Delusions of News; SSMR

Welcome to another week where delusions took over reality. But hey, what can we expect in this world where the media is a propaganda machine?

  1. Red Cross Hates War Crimes… In Video Games
  2. PRopaganda Guy Has An Individual Opinion?
  3. Good Evening Internet
  4. Renewable Lie
  5. Acting = Drag Queen?
  6. Parody Has Outdone Reality
  7. What Is Arcturus?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- PRopaganda Goes Full Peal Clutching
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Build Right & Good
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Red Cross Hates War Crimes… In Video Games

We often talk about clown world and this is just peak clown world… again. The whole point of the game is it’s a game and you play within the rules of the game. It’s not an actual war. But in the world of distraction media, this apparently is something that we need to be told.

PRopaganda Guy Has An Individual Opinion?

It’s very interesting watching PRopaganda Guy go full attack on Albo because he decided to use tax payer dollars to fund a stadium. Out of all the things to be upset about, this is what the shill decides to pearl clutch over. So Avi makes the right assessment because we could tell right from the beginning that PRropaganda Guy’s job is propaganda. And we saw the on occasion where he differed from the leaders because this is such a trivial issue.

Good Evening Internet

So this week Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon were fired from Fox and CNN respectively. We can see the millions of views that Tucker had in this short clip over the show that replaced his. Tucker is right to show how what most things that are debated are irrelevant. However, he is absolutely wrong that the NPC culture is collapsing. Sure, more people in the USA are awake to this truth but this NPC movement is far from over.

I would be so very keen to watch Tucker and Don Lemon have a show together. It sure would be spicy.

Renewable Lie

These are good questions from James but they aren’t going to be answered. We saw this kind of laughable propaganda in the USSR. Constantly people were told that there were good grain harvests whilst the people starved. That’s no laughing matter. So skip the questions and just point out that these people are lying.

Acting = Drag Queen?

So Barry Humphries died and so the Left went into as spin because apparently Barry Humphries is a drag queen. This is clownish behaviour. Barry played a role as a woman. That’s not the same as dressing as a woman and saying it’s part of your personality.

Parody Has Outdone Reality

It is quite a day when the parody of PRopaganda Guy supports Albo but the real one doesn’t. It just shows that PRopaganda Guy can propagandise whatever view he likes. He spins whatever story whatever way because he just is a mostly empty vessel for the narratives of the state.

What Is Arcturus?

I mean firstly, what is Arcturus? Have they run out of Greek letters for a made up virus? Secondly, the science of face masks to prevent diseases has been so disproven that it’s been part of the mainstream for at least a year. So just pretending that didn’t happen for the purpose of testing compliance just shows what is really happening.

Worst Week’s Post- PRopaganda Goes Full Peal Clutching

So to repeat myself, this is just another useless issue that PRopaganda Guy disagrees with the narrative and Albo on. Instead of a stadium, he wants to raise the rate of money given to unemployed people; which isn’t even his own idea. The Twits have been wanting this forever. Talk about a splurge! People need to be incentivised to work rather than sit at home on the dole. Giving more money to sit at home does nothing. All that is done is wasting more taxpayer dollars. Then again if you work, you are giving your money to be misused by the government. So I have no words of wisdom here. The system is destroyed because it’s run by evil, evil people.

20 Words Or Less- Build Right & Good

Keep your eyes and hearts on what matters. Go on from there and build what is right and good.

Sources (In order of use)


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