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Hey, welcome to another week. I wonder what the Twits will have for us this week.

  1. This Whole Optus Thing Is Weird
  2. Feminism Vs Women
  3. Oxygen Deprivation
  4. Well Done Leo
  5. Huh?
  6. Twits Stuck In The Old Narrative
  7. Two Time Tony?
  8. Worst Week’s Post- #IStandWithPauline
  9. 20 Words or Less- A New Chapter?
  10. Sources (In order of use)

This Whole Optus Thing Is Weird

As all media stations push the narrative they want you believe about the “Optus Data Breach”… Here is what’s really going on… Remember your mate Gladys? Well… Gladys Butter-Chicken is a World Economic Forum slave. Gladys Bin-Chicken left government and moved to Optus. Optus moves all its customers Salesforce. Salesforce is the technology that will store the world’s populations Digital Identification Data for the Great Reset (new communism). Salesforce (the data management service provider) is also a World Economic Forum slave. Now that Gladys the slave is at Optus, she can orchestrate her orders. Optus is simply running “data breach simulations” on behalf of the WEF. Your data is being leaked by the World Economic Forum and their minions. Your destruction is just collateral damage. Ok. Back to sleep everyone. Everything is normal.

Mario Malik

This is just a little something to ponder. Everything became so weird when the “hacker” apologised with lots of spelling mistakes.

Feminism Vs Women

You so have to see this thread between Cory Bernardi and Jane Caro. In any case her first response shows the true nature of “feminism”; I mean she clearly states it. Feminism as it is now clearly has nothing to do with supporting all women in their choices, whatever they are. And of course because Italy’s new Prime Minister is on the Right, the feminazis are silent, as Cory says.

Oxygen Deprivation

What an absolute clown. You have to go no further than his mask wearing outside, that is if I am bold enough to assume his gender. Oh, I did it again. Oh no!

Well Done Leo

For once Leo has an actually good joke; well done Leo. It’s a bit weird to agree with your own quote. There are better ways to do this like what I did when I had Twitter; I wrote the same text as the picture had.


What the heck is he going on about this time? Piss off, commie!

Twits Stuck In The Old Narrative

Oh no. How dare the “conservative” leaders move on with the narrative to another issue; sarcasm of course. It’s not like this is something us “fringe” people are saying; this is what the leaders are doing. We’ve all been saying this has been the sniffles for ages. So it just shows how out of step these Twits are with the rest of society. The only difference between narrative shills and these Lefty Twits is that they stick on the topic forever.

Two Time Tony?

I echo the sentiment. I think it’s time for Mr Abbott to return to politics.

Worst Week’s Post- #IStandWithPauline

Wow, we are all so offended by these words, not! Honestly, these Twits, insult about intelligence as if it is so important. Yet they may be quite intelligent but they do incredibly stupid things like wearing masks. Fred can join the next Greens plane to China and they can live out their Communist fantasies.

20 Words or Less- A New Chapter?

I think we’ve moved past trying to wake up people. But remember, that doesn’t mean ceasing praying and evangelising.

Sources (In order of use)


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