Easter 2023; SSMR

Welcome to another Easter and no, it is not pagan if you are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s just like Christmas. If you want to throw out Jesus and bring in Santa, rabbits and eggs, that’s not Christian. Let’s look at what Easter is about.

  1. The Ultimate Sacrifice
  2. Fake Christianity Revealed
  3. Jesus Is Lord
  4. You Can’t Have Truth Without Christianity
  5. Calvinism Is Christianity Without What Matters
  6. The Power Of Christ
  7. Jesus’ Resurrection Is No Hoax
  8. Worst Week’s Post- A “Kind” Of Christianity
  9. 20 Words Or Less- We Can’t Save Ourselves
  10. Sources (In order of use)

The Ultimate Sacrifice

We begin with Good Friday and Jesus sacrifice. It’s something we cannot fathom, that Jesus took all the sins of the world and paid the price for them all. But we can see the brutal punishment inflicted upon Him in order to pay that price. We see that graphically and it stirs us.

Jesus died on that cross but He rose again. The cross is no longer a symbol of annihilation of life. It is a symbol of the annihilation of death; the consequence of sin.

Fake Christianity Revealed

Let’s remember what the fake churches did over the past 3 years. Remember their worship of a poison shot that they not only pushed but committed heresy to say that it was good to take it. This is why our faith is in God and not an institution.

Jesus Is Lord

It is through Jesus suffering that He gave us new life in Him. As Eva points out, Isiah prophesied exactly what Jesus went through. Many people of Jesus’ day looked at that passage and they looked past Jesus because that thought it was metaphorical but no, it was real. Their sins were not cleansed by repentance and animal and food sacrifices but by the sacrifice of one man who was the only one who could do it, God Himself.

You Can’t Have Truth Without Christianity

James is on point. We don’t have truth without Christianity because Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is nothing without Him. So if you want truth, you find it in Him alone and there is no better time than Easter to put your trust in Jesus.

Calvinism Is Christianity Without What Matters

Seth Dillon isn’t afraid to stand up for a point. This is so important. Calvinism pretends free will doesn’t exist and in doing so it undermines all of Christianity. The whole point of Christianity is that we sin and we can’t save ourselves so Jesus died on the cross to pay that price for all of us.

Now, if we then say that we had no choice but to do sin because that what God determined we would do, there is no argument that we have a responsibility for our sins because they’re not really ours. So there is no good and evil in Calvinism but arbitrary categories because [insert text here]. That’s all the Calvinists can run on is that because God said so.

This doesn’t mean God isn’t God but it does mean that everything in the Bible is a masquerade because no one chose anything. It belittles Jesus sacrifice because everything is arbitrary. It’s because our sin is real and Jesus went through it all for us sinful people that Christianity matters. So tell me again Calvinists that you’re right and I’ll tell you that you’re wrong and God made me say it.

The Power Of Christ

We can see from these soldiers’ reactions that they in the end saw Jesus’ power. These were the ones who mocked Him with a crown of thorns and a purple robe. This is the reaction we all have. We laugh at Jesus until we see His power. I pray we all turn to God before it is too late because there is no room for mocking on the Day of Judgement.

Jesus’ Resurrection Is No Hoax

Come on Atheists, do this one again. Tell me it’s a hoax that the disciples all made up, only for them to die horrible deaths. It’s such a stark contrast that the disciples died for the truth but the minute there is enough pushback from the people, the NPC leaders back them on issues rather than the woke nonsense. All they look for is opportunity. We need to look for the truth; Jesus is the Truth.

Worst Week’s Post- A “Kind” Of Christianity

I am so weary of the kind of Christianity that is known only by its condemnation and its preoccupation with the “sin” of people it doesn’t even know.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that justifies sacrificing all integrity in order to “win” and gain power at any cost.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that has somehow arrived at the conclusion that controlling others is the same as loving them.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that refuses to be humble, meek, and gentle.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that is so convinced that it is right, that not even Jesus would be allowed to tell it where it is wrong.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that’s so preoccupied with its own self interests that it ignores everyone else’s.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that defines its religious and political duty in the world in terms of “war” and sees the very people Jesus calls us to love as enemies to be destroyed.

I’m so weary of the kind of Christianity that only seems to know how to relate to the world in ways that look nothing like Jesus.

We need a revival of repentance within Christianity.

As a people who claim to believe in the resurrection, may this kind of Christianity be allowed to die and one that looks more like Jesus be allowed to resurrect in its place.

Rev. Benjamin Cremer

I don’t think I’ve quite had this level of heresy from this clown before. The fact that he calls what he opposes “Christianity”, shows that what “Christianity” he claims to be a part of. Christianity can never be wrong but there can be fake Christianity, which is heresy. So by instantly saying that Christianity needs to be reformed, he is showing that he is part of a false Christianity which is determined by human doctrines rather than the word of God.

There’s so much to unpack but I’ll keep it brief for each section.

  1. Sin is real and so are its consequences. It’s disingenuous to talk about Christianity without sin. Sin takes us to Hell.
  2. I have seen no sacrificing of integrity with Christianity because, as I said, true Christianity won’t do that. Christians themselves can do things wrong but this whole Twitter thread is meant to target institutions rather than people because regardless of if Ben is right or not, his worldview is that institutions are wrong and not people, which how he can indoctrinate people.
  3. Loving doesn’t mean there is no control. It’s not loving, for example, to allow murder and if you say that’s controlling, well too bad.
  4. Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 10:16 (NIVUK), “‘I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” So there is plenty of room for meekness but it doesn’t come at the expense of any other Fruit of the Spirit.
  5. Once again, Christianity is led by Jesus so we can’t be wrong. If we have to be corrected then we aren’t following Christianity because we are not following Christ.
  6. So apparently Christianity wants to control others but now we are apparently ignoring others. Go figure!
  7. There is war, a spiritual war between the dark forces of the world and Christians. We aren’t fighting flesh to reject bad ideas, we are fighting the dark forces so it’s just a lie to say that we are not loving people.
  8. I genuinely have nothing on this one. I don’t know what the point is here.
  9. We do need repentance but within fake Christianity. All the people that masquerade as Christian, like Ben the Heretic, need to stop promoting fake Christianity and turn back to God.
  10. No, true Christianity won’t die. You can try all you like to make true Christians fake ones and he may, along with all the other fake Christians, are doing that. But that fake Christianity that becomes larger than the true Christianity won’t stop being true.

20 Words Or Less- We Can’t Save Ourselves

Jesus died for us and rose again, changing everything. Put your trust in Jesus’ sacrifice because we cannot save ourselves.

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