When They Try To Shift The Truth; SSMR

I’ll start by doing the only mention of Harry and Meghan right here; they’re not in this week because they are a total distraction from actual institutional crimes. You can have a proper social media news catchup without witnessing their pathetic acting.

  1. Dr Turncoat Turns Back To Fauci
  2. It’s Ma’am
  3. Look, Distraction
  4. The Destruction Of Marriage
  5. King James Bible?
  6. Pat The Lezo
  7. The Offensive Truth
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Becoming A Rat
  9. 20 Words Or Less- The Price We Pay
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Dr Turncoat Turns Back To Fauci

This just proves Dr Nick to be right in the pockets of the globalists who lied about COVID-19. He had a small period when he was just perfectly annoying the Leftists by being against their COVID convulsions. However, we see why now. It’s not because he suddenly realised that he lied and/or was lied to but because he’s part of the same propaganda machine which changes what they consider to be the truth over time; that’s the narrative or the message.

You see, there are three groups main in society, apart from the two main Christians and anti-Christians. These are the people who see and acknowledge the truth (probably you reading this), the sheeple NPCs who follow whatever the narrative says and the die-hard Leftists. We don’t like the narrative because it’s simply nonsense. The Leftists hate the narrative because it sacrifices the causes that they truly believe in when it conflicts with another cause in the narrative and/or when the sheeple have had enough. For example, the NPCs have had enough of COVID-19 but the lunatics think the health officers are granny killers because they’re not calling for another lockdown. But the NPCs are still aligning with the Ukraine hacks because they still think Putin man bad.

So what this means is that Dr Nick is firmly in the sheeple camp because he’s still defending the narrative and he only copped flack from the Lefties because he adopted the narrative which moved away from COVID-19. I’m not saying Dr Nick is a sheeple because he is far too much in a position of power not to know the agenda at work here.

What’s so telling is he’s happy to say “All public officials and public health practitioners on this platform should call this out” to spout the defensive of their lord and saviour Fauci but not calling out how people like Dr Nick and Fauci lied and pushed horrific lockdowns and so-called vaccines. This is exactly the gaslighting these people will perform when more and more questions are asked. They will continue to say things like it was a difficult job and that they didn’t know things but you and I know that is nonsense. Fauci was the head of the organisation which directly funded the gain of function research which led to COVID-19.

It’s Ma’am

Firstly, adjusting to insanity doesn’t take zero seconds if someone has to tell you something. And if you’re so sick at a hospital why would you give a damn what someone calls you, especially if they’re actually right about what they call you. Also, why did he assume this person was a woman because someone said. You can never assume these days.

I just have one more thing to say. See below and imagine this man in hospital with a broken leg or something.

P.S. This man has a deeper voice than me and isn’t acting vey lady-like. He is very Karen-like. And I find it so funny how clearly at the end he says he’s clearly not a man whilst clearly being a man. This is so insane.

Look, Distraction

Firstly, “inflation” is not “inflation”, it is real, it is inflation. And the difference people can choose to buy a Trump NFT; they can’t choose to buy petrol for their cars unless they don’t want to drive them. It’s a bit like having a gay “wedding” without harassing a Christian, not useful; a nice segway to the next segment. In all seriousness, these cards are nothing like petrol prices. You really do need petrol to have a car. And maybe if they say it’s not necessary, we’ll tell these Lefties that they don’t need food or internet or any other material good because what is a need? Can they define it like a woman?

The Destruction Of Marriage

I don’t usually wholeheartedly support Ben Shapiro but he is 99% right when it comes to marriage; he only misses the fact that marriage is defined by God and isn’t just a reflection of nature. He does explain perfectly the destruction of marriage in the West. If you really think two blokes or two shelias can be married to each other then start by watching this video and see how the goalposts have been shifted.

King James Bible?

Firstly, no. Secondly, the King James Bible is written in what most people would call Old English. The point is that it is a terrible translation for modern readers. The point of any translation is that that the ideas of the text in one language are explained in the other language using their language. That’s not what happens with the King James Bible and modern readers. These English words don’t reflect the Hebrew and Greek ideas from the original text accurately. This is not something these Twits will usually debate.

They will debate that modern translations have removed parts of what they see as the Bible (mostly just where sentence here and there are added from parallel passages in other books in the Bible), using a different group of manuscripts as the basis of their translations and where translators have opted for the questionable translations where there is a clear historical precent. On those issues, they have a point. But you don’t go back to the King James Bible if you want an authentic English rendering of the Bible. There are plenty of modern versions, like the New King James Bible, which follow the same translation principles as the King James, without the baggage of translating the old English or Early Modern English (since these Twits insist on correct encyclopaedic terms) into understandable English.

So you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can have a good Bible translation without going back 400 years.

Pat The Lezo

Why would we listen to this lezo? Does she not like that term? Is it homophobic? Am I scared of this lezo? Did I just say it again? Oh no, did I offend her? Oh wait, I don’t care.

The Offensive Truth

Calvin Robinson once again gets straight to the point and is on the money. He is a prominent example of proof of just how the false churches are full of false Christians because they would never say anything like this. Their “Christianity” is tired and timid, rather than being the meek and mild truth tellers that we should be. Jesus didn’t tell people to emasculate themselves in order to follow him or to pander to the sensibilities of our times.

In fact it’s quite telling that the pharisees of the modern age like to say that Jesus went against the culture of His time on Earth and say we should do the same, not apparently understanding that they are the pharisees of the culture of the day0 whom is going against. The backwaters of the establishment church who still insist Christianity is cultural are either deluded, stupid or very very evil liars. So yeah, Jesus would be going against the culture of the West now and he’s pointing this fingers straight at you for becoming the Satanic modern society Christianity was meant to destroy.

So yeah, be offended by the Bible and the Gospel if you like. But on Judgement Day, the only one with a problem will be you. This will the ultimate we told you so (only by the grace of God, of course; I boast in nothing but Jesus), bigger than the COVID-19 “vaccine”, Ukraine-Russia, homosexuality, transgenderism and the carbon climate cult, to name a few. And then, there will be no going back. So as Calvin says, “God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life in him. It is the greatest love story of all time.” You should accept that gift today.

Worst Week’s Post- Becoming A Rat

The sheeple aren’t buying the narrative anymore because it’s moved on, like I said at the beginning. But there still are some lunatics still trying to beat the COVID-19 drum. Look, the clowns that said they knew cases were going to rise are now are saying that they’re peaking before Christmas. It’s kind of funny how they can see the future, it’s like it’s all planned or something, huh. This one of their quiet backtracks they do to appease the remaining sheeple waiting for an answer after the others have forgotten like the Ghost of Kiev (or should I say Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev), the Ukrainian bomb that laned in Poland and the not so effective vaccines. It’s so obvious what is happening, if the sheeple bought the media lies before about cases rising and panicked, they’d give us some restrictions. But they didn’t, so there is the let down.

I’d like to end with this. The globalist cabal who seek to implement their Satanic agenda, want and need us. They could just have easily lied and covered everything totally up. But they didn’t. They needed an actual enemy that they could use to gaslight the broader population. They know that they can brand us as extremists because we know the truth and are willing to stand firm on that. And if you define lies as truth and truth as lies, you can brand us non-cowards as extremists. So they let little bits of truth out that we would catch and they used our reaction in tandem with their big lies to say we are the extremist minority because there are more of their lies and less of our truth.

The thing is we had no other way to react; they dealt themselves a perfect hand. We are principled and wouldn’t go along with the nonsense, at whatever point we realised, so there was no way we’d shut up. We couldn’t stay quiet and even if we decided to play it quiet and ignore the truth, that would mean these lies would go on longer.

20 Words Or Less- The Price We Pay

The price we pay for truth is earthly death. But if we stay silent we only lead to more death.

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