A Very Gay Week; SSMR

This was a very gay week and not the happy and bright and colourful kind. I mean the disgusting sexual degeneracy. Welcome our life, it seems there is no turning back.

  1. The Racist Voice
  2. Unblock
  3. Evolution Is A Fairytale
  4. First Gay PM?
  5. Man Reads Bible Upside Down & Backwards
  6. What A Stupid Question
  7. Pride Comes Before The Fall
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Fake Christians
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Stick To The Bible
  10. Sources (In order of use)

The Racist Voice

Of course The Voice is racist. It divides people based on their ancestry, which after watching Alex Antic with the bureaucracy at Senate Estimates, even they can’t actually define who an Aboriginal is. That’s the point. We all descend from Adam and Eve and then from Noah’s sons and their wives. Any ethnic group is arbitrarily formed and Aboriginals are no exception to that. So therefore, to arbitrarily say who or who has more or less say than others based on the perceived notion of race, is racist.


Elon Musk is often quite a hypocrite but he is 100% right about this. I don’t block anyone, apart from scammers and also I unblock them too when their scam attempt is over. Free speech is paramount and is completely useless if people block others. I’d like to remind you all that I am blocked by a number of people who call themselves part of the freedom movement, so watch out for them. Oh and they’re all Calvinists, I don’t think anything else needs to be said there.

Evolution Is A Fairytale

Kurt is 100% right about this. God’s creation is always a wonder to behold. Evolution is one of the biggest lies of the last 200 or so years which has propagated the downfall of Christianity. It doesn’t even matter that it is obviously a scam because the thing about the current form of Western Paganism is that you replace the old dated lie with something else when the populace needs to be controlled by it. And all that so-called Christians need to accept it is that it dominates society. And once that happens, we get fake churches, filled with fake Christians, polluting actual Christianity which doesn’t conform to the world.

That isn’t to say that society can’t get something right but it rarely has since it adopted evolution. To me it is clear and others like Ken Ham that this is what fake Christians use to further propagate every other lie that they promote. They since evolution is science and that effectively the Bible is wrong, they can say it’s wrong with everything else. Whether they are denying the fact that we are all made in the image of God to promote “racism”, ignoring God’s clear command on murder to take poisonous shots made from the murder of babies or ignoring Revelation where it is clear that Jesus will come back and make a New Heaven and New Earth rather than everything die because of some more carbon in the air.

First Gay PM?

Another episode of how Twitter can be terrible. When Albo said that people were “arrested for being gay”, what does he mean by “being gay”? Does he mean men feeling attracted to men? Does he mean homosexual sex? Does he mean a sexually degenerate protest? Because it’s not a sin nor should it be crime to have a thought. What is wrong is to desire sin. The Bible is clear that homosexual activity is a sin. The Bible is also clear that lust is a sin. So this isn’t an argument about whether “Christians hate gays” but whether we acknowledge the Bible or not. It’s clear that Albo doesn’t. So until Albo can be intellectually honest and explain what he means and why he thinks something is right or wrong, it is right to not regard his view.

Man Reads Bible Upside Down & Backwards

I’ve said this a number of times and James is on point. These people make up a false god in their image. God making everything doesn’t mean that He is everything nor does He sanction everything, contrary to those Calvinists; wink wink. God making us in His image is clear. It’s clear that there is a hierarchy of logic and how we and God formulate sentences. If we were to paint a picture of ourselves, does that mean that we are made in the image of whatever we drew (or in my case, not because I’m a terrible drawer)? Of course not. But it doesn’t matter to these Satanists who promote fake Christianity because their job is to twist Christianity into anti-Christianity.

What A Stupid Question

All I have to say is Donald Trump right here. It’s a very stupid question.

Oh and good on James for correctly pointing out how everything about these woketards is based on feelings and not on facts. What they think is clearly not in tune with reality.

Pride Comes Before The Fall

We can just see the speed of the destruction of our society here. We had police which defended laws against the promotion of homosexuality and now we have them enforce laws which defend the promotion of homosexuality. Now then to have museum devoted to these sins is just another part of the pagan worship which the woke and NPCs pray to. I would say it would be great if it was destroyed like all the other pieces of the agenda.

Worst Week’s Post- Fake Christians

You might have thought that the worst post might have been that awful mural of a degenerate man wearing a teddy bear mask. Well I just thought that was too disgusting to show (even the correctly defaced version which some paint covering it) and quite frankly, I’ve found something just as immoral, if not more so. These fake Christians promoting the homosexual agenda and all the sexual degeneracies that come along with that. I’m old enough to remember when that phrase, the homosexual agenda, was a trope thrown around at Christians when they opposed the degeneracy of the day. It’s shown to be true and it should not have to be stated any more clearly that anyone who promotes sin isn’t a Christian.

20 Words Or Less- Stick To The Bible

Stick to the Bible. So simple and so true.

Sources (In order of use)











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