccination. So, most things should be a-okay in NSW if the government sticks to their plan.

However, if you live in a Communist-lite dictatorship like Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia, we may see something very different. We may still see the vaccine passport plans continue well past 80% and 90% fully vaccinated. Thus, when three and so on doses are the ‘acceptable’ level of vaccination, you’ll have to have that many does in order to keep doing what the vaccinated are allowed to do.

Who Doing This Now?

Now, is there some sort of precedent that I could use to prove this? I can right now; Israel. They have what’s called a “Green Pass” which allows people to enter indoor venues. Basically, it’s their vaccine passport; though you can have a pass if you’re recently had COVID-19. Anyway, from when it was first implemented, the definition of fully vaccinated was 2 doses for the Green Pass. Recently, they changed it so that 3 doses was the definition of fully vaccinated. Almost 2 million people were affected and perhaps many still are when this was brought in a little over a week ago.

Don’t think this won’t happen to you. When you comply, the government will want more. It doesn’t stop at two doses. The point is, if you’re just taking a vaccine for this all to end, it’s not going to. So, there is no point.

It’s starting to happen here in Australia too. Booster shots are already being implemented here for the immunocompromised. Also, it doesn’t matter booster shots are a requirement to be “fully vaccinated” in vaccine passports because of the sheer fact that the original two dose vaccines don’t work and thus require a booster. Why take more of something that doesn’t work? Seriously, you’re just pumping more of a vaccine that doesn’t have the long term effects known about it.

What Does the Science Say?

Now, does the “science” actually recommend a booster? Well according to Reuters, the African Union’s top health official said that the science didn’t back it. Maybe that’s just a political ploy since they want vaccines in Africa for the first two doses let alone a third.

In terms of studies, I’ve found just the one on the topic. However, like I’ve said on many occasions, enough that I won’t link a past post, there’s not enough time looked at in these studies. Also, the fact that we still don’t have proper studies on the original two doses of the vaccines means it’s even more unlikely to have studies on the boosters. Just think about it, you’re taking a booster that hasn’t had proper studies on it and you’ve already taken two doses of a vaccine that still hasn’t even finished all the clinical trial stages. It’s just insane; so just don’t take any COVID-19 vaccines.

The Israeli study looks at just a month one results; August this year. Oh and it only looks at over 60s.Once more, it’s a not a valid test because the data is just pulled from a database; the Israeli Ministry of Health’s database. Anyway, regardless of the methods, the rate of severe illness was only down about 20% with the booster and the infection rate just 11% lower compared to the original two doses. So, yeah, it really doesn’t stack up for just for a few percentage points different.

Wait… What Did They Just Say?

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the CEO of Pfizer openly said the following. Get ready.

“Every year, you need to go to get your flu vaccine. It’s going to be the same with Covid. In a year, you will have to go and get your annual shot for Covid to be protected.”

Albert Bourla

I already debunked how it’s not like the flu vaccine in terms of how the flu vaccines are different. However, it just shows how Big Pharma is out to get some profit every year. They’re also so bold to admit it. They never want it to end because it makes them money and it will never end because it works for the government since it keeps them under their thumb.

Oh and also there’s the fact they’ll continue pump your body with an experimental vaccine. There’s a simple option; just say no to all COVID-19 vaccines and then you don’t have to get in this mess.


Oh and to close, this meme reals appropriate, again. So, enjoy.

A true meme

One dose, two doses, three dose, four doses, five doses, six doses, seven doses more. It’s like the kids “One Potato, Two Potatoes” song. If you’re going to need more than two doses and you’re not happy to submit to the almost eternal (because Jesus will return some day and this will all be over) cycle of booster shots, don’t get a COVID-19 vaccine now. It’s that simple. Don’t waste your time, morality and your health.

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