2022 End Of Year Review; SSMR

Let’s do something different as it’s the end of one year and the start of a new one. I’ll go through the year that was through going over the biggest stories of each month and then I’ll hand out some good and bad awards; mostly bad though.

  1. January- Novax Djokovic
  2. February- Ukraine Scam Begins
  3. March- Ukraine Scam Continues
  4. April- Libs Of Doxing
  5. May- The Sheeple Vote
  6. June- No More Monkeying Around
  7. July- Abortion Lovers Cry
  8. August- The Voice Vibe Trumps Trump
  9. September- The Queen’s Death
  10. October- Vax Lies Revealed
  11. November- The Bird Is Freed, Partially
  12. December- The Not So Woke Cup
  13. Awards
    1. The Narrative/The Current Thing Of The Year
    2. House Plant
    3. Most Blue Pilled
    4. Most Red Pilled
    5. Biggest Twit
    6. Best Propagandist
    7. Stupidest “News Story”
    8. Fakest Christian
    9. Best Actor
    10. Worst Leader
    11. Award Summary
  14. Sources (In order of use)

January- Novax Djokovic

Novak Djokovic was certainly the story of January because he simply didn’t take a poison shot. The clown show around his treatment and the changing decisions were ridiculous. Let’s remind ourselves of what our then PM had to say.

February- Ukraine Scam Begins

The start of the Ukraine shakedown. We have our governments send our tax payer dollars overseas to fund a provably corrupt and dictatorial government and their cronies. So for this month, let’s take a look at evidence of the fake war that has deluded millions.

March- Ukraine Scam Continues

March was really where things ramped up. We got the full scale virtue signalling by the pathetic Satanic celebrities, the wokesters and the sheeple. So of course we were treated to some epic cringe, as seen below. I had to watch it, so you have to too.

I want to add another post because it seemed appropriate to have a “died suddenly” month even though people died suddenly throughout this past year and 2021. Two cricketers died within 24 hours of heart conditions and apparently no one has any idea why.

April- Libs Of Doxing

I think this was peak Twitter insanity. This was when the Left cried about a “journalist” who doxed being doxed herself. They then got mad because of Elon Musk wanting to buy Twitter and maybe he could tip the political influence balance on Twitter, as if the Democrats never did that. The month where we had Easter certainly wasn’t a month for public truths.

May- The Sheeple Vote

May really showed how much Aussies had become sheeple. Sure, the votes for the Labor and Liberal Parties were down but not by much.

June- No More Monkeying Around

Remember Monkeypox and how it lasted about 5 minutes in the news? Yeah, that was a thing that they tried to scare us with. Except it really only affected male homosexuals, so it was a bit hard to fit into the woke narrative. Also, can I say that I kind of predicted MPox before it became the “official” name. Of course, it didn’t take a genius to come up with that new name.

July- Abortion Lovers Cry

At the end of June, the USA’s Supreme Court decided to overturn the decision to force all states to offer abortions, pathing the way to ensure some states could ban it. As usual, the Left took a whole month to whinge and virtue signal about it because they love little more than to slaughter innocent unborn babies. Here’s one of the terrible takes.

August- The Voice Vibe Trumps Trump

It was hard to pick which was the bigger story of the month; Albo with his “Voice” of Abo puppets at the end of July or President Trump’s house being raided for alleged crimes that we still have heard nothing about. I’m going with the “Voice” because this debate will continue; whereas, as I said, Trump’s raid just disappeared in the minds of pretty much everyone.

September- The Queen’s Death

It’s no surprise that the Queen’s death dominated September. We could also chuck in the shortest serving PM Liz Truss into the mix who was the UK’s leader during that period before she was offed by the globalists.

October- Vax Lies Revealed

We got a clear public announcement that the so-called vaccines weren’t tested to do what a vaccine should do; stop the symptoms and thus, transmission of the virus. Everything we all knew for ages was now clearly revealed to the sheeple who keep ignoring reality.

November- The Bird Is Freed, Partially

The Left screamed from October long into November after Elon Musk bought Twitter. They really hate Elon Musk, like Trump, not because he represents Christianity and truth but because he was once fully on board with the narratives of the Left and now has seen the truth of many things. It’s precisely because he isn’t a Christian because Satan can’t handle his house being divided and giving a platform for truth, especially Christian truths, to be told. Here is a typical example of such rage below. That being said, there as been no full amnesty from pre-Musk era policies which lock out users, like me, if we don’t agree we violated rules. So nothing is truly free but it’s a start.

December- The Not So Woke Cup

So the soccer world cup in Qatar was the perfect opportunity to see a woke civil war. Will to woke be happy to go to a Muslim country (they supposed love Islam, remember?) or will they realise that homosexuality is criminalised there and boycott? Well they tried to have their cake and eat it too. Many teams, fans and broadcasters tried to introduce various homosexual symbols before backing off because they learnt they’d lose their paycheck. As I said earlier, the woke winner of Islam vs. homosexuality is Islam. We do have to remember money was a factor too, so maybe if the homosexuals were offering money, maybe they’d win.

So the guy below was a typical virtue signalling wokester. And why did I say was? Because near the end of the tournament, he died suddenly. Lots of very interesting things happened in Qatar.


Who featured in the awards this year and were they good awards to win? Let’s see. And you can see all the winners in picture form at the end.

The Narrative/The Current Thing Of The Year

Winner: Ukraine

The current thing throughout most of the year was Ukraine but it was a narrative clearly by the wayside in December because Volodymyr Zelenskyy chose to forgo any pretence of a real war by leaving Ukraine to shill for more money in the US Congress.

Runner Up: Abortion

There were quite a few choices as the most prominent secondary narrative of the year. COVID-19 was certainly out of the running as the scam was revealed and the governments of the world tried to sweep it under the carpet. The carbon climate cult was a big one also but it wasn’t quite a big as COP 21 where net zero was finally properly pushed on the public; all we had were some crazies throwing food at paintings and gluing themselves to things. There was also “transgenderism” summed up by William Thomas racing in women’s swimming (and winning) and the Iranian protests; the later I never mentioned because these protests went nowhere, for now at least. So the rage that certainly fired up Democrats in the US Midterm elections comes up as 2022’s runner up.

House Plant

Winner: Joe Biden

This guy pretends to be president whilst his globalist puppet masters destroy America and the world.

Runner Up: Kamala Harris

This woman also pretends to be doing a job but at least she has the cognitive ability to do something. Unfortunately, she is very stupid and so doesn’t do too much so she is also puppeted.

Most Blue Pilled

Winner: Andrew Bolt

So-called conservative Andrew Bolt still defends the hopeless Liberal Party and shills for Ukraine.

Runner Up: Leonardo Puglisi

Can this kid be any more blue pilled? He’s only not top spot because he doesn’t pretend to be a conservative but any time there’s any culture war issue, he just pretends that the Right are making stuff up just because he doesn’t know abou it.

Most Red Pilled

Winner: Megyn Kelly

This journalist became famous for clashing with Donald Trump over his comments about Rosie O’Donnell in 2015 on a Fox News debate. She left them for the Lefties at NBC and then decided that she didn’t like them either and started her own self-made show. Since then she’s grown to see the delusion of the COVID and climate cults and the mutilation of children.

Runner Up: Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro started the year pretty happy with the COVID-19 so-called “vaccines”. Over time he’s grown to see the truth and the suppression of information done by the big institutions of society.

Biggest Twit

Winner: The Chaser

These people are no longer funny. They will shill for whatever the narrative is at the time. They Tweet too much without using their brains.

Runner Up: Anyone Who Works Or Worked At The (G)A(Y)BC

I think there’s enough said there. This taxpayer funded cabal of Lefties who use their platforms to spout lies are truly all massive Twits

Best Propagandist

Winner: PR Guy

Of course this terrible man is the top of this list. He is able to turn the narrative into Twitter bites for his Left-wing Twits to feed to the sheeple. He does a better job at lying than the mainstream media because he takes the narrative straight to he sheeple on social media.

Runner Up: The Entire Mainstream Media

What did these organisations not lie about? So much. What did they not report? So much. They have no respect any more because they will just say what they’re supposed to and ignore massive stories that should be exposed.

Stupidest “News Story”

Winner: Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard

This was just terrible content. This was truly mad for sheeple TV.

Runner Up: Sydney Harbour Bridge Third Flag Pole

So the NSW Government wanted to spend millions of dollars virtue signalling by installinh a third flag pole to display the racist Aboriginal flag; cue outrage. Suddenly, the done deal that was apparently the set price was now off the table. So our own NSW flag was replaced by the racist flag (which clearly was their plan from the beginning) and the NSW flag to be put somewhere else when something else was built.

Fakest Christian

Winner: Pope Francis

The woke Pope is exactly what his recently deceased predecessor warned against; trying to mix Communism with Christianity. The man will shill for absolutely anything and will definitely not defend Catholicism, let alone Christianity. From the carbon climate cult to Ukraine, this man is an anti-Christian as they come.

Runner Up: Justin “Wokeby” Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Wokeby was a very close second. He is a member of the WEF but he is most infamous for repeatedly criticising whatever the UK Conservative Party does in relation to immigration because it is the slightest bit nationalistic despite the measures doing nothing to protect their borders.

Best Actor

Winner: Volodymyr Zelenskyy

This isn’t even a hard one. This guy scammed billions of dollars of tax payer money from around the West to fund his fake war with Russia. Then celebrities turn up and put on massive acting performances that only the sheeple think are real. I have never seen a celebrity in any Middle Eastern war. Either this war is fake or very racist.

Runner Up: Anthony Albanese

This guy tries so hard to be PM. Except he never has the answers to basic questions. He just turns up at sports events and tries to be Bob Hawke.

Worst Leader

Winner: Daniel Andrews

This dictator was voted in by the sheeple and has continued to rule by his iron will and tongue. He will dismiss his dissenters as Nazis and lunatics meanwhile he has legislated bans on prayer.

Runner Up: Dominic Perrottet

Uncle Dom keeps pretending to be a conservative Premier but everything he does is straight from Matt Kean. I’m not sure which is worse and/or true, trashing what you claimed to believe in order to be Premier or being such a coward that you ignore what you claim to believe and let someone else rule.

Award Summary

Sources (In order of use)

















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