New Year, Same Lies; SSMR

Welcome to a New Year… with the same propaganda. Oh well, let’s do this together.

  1. Vigilantism
  2. Islamic Propaganda
  3. Typical Twitter
  4. COVID Cult Is Revived
  5. Scamdemic
  6. What Heart Issues?
  7. Time To Stop Lying
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Not So Clever Or Maybe It Is
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Give A Chance
  10. Sources (In order of use)


This is not a win. This is vigilantism. It is such so wrong for the father to use his daughter as bait to catch a creep. This isn’t someone pretending to be a girl like it “To Catch A Predator”; it’s legitimate baiting. What’s worse is the violence on the man who clearly is not fighting back and doesn’t want trouble. It’s pure cowardice twice over; using the dogs instead of himself to fight and secondly for attacking someone who doesn’t hit back.

Islamic Propaganda

Muslims are almost original propagandists. They claimed the promise of God went through Ishmael and not Isaaac and then they turn up a thousand years later after Jesus. Then they copy and alter parts of the Bible and impose their will through violence. As James points out, it’s so clear that they’re lying.

Typical Twitter

It wouldn’t be January without an out of touch Australian Lefty complaining about January 6th and whilst all year saying we shouldn’t talk about America. These hypocrites are not only stupid but liars.

COVID Cult Is Revived

This Tweet is on point. The media loves the revival of COVID-19 and they can continue to push through the scamdemic propaganda.


For the thousandth time this scamdemic… No, you are not an honest person and do not tell the truth. I and so many others do.

We know how much this propagandist lies because we know that these are not vaccines but poison. We also know after every massive jabbing, people end up with a new variant, supposedly; since we all know the tests are fake.

What Heart Issues?

Another athlete has collapsed and this time it makes the news headlines, yet the propagandists this time will actually give the pretence that there is another cause than the fake vaccines. Liz here just spells out the facts that the liars want to suppress and ignore.

Time To Stop Lying

Calvin Robinson is on point as he usually is. Liberty does not enable the rejection of truth; it is built on it, in fact. Liberty is presupposed by truth. It’s just like how God can’t make a rock that He can’t move or sin because by definition, these are things that He can’t do. That’s not limiting, it’s reality; just like how you can’t change your biological facts.

Worst Week’s Post- Not So Clever Or Maybe It Is

No, it’s not clever because they are clearly denouncing the freedom Republicans. It’s just ironic these people find it funny because these same people on Fox News denounced January 6th too. But they are clearly more angry about this people they are not happy that people are pushing back against more establishment rule, this time by Republicans. Their shilling is clear. So the Left shouldn’t be having a go at Fox for hating freedom Republicans but asking why are they so angry; they have it the wrong way around. It’s not why Fox didn’t hate January 6 protestors more but why they hate freedom Republicans so much.

Instead, what you need to do is to listen to what is said. The hosts the video shows all back the establishment Republicans rather than the freedom Republicans. It just shows that there is both a left-wing and right-wing narrative but it’s all one narrative. It doesn’t matter if Fox News says it because they are most likely following the same script, just a different part. The exemption, is Greg Gutfeld who is really the only one worth listening to because he doesn’t follow the script and looks for the truth.

20 Words Or Less- Give A Chance

Follow God and share the Gospel. We can’t change what NPCs do but we can give them the chance.

Sources (In order of use)


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