What Then Shall We Say; SSMR

There’s always a full week of news these days. Let’s see what happened. Oh yeah and we are once again Prince Harry, Meghan and Greta Thunberg free zone so you can read on without having to deal with the people who only want more attention.

  1. WhatsApp, Dictators? Time For Prison
  2. Not Parody, I Promise; Mocking Jesus Means An Apology To Muslims
  3. Mateship For All?
  4. Dr Karen Gets Some PRopaganda
  5. The Seeing Orange Eye
  6. Who Is More Foolish?
  7. Progressive Conservativism Or Regressive Degeneracy?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- COVID Clown… Again
  9. 20 Words Or Less- If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?
  10. Sources (In order of use)

WhatsApp, Dictators? Time For Prison

Eva is 100% right about this. And remember the messages that have been revealed by Isabel Oakeshott is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember that these are the written messages that they knew could be revealed and they were. We know of their in-person meetings when these hypocrites were telling us that we couldn’t meet others. These messages at some point were going to be revealed because they hide the true crimes that they knew even more than this was a scamdemic and perpetuated this.

I want to point out that unlike Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Eva isn’t controlled opposition. She isn’t wanting people to learn lessons from their mistakes because she knows that the people in power didn’t accidentally get things wrong but that they knew exactly the damage that they were doing. Dr Jay is that controlled opposition which damages the freedom movement because if you’re not fully honest and saying what actually happened, rather than maybe getting your polite requests, you’re never going to be doing what’s right. That doesn’t mean we will get justice on Earth, necessarily but we will in the next life.

Not Parody, I Promise; Mocking Jesus Means An Apology To Muslims

So… um… what?! James is on point. What has this got to do with Muslims? Zero. And on the joke itself, it didn’t even make sense because Jesus wasn’t even on the cross for three days. I’m happy to have a good joke about Christianity when it’s truthful because the truth is Godly. When it’s a lie, it’s just useless.

Mateship For All?

Once again Dr Stephen brings the historical perspective to things. Everything that article talks about, I and plenty of others knew from 2020 and 2021. Gave Rubin, as I call him, likes to say that the truth is a time release pill. He gets it right. The truth is leaked early on and then freedom people are called conspiracy theorists and then it comes out to the sheeple a year or more later.

Australia went insane but so did lots of people because the societal conditioning that went on from societal institutions was exactly the same around the world. But as he says, particularly this was seem when it comes to Australians. Not to make this an essay on this issue, we can see why this occurred. Australians love everyone together and don’t like tall poppies and snobs who want to make themselves appear better.

So we can see that when most of us were conditioned to follow the government and then some of us fell out of that conditioning or were never a part of it, we became the tall poppies that had the ire of most Australians. And because the issue was painted as life and death, the anger was palpable and more serious than the bloke who eats fancy pizzas, drives a BMW and has a three storey house.

Dr Karen Gets Some PRopaganda

PRopaganda Guy shows himself to be the clown propagandist he is. When the COVID clown Karen gets accused of bullying… such a surprise, not, he has to decide which woke side he wants to be on; the victim or the carbon climate cult, anti-Liberal Party, etc stooge. In doing this, he becomes such a parody of himself because no one can honestly take what he says as the truth. Though it does show that none of this, whatever this is, has anything to do with the actual woke groups because they are instantly traded in when there is a person in power who spokes the woke and/or agendas.

It’s why I often say that we can’t bring the sheeple to the truth but we can with the woke. At least with the woke, we can show them that those who purport to support the woke agenda, push it aside and show that everything that they do is for the benefit of the NPC agendas that keep them power. The only this is that woke are more ideological than the sheeple, so even the truth may not be enough against their ideology.

The same goes for the ultra-stooges of the Liberal Party that often inhabit Sky News Australia and News Corp; they are the Right’s equivalent of woke. We must show them that the Liberal Party haven’t held up their values. But many there and at 2GB are sheeple enablers and so they work the same as the (G)A(Y)BC with the opposite culture war topics of the day to keep the NPCs happy.

Let me tell you that The Late Debate hosts of James Macpherson, Liz Storer and Caleb Bond are certainly no Sky News sheeple. I will say that it is disappointing that most of the topics that they speak about seem to come from producers than the ones that I know that they want to talk about. Though the truth often breaks out when there’s a story about Ukraine, Christianity and COVID and we can thank Liz for saying what we all think.

The Seeing Orange Eye

That orange eye just completes the Satanic vibe. We saw even worse with Sam Smith where it was blood red colours and debauchery to boot. It should be no surprise that Chairman Dan would post this. Our politicians should care much less than with which musicians perform and get to fixing their mistakes. But I’m not expecting that. At least Chairman Dan is not subtle with his Satanic preferences. I’m not sure if this was just one colour at Ed’s concert but if it wasn’t, it was certainly an apt choice for Chairman Dan.

Who Is More Foolish?

I think I’m 100% right about this one, no surprise. That’s what is perpetuating this. We sure had sheeple before but as I said before, the social conditioning was ramped up massively since 2020. There will be no great fightback against this because the agenda is not continent upon the suicidal woketards and it took me moment to work out until I figured out the sheeple/NPC phenomena. It’s the massive formation psychosis which drives the agendas forward.

So what’s the prescription for all this? Well all we can do is to preach the Gospel. Some will listen to God’s gift of salvation and grab hold of it and others will scoff and walk away. We just can’t think that politics will change things; whether that be going into cloud cuckoo land and say that the freedom people must have won elections because the truth is so obvious or man polling booths to promote freedom parties because people just aren’t interested. Enough will quietly go with us if we give the nudge to say it’s okay to be pro-freedom and pro-Christianity but not enough.

Progressive Conservativism Or Regressive Degeneracy?

Both Dr Stephen and Michael are right. That’s why I’m not conservative. I don’t back the norms of society now or even 10, 20 or 30 years ago. I back the Bible. We go back to the Bible and those are the values I promote. And I’ll say it again, if you read my things, agree with what I say and aren’t a Christian, then you don’t really get it. You can only have truth, family, freedom, etc with Christianity. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

If you have want these things than what you need is Jesus; though we all need Him. What I mean is that it’s useless to be pro-freedom when you have no objective truth to base those things on. Why can’t the government lock us up? Why can’t businesses fire us? Why can’t institutions push degeneracy on children? Just because it feels wrong doesn’t make it wrong, we know that from the woketards. In a world of subjective values, what you want is as equal to everything else.

Jesus is the logical step when you know that there is objective truth but hypocritically say truth is objective to hide your sin. So stop pretending that you can save yourself and “if God is real” you can show Him your values. It means nothing because we are all sinners and only Jesus’ grace can save us.

Worst Week’s Post- COVID Clown… Again

I’ve seen this type of woke COVID hysteria before with another person but it does get us every time we see it. I stand by my conspiracy theory that hair dye leaches into your brain and destroys your brain cells. And like Gave said, truth is a time release pill. So I may yet be right. Oh and to further buffer myself, here is an actual view of mine about the hair dye, there is some airborne chemical that breathed in is causing the damage to brain cells. But I reserve the right to have my original theory proved right also.

Anyway, enough of me taking myself not seriously. Let’s finish this week off.

20 Words Or Less- If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31 NIVUK

Sources (In order of use)











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