Left In Freefall; SSMR

The Left is in freefall. They are literally projecting themselves onto the Right. They say that the Right is going to censor and kill children. It’s provable projection from the Left; they arrest dissidents, ban them from social media and murder unborn babies. That’s the US, at least. Let’s see how the rest of the (social media) world is doing.

  1. Bring Back Insanity, No Thank You
  2. We Voted To Send Out Money & Troops Overseas?
  3. They’re Milking This One
  4. Chairman Dan Will Lose?
  5. Ideology Matters
  6. Amnesty?
  7. Wheelie Insane
  8. Worst Week’s Post- The “Lovely” People Of Twitter
  9. 20 Words or Less- Never Give Up
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Bring Back Insanity, No Thank You

Please, no more. Just stop. This insanity must end or maybe it won’t. Either way, I’m glad the institutions are moving away from promoting this insanity. Look, yes, I know they’re not doing this out of the goodness of their heart but it’s something.

We Voted To Send Out Money & Troops Overseas?

Isabella is once again on point. We have to stop getting involved in Ukraine. It’s a proven corrupt nation who is sucking the wealth of our nations by taking out taxpayers’ dollars. I have no great love for Russia but I’ve seen from the growing insanity in the West that defeating the Russia, as nice as it would be to not be threatened by nukes, wouldn’t be good for the world to have unchecked woke Westernism everywhere but where China has its grip. Some would say it doesn’t matter any more like the nations in 1984, everywhere is authoritarian and dystopian and I’d have to agree.

They’re Milking This One

This actually made me laugh. How dumb is this woman in this alleged story that asked if yoghurt would keep until Christmas? I have no doubt there are people this poor and I’m not joking about that. I’m simply laughing at the lack of intelligence apparently on display here. I doubt the story just like George Clooney’s son who said Putin belonged in gaol/jail. It’s just the kind of pull on heartstrings stuff that the Left try all the time. What it requires is that one of both the character and reader are stupid and I’m not.

Chairman Dan Will Lose?

I see it and I don’t believe it. Chairman Dan can’t lose. As you can see, people either love him or hate him, with few uncommitted. This is the point in a totalitarian state; use the lovers to demonise those who criticise. In any case, all it seems is that the few in the “other” column have put their weight behind the woke Liberals; going from more recent polls not seen here. And this ultimately means nothing since Labor is still the same and the Green will always get him over the line.

Also, this is a state-wide poll and so in a seat-by-seat contest, which is what Australian election are all about, this apparent gain for the Libs means zero. So the Labor one-party state will continue but I’m happy to be proven otherwise; I’m not holding my breath though. Oh and convenient Propaganda Guy has said nothing about poll because of course he wouldn’t, it’s bad for his master.

Ideology Matters

The one qualm I have with the Right leading up to this election is that they’re painting the Democrats as if they’re implementing ideology and the Right aren’t or shouldn’t. I get it, you shouldn’t interrupt an opponent who is destroying themselves. But it’s important the Right not only listen to the needs of citizens but also implement good ideology. If something’s been true of Republicans in the Trump years, at least that’s when I started to pay attention to the US, they’ve not been willing to fight ideology completely once in office. Sure Trump banned “trans” from the military and pulled out of the Paris Accords but there wasn’t a complete reversal of everything woke. They didn’t try to ban the murder of unborn children, stop the definition of marriage or revoke the efforts of the climate cult.

So yes, Americans are worried about what James mentions but they should also be worried about what the Democrats are worried about too and take the opposite view to them. Otherwise, the USA is doomed to be a materialist democracy where the weightier matters of the law, as Jesus said, are ignored. Also, who writes “Joe Biden”‘s Tweets?


Dr Stephen is on point, as usual. And I would 100% be in favour of an amnesty, if all this Satanic globalist control ended; no more COnVID-19, climate cult, baby murder and bodily mutilation. That’s not going to happen. So no amnesty; we will all face the consequences of our actions. We will face judgement whether that be here on Earth or on Judgement Day. That’s why I will always encourage everyone to accept that we’re all sinners bound for eternal punishment and that we should accept Jesus’ gift of salvation and eternal life because we can’t save ourselves. I’m here to say I’m not perfect, I’m with everyone else except that I have accepted Jesus gift. I too participated in the insanity by not meeting a family member for their birthday and instead talking to them through the flyscreen door back in April 2020 and yet they came over to my house days later for Easter. Don’t worry, I soon woke up, as you can see. And I won’t ever let the government manipulate my fear ever again.

As you can see from this post, the cruelty was real. And as it says, it shouldn’t happen again.

Wheelie Insane

Parody has become reality but it was always going to. It was not a slippery slop fallacy as the Left lie, it’s a natural conclusion of the premise is that if you “feel” like something you’re not, no category is out of order if we agree that premise is acceptable.

Worst Week’s Post- The “Lovely” People Of Twitter

Please leave, not just Twitter, everything. You’re an evil liar who smeared innocent people and the taxpayers picked up your legal bills via the ABC. And I think we know what kind of “lovely people” she means, horrible nasty Twits who hate anything right of Stalin just like herself.

20 Words or Less- Never Give Up

We must never give up trying to win hearts for the Gospel and making good laws for our nations.

Sources (In order of use)











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