Has The Bird Of Truth Flown?; SSMR

This week we had some big news. Let’s see what the media filled the news with.

  1. God Is Pro-Life?
  2. Conspiracy Realists
  3. We Didn’t Kill Ourselves
  4. More Labels
  5. Who Is Controlled?
  6. WEF CEO Of Twitter
  7. Clickbait; Trump DESTROYS CNN
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Twitter Will Be Run A WEF Puppet
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Where Our Hope Is
  10. Sources (In order of use)

God Is Pro-Life?

I wrote about a similar video last year. This time, I don’t need to rebut anything because the Christian already responded to it. I will say that this sort of thing is why I don’t like labels. Pro-life, pro-choice, etc are useless because it doesn’t fully articulate the ideas each position holds. Its why things like Twitter are so terrible because the shorter use of texts leaves more and more up to interpretation.

It’s why pro-choice doesn’t mean you choose which packet of chips are your favourite but if you are legally allowed to murder your baby. It’s also why pro-life doesn’t mean you choose to never kill animals for food and eat grass or something. So these kind of shorthand passages only work if people can agree on a common understanding and we don’t; so the use of these labels should be stopped.

Conspiracy Realists

James sarcasm is on point here. These are not coincidences. We are being systematically removed from private property so we are renting from the state.

We Didn’t Kill Ourselves

That’s a joke but it’s true. The new Twitter CEO is a WEF puppet. It shows what so many have been saying about how Elon Musk is controlled opposition and it looks more and more likely with his choice. It makes me think of Tucker Carlson’s choice to host his show on Twitter days before this announcement and whether he is controlled too.

More Labels

There we go. We see all the labels that people put on us for telling the truth. making telling the truth a moral crime, shows how this is not just a battle of politics but religion. These people are Satanists with their own religion that they are trying to force upon us.

Who Is Controlled?

Another example of some supposed controlled opposition. It is certainly clear that those who paid the price are often left to those who really care about getting to the bottom of things. Whereas others are promoted quite easily and have suffered less. I have heard of Sucharit Bhakdi before but I never thought he suffered arrest. It is quite interesting who is picked over who for the major figures in the so-called alternative media.

WEF CEO Of Twitter

Well it’s no longer a rumour, it’s true. This community note is correct in saying that the WEF is listed on her LinkedIn profile but perhaps it wasn’t. I think that kind of note is wasted.

Clickbait; Trump DESTROYS CNN

If there was one story that everyone was talking about, it was President Trump on CNN and the classical Trump entertainment session it was. It didn’t remind me about how President Trump is most likely controlled because this town hall style event was at their behest, apparently. I will say the machine always keeps us guessing about who is controlled because I still remember their pushes for/against (because we know they controlled the “left” and “right”) DeSantis. Now it’s wall to wall Trump.

All I can say is that the only thing making Trump not controlled is that everything is a play to his arrogance and showmanship. Does he really let so many things go because he enjoys the limelight, even the stolen election, if it even was stolen and the death shots?

Worst Week’s Post- Twitter Will Be Run A WEF Puppet

Well it’s not hard to see why this is the worst post of the week. All the hope people put in Twitter was for nothing. I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was always controlled to some degree but this shows it to be at a massive level.

20 Words Or Less- Where Our Hope Is

Our hope is in God and not people. We have to remember that when institutions and people fail us.

Sources (In order of use)










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