Vax Lies; SSMR

From more lies exposed to Islam being Islam, let’s see what the Twits had to say this week. I wonder if it makes sense.

  1. Unoccupied Brain Cells
  2. Duck Off
  3. Pfizzer
  4. What A Hunt
  5. This Is Islam
  6. Gaol Them All
  7. Untrussworthy
  8. Worst Week’s Post- WEF Puppets
  9. 20 Words or Less- Don’t Give In
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Unoccupied Brain Cells

I genuinely think these Lefty Twits are really this stupid. They want to prove their followers aren’t bots by repeating the same phrase; something that bots all do. Seriously stupid.

Duck Off

Yep. Western Civilisation is collapsing. Can these anti-humans please duck off?!


We knew back from the beginning that the jabs didn’t stop transmission. In fact I remember in about December 2020 or January 2021 after they released the jabs that people didn’t even know if it would stop the production of COVID-19 or the catching of it. Of course, those questions disappeared quickly once they knew it would sop being taking the shots.

We know now that the spike protein from the shots make COVID-19. So it’s not even that the jabs are ineffective, they do the opposite of what’s they’re supposed to. This is why I’ve repeatedly called it a poison because it is.

In several posts last year, I railed against these so-called “vaccines” for their performances and I slaughtered the studies which gave them a slither of credibility because each of them conducted studies in such a way that didn’t conclusively prove or disapprove the alleged benefits of these shots. You can read two of these posts here and here.

Now we know all along that Pfizer never even tested their jabs for preventing transmission because they knew their shots would do the exact opposite. I could go on more but it’s a waste of time. Most of you reading will know this and the sheeple won’t want to hear about it.

What A Hunt

Of course, the globalist people has, Nigel. This man loves lockdown and the EU. That’s nothing compared to how he’s part of the World Economic Forum, the globalist anti-Christian, anti-freedom group who want to destroy society and remake it in their evil image. I shudder now when I see it. There is definitely something Satanic about them.

This Is Islam

Yep. James, is spot on. This is no surprise if you know any but about Islam. But because the Left will take any group opposed to Christianity, they seem to be surprised that their intersectional pals don’t see eye to eye on equality.

Gaol Them All

I don’t usually do double James Macpherson but we should this time. And to answer James’ question; all of them. Every single person who partook in this fake pandemic with a real virus spread mostly not by humans but by jabs. I’m not going to name names because there are so many but they know who they are.


The blob didn’t win, Laurence, she gave in. Clearly she is controlled opposition. She gave into every good idea and chose a new bad idea. The establishment blob decided pretty much everything she planned for was bad and she gave in she will pay the price for her cowardice.

Worst Week’s Post- WEF Puppets

This isn’t the worst post because of Laurence Fox, it’s because what he said is true. As I mentioned before, Jeremy Hunt is a WEF puppet. So sadly, we now have a not just bad but really terrible UK leadership.

20 Words or Less- Don’t Give In

Don’t give into bad people. You will cease to be you and become a sheep of evil.

Sources (In order of use)


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