Let That Sink In; SSMR

Elon Musk bought Twitter but it was still business as usual for the Twits; except with a little more screeching. Let’s have a look at what happened.

  1. God’s Way Is The Best Way
  2. Elements Of Delusion
  3. Most Peaceful Propaganda
  4. Bird Freed
  5. Feminism With Propaganda Guy
  6. Hasn’t Got A Clooney
  7. Dear Elon Musk…
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Vax Narrative Crumbling
  9. 20 Words or Less- Preach & Speak
  10. Sources (In order of use)

God’s Way Is The Best Way

You can’t take back what you have given. All this shows is that God’s design for marriage stands the test of morality and practicality.

Elements Of Delusion

I genuinely don’t see how this is an own. No one said that the grouping of period elements is like gender. First of all, we have known male and female since creation and even if you’re a deluded person who thinks they’re an animal, you can still male and female in the Animal Kingdom that you think you’ve evolved from; we can’t say the the same for elements of which many we have only recently discovered. Secondly, the groupings of elements are loose and they’re actually far more unique than they are similar. Thirdly, elements can change into other elements; you can’t do that with gender.

Personally, I think lots of these Twitter accounts have to be parodies. For anyone to think this is an own is seriously deluded.

Most Peaceful Propaganda

Are these the same peaceful protestors from the USA who were actually ANTIFA during 2020? We don’t even have to debate this issue because Propaganda Guy would struggle to label ANTIFA as peaceful protestors unless he wants to to be guilty doublethink. But I don’t think he minds because he is literally the propagandist of the establishment narrative and Labor.

To actually address those freedom protestors, I saw no unprovoked attacks. But as usual, don’t ask for proof from Propaganda Guy because he has none.

Bird Freed

Literally let that sink in, Twitter is being freed. Hopefully my account will eventually be unsuspended pending a review which has never been completed despite it being months. I look forward to the Leftist tears as they finally get called out for their words and behaviours. And I’m so glad I waited until the deal went through to praise Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter because it’s best to let the eggs hatch before we count chickens.

Feminism With Propaganda Guy

Typical of Propaganda Guy, if this was Labor, these would be big, bold, brave women standing up to Peter Dutton as Voldemort. I don’t even know what Albo allegedly said to Michelle Landry and I don’t care for boring political theatre which is a distraction from the real issues. What I am interested in is how facts are manipulated into lies for propaganda purposes.

Hasn’t Got A Clooney

A classic from James Macpherson. As if anyone believes this all actually happened and if it did, who says it wasn’t staged. I mean, his father is an actor.

Dear Elon Musk…

Come on, this is getting into worst post of the week territorial. Yes, all of those things can be free speech if they are speech. I’m not sure exactly how being a misogynist is speech, let alone free speech but we’ll forgive the Leftist for their lack of grammatical sense. Let’s actually get into the substantiveness here; should we allow people use free speech to say things we don’t like and/or immoral things? The simple answer is yes because otherwise who is drawing those lines on what is or isn’t acceptable because if we allowed that, we would be letting the someone do something the Lefties apparently hate, oppress us. But of course, we know they don’t hate oppression because they’re happy to oppress anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Worst Week’s Post- Vax Narrative Crumbling

I’m not going to say too much here. Just look at the thread and see the narrative crumbling. I will say that the responses have nothing to do with people feelings safe to not have a jab because others did but because they saw firsthand how ineffective these jabs were with stopping COVID-19 and how the side effects weren’t exactly on the side. And yes, it’s a travesty that James’ sons are banned from doing so many things but so are the rest of us unpoisoned.

20 Words or Less- Preach & Speak

We must preach the Gospel and speak the truth. Sometimes, there are small visible wins, like the freeing of Twitter.

In March of this year, Christian satirical site The Babylon Bee tweeted an article calling a man a man. Twitter banned them. Elon Musk was outraged. This week, Musk will acquire Twitter and largely end the woke censorship taking place on that platform. Don’t ever believe that Christians can’t change culture for the better.

Kurt Mahlburg

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