A Quiet News Week; SSMR

We had another slow news week. Let’s see what the media managed to conjure up this week.

  1. Lidia The Distraction
  2. True Meaning Shown
  3. Depopulation Is Real
  4. Does She Caro About The Truth?
  5. Nuremberg 2.0 Defendant Revealed
  6. When You Think The Media Hates Chairman Dan
  7. Encouragement
  8. Worst Week’s Post- The Chairman’s “Christians”
  9. 20 Words Or Less- The Gospel Is Never Hidden
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Lidia The Distraction

This the main problem with “conservative” media like Sky News. Most often hosts will talk up the walking distraction that is Lidia Thorpe. I appreciate Dr Stephen’s interest but we are reading way too much into her.

Lidia is one of the many forms of controlled opposition. Her acts work so well because she herself doesn’t believe that she is controlled. She is Lidia Thorpe but to the media, she is the weekly news piece which takes up a whole week of news.

The same goes for groups like Millions March X Mandatory Vax because they also really believe what they say and so it seems legit to the people who are looking for truth. So reject falsehoods and always go straight to the truth.

True Meaning Shown

This is exactly the point; say nothing of substance and then have woketivists make up stuff about what’s really happening and then pretend that it’s all a woke plot. The point is that it is that our land will be taken and that is no woke plot.

Depopulation Is Real

That’s 100% true. No surprises here. We know what those jabs were for, depopulation.

Does She Caro About The Truth?

Once again Jane says the truth with her own Newspeak words. Everything is that is true is smeared as false. She is a Satanist.

Nuremberg 2.0 Defendant Revealed

That’s right. These useful idiots are just as culpable as any other useful idiot who had institution power.

When You Think The Media Hates Chairman Dan

The media isn’t always lying when it talks about Chairman Dan because they always run his side as much as they can because they are scared of him. You have to be a real nasty piece of work to think that the media runs against the Chairman Dan and the NPC agendas and PRopaganda Guy is a nasty piece of work.


Ray Comfort is one of Christians who always encourages us and is full of energy. I won’t be running any time soon but we should always be full of energy for Christ as he says.

Worst Week’s Post- The Chairman’s “Christians”

Do you want to know why Father Bob is getting a special memorial from Chairman Dan and why he won’t do the same for Margaret Court? This is because Father Bob isn’t a real Christian and goes along with the woke and NPC agendas. Margaret rejects this and goes with the truth. And we have seen repeatedly Chairman Dan go after her for this.

So it is quite true that the company you keep can often show your character. In this case, it is totally true. And of course, PRopaganda Guy likes Father Bob too.

20 Words Or Less- The Gospel Is Never Hidden

Seek what is hidden from view when you are being distracted. Remember the Gospel, though, is never hidden.

Sources (In order of use)










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