Wokesters Lie About Everything; SSMR

Welcome to another week of woke lies and propaganda spin. Let’s see what they wanted us to believe.

  1. Friendly Neighbourhood Dictatorship
  2. State-Sponsored Murder
  3. Dressed For The Devil
  4. Straight White Problems
  5. Google Reviews
  6. People Just Lie
  7. Anything Offends On Twitter
  8. Worst Week’s Post- The Twitter Files
  9. 20 Words Or Less- The Only True Worldview Is Christianity
  10. Sources In Order Of Use

Friendly Neighbourhood Dictatorship

Melbourne is as much friendly as a loaded gun to the head is healthcare. But by the way some places are going, like Canada, as I’ll talk about, that seems to be the state definition.

State-Sponsored Murder

This is one of James’ best of his most serious pieces. He points out that, “Having abandoned belief in God, we now see ourselves as no more than an evolved species in an accidental biosphere. When Nietzsche said that ‘God is dead’, he wasn’t celebrating a liberating insight, he was just pointing out that humans are utterly alone in a cold and uncaring universe.” And that’s exactly what you have when you have Atheism as your religion. Except we are not alone and we will all be judged; especially these murderous Canadian who progressively (pun intended) offer suicide for any group next in line to die.

Dressed For The Devil

I’m not sure what is scarier, the event, the likes or the fact that the other boy wanted a dress too. This Billy Elliot is more like Billy Idiot stuff. This is not behaviour to be encouraging.

Straight White Problems

It’s not difficult but it’s a lie. And so what if white men don’t face those problems, why are the other people’s problems worth more according to the woke witches? The truth is they’re not worth more and “structural oppression, bigotry and discrimination” doesn’t exist when it comes to your skin colour and gender, when you are what the Left approves of.

Google Reviews

It’s one of the weird Google Reviews, that’s for sure. But there could be plenty of other Phil Fox’s also. Just something a little light. I mean, how light can Twitter be though?

People Just Lie

Except that in that Caroline literally said it had zero to do with father or sexuality, as you can see below. So this is just another typical lie from the woke whose whole ideology is built on lies.

Anything Offends On Twitter

These are your followers, Leo, deal with it. If you thought for one moment these unhinged people would suddenly become like self-aware doors and rehinge themselves to reality, then you’re wrong.

Worst Week’s Post- The Twitter Files

This is the worst post because it shouldn’t have to exist. Twitter should not have been colluding with political groups to silence stories about them but they did. It’s nothing really surprising but it’s all necessary proof, none the less.

20 Words Or Less- The Only True Worldview Is Christianity

Follow the only worldview based on the truth, the Bible. Don’t fall to ideologies built on false premises.

Sources In Order Of Use











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