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So no, I didn’t forget my review. Here it is. Let’s see this week what the clowns got us talking about.

  1. Basic Morality
  2. Media Can’t Handle Facts, Again
  3. Jesus Is Transcendent, Not Transgendered
  4. Standing By Standing Down
  5. Who Is Jordan Peterson?
  6. Standing Up For Upstanding Morality
  7. Fake Name, Clothes But That Can’t Be Questioned?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Race Baiter
  9. 20 Words Or Less- Use Every Opportunity
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Basic Morality

You’d think would be an obvious point but it’s not to some people. When you throw Christianity out the window, the values do not stay in the culture. Moreover, fornication is a sin so this goes further than just a “willing[ness]” to get married but actually doing that before married couples should and unmarried should not.

Media Can’t Handle Facts, Again

I know that Amy doesn’t want to admit this but The Guardian is part of the mainstream media elite establishment. When former Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull share their work regularly and when their journalists appear on TV programs, they are mainstream. And when their opinions are crammed down onto the populace as if they know something we don’t because they say they’re right, they are elitists.

So I’m not sure what your argument is, Amy. Not liking Rupert Murdoch doesn’t make you an outside even if his companies own a large share of Australian news because what matters is the majority media view is yours.

Jesus Is Transcendent, Not Transgendered

James Macpherson is on point as usual. The false Christians are doing anything and saying anything, no matter how outrageous it is to get attention. These absolute heretics will say that a side wound is a vagina with literally no evidence to back that up because they can. I can also say that these people who say and think this are destined for Hell. And I’m right because I have the Bible which says it. They have no Bible passages, a painting which depicts “Jesus” with a “vagina” in its natural location or even some vague point that this isn’t meant to be literal “transgenderism” but a metaphor. But hey, they got the attention of the world, so let’s use this opportunity to spread the Gospel.

I know that we are all sinners. We aren’t the good people that we think we are; we think only murderers and rapists are bad but we too fail at God’s standards. Ever lied or stolen something or rebelled against your parents or used God’s name a swear word? That’s sin; we’re all guilty. The Bible says God is rich in mercy and He provided a Saviour and He’ll forgive you in a second because of what Jesus did on the cross. It’s called grace and it’s amazing. We broke the law and Jesus paid the fine. The wages of sin is death; that is we earn death because of our sin. Jesus died for us and paid the fine. If you repent and trust alone in Jesus, God will give you a righteous standing in His eyes. He’ll wash away your sins in an instant and He’ll grant you the gift of everlasting life.

Standing By Standing Down

What a typic ABC Lefty clown. She stands with Brittany Higgins who stood down from her second trial of Bruce Lehrmann who she claimed raped him. So standing with her means standing down. But hey 11,100 hearts tell you Julia’s not the only one.

I say, I stand for Jesus because He saved me and He can save you too. And you’ll be free from the judgement of the courtroom for eternity because Jesus took our place.

Who Is Jordan Peterson?

Some assorted concerns about Jordan Peterson –

1. He is all about the self. Everything, no matter how transcendent or divine, is reflexed back to be about the self. Even the burning bush of Exodus 3. Even the statement, “the glory of God” in Romans 3. He will not approach the holy – he will rather hide in human psychology. Every. Single. Time.

Like many people, it seems to me that he fears the existence of such a God. He doesn’t let himself go there.

2. His entire outlook is immanent… That means, limited to this world (it’s the opposite of transcendent). Everything spiritual or divine is contained in this created cosmos. Everything objective, including truth itself, is contained in this created cosmos. The God of the Bible is excluded completely because there is no self-existing, transcendent, divine being. There is no Creator who imposes order (and a lot more besides), rather, the universe reveals its own order.

This is a neopagan outlook. It is the worship of creation. The divine is only here, part of the stuff of this world, just as we are. Romans 1 calls that “the lie.” It’s serious.

3. He preaches most of the pessimism of Christianity without the optimism. He is hopeless. He is Ecclesiastes without God. He is this passing world without eternity. He is sin without salvation. He carries a “cross” without the hope of resurrection. He is fallenness without redemption. He is the power of man without the power of God… People are messed up. Society is messed up. Utopia is not here and cannot be here. SO, TRY HARDER, MAN! The end.

Without the everlasting Kingdom of God, and the open door to enter it, not by my power, but through Jesus Christ the King… real, objective hope doesn’t exist.

4. He is exegeting the Bible, but “the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Cor 2:14). His exegesis is full of overt and subtle error which can be deceptive.

So, don’t get your Bible study from Peterson, unless it’s with a massive grain of salt and much discernment.

5. When he says “truth” he does not mean what you mean. He means something approximating truth, which the universe has revealed to us about itself. He means some murky revelation of the immanent divine. The Bible is, to him, one such murky revelation of things immanent.

6. When he says “Christ” or “God” he does not mean what you mean. He is speaking in metaphors.

7. If he had any kind of theological qualification, most of Christendom would be marginalising him as a pretty serious heretic. That’s a good thing to just bear in mind.

8. Weirdly, for all his focus on masculinity, he commits the single greatest masculine error imaginable… He rejects the true higher authority, as that authority revealed Himself. He won’t submit. He won’t be ruled over by the God he has read so much about. He prefers to rule over God, finding him in the hidden parts of this world – parts that are revealed in ways that never rise above his own intellect.

A big P.S: None of this is to take away from the man’s towering intellect, his contribution to public discourse, his courage, his understanding of his field, or his discernment of the times in which we live. I have personally learned heaps from him. It is only to help people understand his limits, how to pray for him, and how to be wise when listening to him.

Martyn Iles

Martyn makes a few really good points about Jordan Peterson, who I did see last Saturday, which was the beginning of my delay releasing this post. Upon actually sitting and listening to a full Jordan Peterson lecture, which I hadn’t, I can see exactly how true Martyn’s words are. Sure, I knew Jordan Peterson was no Christian but at least he seemed to indicate he was much more a proponent of absolute Christian values than I thought.

Martyn’s words speak plenty for themselves so I’ll share my own thoughts from his words on Saturday. Jordan got plenty right about the Bible, the issue of sin and how it weighs on us; particularly on Cain murdering Abel. But he was absolutely incorrect on a number of his interpretations, especially claiming that the Bible was calling people to adventure rather than be commanded by God to do something.

I think he also showed how he doesn’t really believe in truth as something that is actually real (which is the definition) but that he thinks that truth is whatever is good or necessary. For example, he promoted the idea that love is true. That’s not a statement in itself, of course love exists but seemed to predicate its existence on the fact that humans need it to survive, so he says. He didn’t really give a good definition of love either.

In fact, he spoke about all human relationships being based on “play” and give and take, despite the biggest event in history since creation was not give and take but Jesus giving His life for all. There’s no give and take in salvation. If instead Jordan said that society would be better if we sacrificed instead of played, he’d be much more spot on.

Jordan Peterson may be a brilliant psychologist but he’s a terrible moralist. He claims that things are “true” and then says we must do them, which is not what truth means. He tries to explain morality without God and just ends up talking in circles trying to wrongly rationalise the Divine, Godly things. It’s okay to say that love is good because Jesus loved us by dying for us and not because it could benefit us.

So would I recommend Jordan Peterson’s work? Sure but go in with a sceptical eye. Plenty of things he suggests will clean up your life but it will not save you because you can’t but Jesus can.

Standing Up For Upstanding Morality

I couldn’t not talk about Balenciaga who I’d never heard of until someone posted about this sick photoshoot who had prepubescent girls posing with alcohol, sexual items and a court case about child sexual abuse. But the Left just shrugs their shoulders because they like this. They’re also fine with the murdering of babies and these “fashion” designers who pose with mockups of these murdered babies as if they are accessories. I have said this for years that this is what happens when you remove Christianity from society. If you get to pick and choose what parts of Bible you do or don’t object to, why can’t others?

Why can’t someone say paedophilia is morally right if you said homosexuality and fornication is okay? Why can’t someone say stealing is okay like BLM and ANTIFA? Why can’t someone say it’s okay to lie as the governments have done?

It’s not just this event which has proven what the Left call a slippery slope fallacy to actually be correct. What happen especially during the 1960s which pathed the way for this was wrong also. It’s just as morally wrong to accept homosexuality, fornication and unnecessary divorce. I’m not saying that all sins are equal but every sin accrues the death penalty from God. So not I told you so or anyone else who told you all so but if you’re going to keep being one of these anti-Christian “freedom” people, what basis do you have for what you believe? You have no objective basis for your morality, so what makes these things wrong? Ponder that.

Meanwhile, we have the blokes at The Five8 Take podcast confronting these Balenciaga as they should. Would you like to work for this organisation? It’s not that I think these clowns will change their minds but that it shows these people will compromise whatever Christian-like values they hold because in reality they don’t really hold them because they will work for a Satanic organisation.

Fake Name, Clothes But That Can’t Be Questioned?

Marlene Headley is someone I’ve addressed this past week already in my social media posts but the story just keeps getting worse. No she isn’t Ngozi Fulani, she’s made that name up. She runs a racist organisation for only women with dark skin, we knew that. It turns out she, as Nigel Farage points out, has received funding from the Marxist BLM. She then also turned up to this event with the royals in traditional African attire. Then Lady Susan Hussey asks Marlene where she is from and she gets all offended calling it ‘abuse’, in later comments.

So you can be the most unauthentic African ever, changing your name and clothes, yet you’re English when an older lady asks where you’re from. There’s always something woke every week to keep us distracted from the abuse institutions perform on society. That’s not to say these events aren’t significant but in the grand scheme of things, Lady Hussey stepped down anyway, so she was certainly not going to be a rationalist martyr; she was crucified anyway by her own royal family she served diligently for 60 years.

Worst Week’s Post- Race Baiter

So of course, the worse post of the week has to been the racist woman how made up a racist saga and posted about it. Speaking of current events, imagine if this happened with the Qatari royal family. Do you think these woke hypocrites would make a song and dance about this? Maybe they would be even okay if Marlene was asked if she was an escaped Qatari slave.

20 Words Or Less- Use Every Opportunity

Don’t be distracted from Jesus who has saved us. Use every opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Sources (In order of use)










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