Many Crowns; SSMR

Well my release edition said intro so here is an intro. Please read below

  1. Adoption Or Murder?
  2. Before & After
  3. Died Suddenly
  4. Go To Florida
  5. Why We Aren’t Watching
  6. NPC Sudan
  7. Controlled Opposition
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Coronation
  9. 20 Words Or Less- See & Know
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Adoption Or Murder?

Elijah is right here. You don’t have to adopt every child in the world because you’re against abortion. We aren’t responsible for the actions of others as Elijah said. We sure can help out when we can but that doesn’t mean that saying no to adopting every baby either means we want them dead.

This is the same type of hostage bargaining that is just logically ridiculous. We don’t aren’t responsible for your actions just because you said you’d do something if we don’t do something else.

Before & After

Once again, we can see here that from the actions of the Left that they don’t really believe gender is fluid. They only use people when it is to their advantage but when their false religion is mocked, they suddenly turn sort of to reality.

Died Suddenly

Well the tables have certainly turned. Dying suddenly is certainly now normal.

Go To Florida

As per this video, we can see reason 101 to move to Florida. Also, we can actually do that now since the puppets of Joe Biden say we don’t need the death jab to travel there.

Why We Aren’t Watching

Well… I wouldn’t use those words but those are quite correct. These are fake Christians participating in a ceremony that is being misused just like all over evil rulers. Don’t think that only Old Testament leaders were evil and misused the religion of God because that’s just wrong.

NPC Sudan

Another distraction to send our money away to. As always, the NPCs are all fine with this one.

Controlled Opposition

Mr Know is in the know. We can also see the controlled opposition here doing what controlled opposition does best, coming to the party late.

Worst Week’s Post- Coronation

It’s a shame that my post is the worst one. But it’s all true.

20 Words Or Less- See & Know

By their fruits, you shall know them.

Sources (In order of use)

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