Lettuce Beats UK PM & Other Crazy Stories; SSMR

Lots happened this week. From propaganda to the lettuce beating Liz Truss, let’s see what it’s all about.

  1. Propaganda Guy
  2. The Lettuce Won
  3. Not So Excellent
  4. Joe Changed His Mind?
  5. Fake War
  6. Woke Airlines
  7. A Not So Conservative Party
  8. Worst Week’s Post- What Is Grace?
  9. 20 Words or Less- Take The Bible Seriously
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Propaganda Guy

Propaganda Retarded Guy clearly wants to ignore the fact that freedom doesn’t mean that you can force children to learn wrong things and kill babies. But hey, PR Guy is going to keep lying.

The Lettuce Won

Liz Truss failed. She bent and cowered. She had to go at some point because she was useless and she went now. I didn’t think the lettuce that was set up to last alongside Liz would win but it did.

Not So Excellent

Mike is literally the GIF right now. He seems to delight in his political opponents for gaoled/jailed for simply not wanting to appear in front of a kangaroo court.

Joe Changed His Mind?

To be fair to Joe, these aren’t contradictory statements. Everything Joe said was mainstream at the time and you think the review contradicts that? Of course not. We knew at the time closing schools were irrelevant and of course he’s getting a tick for that. And at the time too, the unpoisoned were attacked because they’re apparently infecting everyone. He’s getting points for following the right-side of the narrative which is not right-wing or correct but it’s the typical right-wing view. So I don’t think the Caldron Pool is right to basically imply these statements were contradictory. But Joe clearly didn’t see through everything; he just saw past the first layer that the Left couldn’t see past.

Fake War

From journalists who can’t see the fakeness to a former politician who can. Well done to Cory Bernardi for showing clearly the Ukraine conflict has been digitally altered a lot.

Woke Airlines

Another reason to boycott all airlines. I’m not sure why James still flies Qantas seeing as they’re just as woke.

A Not So Conservative Party

The status quo has got to go. Will British politicians be brave enough to create an actual right-wing party and not one who bullies a coward into following WEF lines.

Worst Week’s Post- What Is Grace?

I’m surprised how empty this use of grace is. This is totally theologically meaningless. Grace is not customised. Grace is about God giving you something so you can be saved. Your journey in life has nothing to do with grace. And besides, the part about not judging sounds like a typical line used to get out of doing wrong things and misusing the Bible.

20 Words or Less- Take The Bible Seriously

We need to take the Bible seriously. Don’t misuse words and certainly don’t back down.

Sources (In order of use)










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