Distractions Here & There; SSMR

Welcome to another week in distraction o’clock. Let’s see what we are meant to be angry about this week.

  1. We Need Actual Truth Telling
  2. Just A Bit Of Truth
  3. All Distractions Are Bad
  4. Elon Musk’s Distraction
  5. Andrew Neil; Good, Bad Or Controlled?
  6. Don’t Arzk Ze Questions, Herr Chavura
  7. Ukraine Is Still A Thing?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- You Can’t Change Facts
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Stick To The Truth
  10. Sources (In order of use)

We Need Actual Truth Telling

Why? It’s all part of the psyop, the psychological operation. It’s saying one thing to one group of people and another thing to someone else. It’s all about gaslighting and making sure that the NPC narrative is effectively tailored to each group as per their interest. To the woketards this is the beginning, as James says, of the dismantling of a colonialist oppressive national. To the NPCs, this is just a thing so that vulnerable people are heard.

These are tried and tested tactics used for a whole range of agendas, from “COVID-19” to “climate change”. It’s only when you realise this do you fully understand what is happening and that the range of views we hear are often still pushing the narrative despite appearing different. When you understand controlled opposition, it makes it much easier to cast aside particular outlets or personalities so we can focus on the truth.

Just A Bit Of Truth

Even Elon Musk is coming out and saying what has been apparent from the beginning. The problem is that these words never go far enough. This whole “trans” agenda, nice pun, comes from a fundamental rejection of reality, a rejection of God. So it’s not enough for you to say that we shouldn’t be pumping children with drugs when you turn around and tell me that homosexuality is okay or that we should have microchips in our brain. One clap for being against one bad thing but it certainly is not enough.

All Distractions Are Bad

Guess what? James is right here… sort of. The West is distracted by those things. We are distracted when we care about Putin’s shower or whatever the 3 guys still talking about Ukraine are saying. We are equally distracted by the latest “culture war” story about a bloke who says he’s a sheila holding a beer or whatever the 3 cut out copy Fox News hosts are saying. So yes, we are distracted but we have to understand that internal distractions are just as bad as external ones.

So yes, a distracted West means these other countries will take advantage of that. However, we aren’t helping by merely pointing this out. Instead of feeding the distractions, we need to stop covering those stories and point out how the people who are distracting us with faces of men on beers are also distracting us by telling us someone is bombing someone else far away from us. Let’s stick to telling the truth, starting with the Gospel and finishing with saying who is really running the world, is a great start.

Elon Musk’s Distraction

It was another little distraction when Elon Musk destroyed the BBC. But that’s all it is. Move along now.

Andrew Neil; Good, Bad Or Controlled?

I did a whole post on Andrew Neil and his total lies when it came to so-called “vaccines” and segregation. He is the peak of controlled opposition in the UK. He left GB News because it wasn’t conforming enough to the Punch and Judy show of having a ‘broad range of views’ or some nonsense like that. The thing is that the only range of views are just different versions of the same narrative as I talked about before. Having a Labour and Conservative politician on a show, as a UK example, doesn’t actually mean that there is truth in either one of them.

So he is no legend, that’s for sure. He just points out the obvious facts within the Overton Window, the acceptable statements that one can make in mainstream media, that the media is in the tank for the “Voice”. Fine but where is he saying what is right or wrong? He can’t or won’t because that hurts his pay check that allows him to live in France and enjoy segregation or segregation-free life.

So let’s do what the media won’t do and actually look and once and for all put this ridiculous “Voice” distraction to bed. Here are the facts.

  • People against the “Voice” are called betrayers as if we had an allegiance and then broke it.
  • “Aboriginals” are not a distinct group of people with a specific need for a government body to rule over everyone else as “race” is purely arbitrary.
  • The Uluru Statement is not a generous offer by “Aboriginals” as it doesn’t represent all of them and more importantly, assumes that “we” are guilty and thus any demands made by the statement are actually offers since we are deemed the guilty party.
  • The “Voice” shoehorns in Aboriginal recognition in the Constitution as Trojan Horse in order to smear those opposing the “Voice” as denying the existence, “rights” and “voice” of Aboriginals.
  • The “Voice” is only subservient to Parliament as long as Parliament deems it to be so.
  • The “Voice” is the beginning of “treaty” where Australians will be divided by “race”, as Australia will be deemed an illegitimate country and land will be stolen from people to give to “Aboriginal” corporations who will use it to enforce a Satanic one world government as they are merely puppets for its agenda, screwing over actually vulnerable Aboriginals and the people whose land was stolen.

This is all true as long as the people go along with it. So sure the last point is purely speculation but it’s a logical conclusion of saying Australia shouldn’t exist. So will Australia rise up like Andrew suggests? Probably not. The media were allowed to get things wrong once with the majority of people (UK- 2016 Brexit, USA- 2016 Presidential Election and Australia- 2019 Federal election) and now their reporting changes to give false hope that the truth will win out as they pretend to have adjusted after getting things wrong before. They haven’t gotten stuff wrong now because this time they are firmly propagandising the narrative that there will never be any “populism” again unless the NPCs wake up.

Don’t Arzk Ze Questions, Herr Chavura

Questions won’t be answered, Dr Stephen. It’s all part of the plan. These clowns just pretend everything is fine and gaslight you.

Ukraine Is Still A Thing?

No surprise here. But I want to give credit for combining two narratives to Mark Rutte; it’s so amazing that he gave money to Ukraine to help them farm and help them stop climate change… wait… no. What? It’s another blank cheque. No surprise there. But he then shuts down Dutch farms. So which is it? Is farming good or bad or maybe the blank cheque is exactly what it is. Either way, he is the typical globalist hypocrite.

Worst Week’s Post- You Can’t Change Facts

You can’t change your birth certificate because you can’t change your gender. Even if you could change your gender, you can’t change how you where born. Even if you change your birth certificate, you can’t change reality. But hey, PRopaganda Guy is going to keep lying and saying that gender has nothing to do with facts and just by coincidence, he hates God. Wait… no… those aren’t coincidences.

20 Words Or Less- Stick To The Truth

Easter reminds us clearly to stick to the Gospel, to stick to what matters, the truth and not be distracted.

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