Perpetual Woke Anger; SSMR

The woke truly are hateful bigoted people. Even when a man they hate so much dies, they still are so angry rather than calm. It just shows how in the world they say has no ultimate meaning how much hate means to them and how they are so inconsistent that they would hate rather than move on to doing something “better”. Wait, this is an intro! This is meant to be short. So on with the show!

  1. Mostly Peaceful Culture War; ‘Tis But A Scratch
  2. Just A Reminder; Scamdemic
  3. PR…opaganda Guy, New Year, Still Lying
  4. When The Woke Realise The Narrative Is A Scam
  5. Woking Hard Every Day
  6. When The Woke’s Sarcasm Is Reality
  7. Two Minutes Hate
  8. Worst Week’s Post- The Woke Are Never Content
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Contentedness
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Mostly Peaceful Culture War; ‘Tis But A Scratch

It’s not a war but:

  • There are armies
  • Battles are fought
  • Lives are lost

It’s not a culture war but:

  • The government wants to alter the Constitution based on a vibe
  • Christians are arrested for praying
  • News is determined by propaganda and not facts

As much as Albo wants to lie and keep insisting that any remoting conservative questioning is a “culture war stunt”, there really is a culture war. And of course it benefits Abo to pretend otherwise because what is better than gaslighting your opponents into saying their is not culture war. So there never can be a discussion as long as someone pretends there is no disagreement. Also, who cares if you didn’t see something Albo? No one should care. If you want to look at it, go find it.

Just A Reminder; Scamdemic

You’ve been reminded. Don’t forget.

PR…opaganda Guy, New Year, Still Lying

See the Propaganda Guy is in full swing, back to propagandise for the narrative. This time he seeking to conflate a racist body with the physical and societal voice every person has in this supposed democracy. But of course, he doesn’t care because he just lies. So shameless.

When The Woke Realise The Narrative Is A Scam

Absolutely nothing happened to Albo. You seem to forget that the scamdemic is just that and that Albo is just another puppet. So when the NPCs are moved on from it by the government, the Lefty loonies like you still are ignored. That’s because the woke serve purpose to control the NPCs and ultimately the NPCs matter more because they are much greater than number. That doesn’t mean that governments won’t bow down to the woke because the NPCs need to be told they don’t matter to the government every once in a while.

This is why I don’t understand why so many woke people are Labor shills. Labor isn’t fully woke because it needs to be part of the two party NPC system that keeps people under the thumb of the state.

Woking Hard Every Day

Lying is a sin. And yes, it’s not your or my paycheck on the line but you said you’d be somewhere and you won’t. This kind of woke nonsense still makes me wonder why companies keep hiring these woketards. They are terrifically terrible for business. However, the modern economy doesn’t seem to built on doing actual business at the moment. It will take its toll eventually.

When The Woke’s Sarcasm Is Reality

Um… Yeah. It literally is.

Two Minutes Hate

Runner up for the worst post right here. The Left hate Cardinal George Pell because he wouldn’t bow down to the woke. Not only did he represent Christian values, though his salvation is not certain based on Catholicism (and all that entails) but he also represent tradition which the woke hates just slightly less than truth.

Worst Week’s Post- The Woke Are Never Content

You know what, the woke is a religion. These people believe in nothing more than that. So they true are the masters of projection and they project that hate onto others. And what amazes me is that, even though I didn’t talk about a specific post because there were so many, how much these people say they only believed in Hell for Pell or at least the only time they wanted someone to go there. The hypocrisy is so clear to see. These people claim God is not real yet they insist Pell would be going there and will get so angry if Christians tell the woke that they, like everyone, are bound for Hell without Jesus.

The truth is not that Pell was a paedophile because his conviction was overturned because guess what, he didn’t do it. Do you honestly think that the courts would love nothing more than to convict a Catholic of paedophilia when that has been the narrative for at least 10 years? Of course not. So there is no way the courts got this one wrong and we have evidence for that because he was convicted in a lower court; so there goes that argument, Lefties. He was tried, convicted and freed. That is our justice system at work.

It’s also amazing hypocrisy also that these people seek to give moral judgements to Pell but how dare anyone judge them because it’s their “truth”. Another hypocrisy is that instead of being consistent and being happy about his death, they are so vile and disgusting and continue their anger through their utter disgusting words against him. This is just spiteful vindictiveness from these horrible bitter people who can never be content because their lives are truly meaningless without Jesus, so perpetual anger is what keeps them alive.

God also is not silent on the issue of any sin because He gives us time to repent because He wants to give everyone the chance to be saved. Including those who blaspheme the name of God to say God is silent when a prayer is offered in the right spirit.

To all that I say, praise Jesus and that I boast only in Him. I only boast in one death, the death of Jesus Christ who died and rose again to save us.

20 Words Or Less- Contentedness

God has given us eternal hope in the Gospel. We can be content no matter what happens.

Sources (In order of use)


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