Christmas 2022; SSMR

It’s Christmastime so let’s try and keep this week on target, focussing on Jesus. Let’s see what social media had to say about Christmas.

  1. Happy Christmas Trolls
  2. It’s All True
  3. Myths Of Paganism
  4. What We Want For Christmas
  5. Silent On Silent Prayer
  6. War On Christmas
  7. COVID Christmas Cabaret
  8. Worst Week’s Post- ‘Mastime; When They Try To Remove Christ From Christmas
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Jesus Is Christmas
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Happy Christmas Trolls

Let’s start off with a bit of typical Twitter. See this is how we Christians use free speech to better the conversation and show that we are not into petty arguments. We can ignore the trolls and focus on the issues that matter. so yes, Happy Christmas to every troll.

It’s All True

It is true. All of it.

Myths Of Paganism

I know a few of you naughty girls and boys want to tell me Christmas is pagan. If you’re celebrating the birth of Jesus, there is no problem. Kurt gets it spot on here.

What We Want For Christmas

We want a good government, Liz. But we all know that all we’re be served up is a government full of Satanic globalist puppets. So yes, just pavlova for us now.

Silent On Silent Prayer

It’s Christmas but it’s not happy or merry for all. Yes, a Christian woman was arrested in the UK for praying in her head; thought crimes are real. She dared to pray for the unborn babies being slaughtered within the arbitrary exclusion zones protecting abortion centres from being confronted with the reality of the situation.

I do admire Calvin’s charitableness. He will at least offer these fake Christians a way out by asking why wouldn’t they support a Christian being persecuted. The thing is, as Calvin knows, these are false Christians; which is precisely why they aren’t standing up for her.

War On Christmas

Once again Leo pretends there isn’t a culture war. Governments around the world refuse to say Christmas. So it is no stretch to make this joke. Don’t forget the joke that became a part of society? Have a watch below.

COVID Christmas Cabaret

There has to be a runner-up for the worst post of the week. There’s a reason why hardly anyone is talking about this. Firstly, this number is with COVID-19, not from, as he claims. Secondly, pretty much all these people were jabbed and so why would the media display an ineffective (in terms of helping you) vaccine? Thirdly, the narrative has moved away from COVID-19. The governments no longer care about this. It’s been over used. It’s time for the carbon climate cult, Ukraine-Russia and racism.

Worst Week’s Post- ‘Mastime; When They Try To Remove Christ From Christmas

I guess we can have Pride Month without all the homosexuality I guess then by this logic. This secular co-opting of Christmas has truly gone too far. This effort is just so pathetic; more so than Santas everywhere. Stop trying to pretend you can make Christmas work without Christ. The truth of Christmas is not baggage; nor is it a tragedy.

The truth is these people want to take what they like from Jesus and leave the rest. Pick and choose whatever you like for Jesus, the destination is the same; Hell. The only way to be saved is to put your truth alone in Jesus Christ and accept His gift of salvation.

20 Words Or Less- Jesus Is Christmas

Jesus is Christmas. Don’t pretend it’s about Santa or food or presents. Don’t forget the birth of our Saviour.

Sources (In order of use)


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